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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Can a victim be further victimised???

Yesterday, somewhere around noon my time, tweets surfaced on some 'shameful incident' by 'someone powerful' at Tehelka.  Many wondered what it was about & speculations were ripe with 'it has to do something with a female staff'.  Given an hour it became clear that Tarun Tejpal, Editor in Chief at Tehelka was involved in a molestation incident with a female colleague! Read a detailed account here

This news may not come as a shock to most of us, except for the name involved.  We have often heard of incidents where a senior official has taken undue advantage of his position and molested or raped a female associate.  Work place sexual harassment is not a new topic.  But wait, this is what is shocking... have you heard of an organisation where a Senior employee molests his colleague and then when proof surfaces, apologises and goes on a holiday for 6 months instead of jail??? Well that is exactly what our esteemed Mr. Tarun Tejpal plans to do and his organisation has allowed him to do.  You can read this to see the full text of his email to Ms. Shoma Choudhary, the Managing Editor of Tehelka and also her mail to the rest of the employees.  Sometime back there was an article in Tehelka named 'My Husband My Rapist'... If Tehelka is an organisation really committed to justice to women then they should soon release a new article 'My Boss My Rapist'.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Familyessential Course!!

For sometime now the below picture has been doing rounds on the Internet.  This has really got on to my nerves for obvious reasons, you would know when you read the advert.  No, don't get me wrong.  I am completely in favour of girls being taught how to efficiently handle a kitchen or home.  There is nothing wrong in that, afterall girls learn how to operate a fighter plane and war ships, how difficult can operating a kitchen equipment be?

Just click on the picture to view it on a larger screen

Friday, August 23, 2013

Will anything ever change???

I opened this post with an intention of writing down my fury over the Mumbai gang rape case.  But what do I write? What difference does it make?  Everything that I want to write has been said from last evening in all the media channels and news papers.

Does it make any difference at all that the nation would protest after every such incident?  During the Delhi rape case the nation protested on the streets, some commission was appointed, there were debates on tv channels, suddenly there was an upsurge in self defence classes for women and what was the outcome of all that....nothing.. absolutely nothing.  Jyothi Pandey, the victim died because of all the internal injuries.  Her family got a house in Delhi from the government, they also got money from Jyothi's college and various other organisations.  The name of this Delhi rape victim was first published in UK mirror and there was a lot of speculation that Jyothi Pandey's family got a hefty sum for that.  I know many call her the fighter, the survivor and what not... but I refuse to call her all that.... she was a gang rape victim... and no other term fits.  Let's not forget the outcome of a national protest was also a kind of mango being named after the victim.  Yes there is now actually a mango which is called 'Nirbhaya'.

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