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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Solitude is just over rated !!

Finally I got onto blogging :) Feels good already. A place where I can be myself, just me. Biloo just left for Sweden and Neha has gone for holidays (more about these guys later). Practically alone. Thought I would be fine. Kept telling myself "its good to be alone sometimes" uugghhhh but seriously 24 hrs and I am bugged already. Just facebooked a friend few days back that loneliness is a state of mind and I guess its true. I do have people around me but the feeling of being alone is because I guess I cannot relate to them, because there is no active communication. Hence my mind thinks I am lonely. Dont know how people keep talking about solitude being blissful.. in my opinion its just over rated. So get yourself out there people and make more acquaintances who will turn into friends and companions. I couldn't go out so I started blogging :) well you dont always have to open your mouth to share things hitting the keypad is just fine :) :) :)

Why the name 'SuKupedia'? you may ask... I just got inspired by WiKipedia...no no we have no connection at all :D ... As I have just started to blog, I know I will have a lot of things to write about, my family, friends, social issues, romance, food you name it and I will talk about it.  I cannot be focussed on one topic as such.  This is my personal blog with my personal opinions and thoughts.  Seems like one big Encyclopedia isn't it...hence the name SuKupedia... The first two letters of my name SUnita KUrup... 

Welcome to SuKupedia.... my place, my world...where I see, I feel, I Say ♥♥♥

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  1. no need to open your mouth just hit the keypad?? - that's hilarious but when it comes to blogging so damn true

    yes i prefer company & think solitude is overrated.
    once, when both sathya & tanvi were away for A DAY in mysore, i went crazy at home! really crazy. dddnt feel to eat/bath/watch TV/surf net/sit/stand ...oh god!! meri haalat! that was the ONLY timeboth of them were absent at the same time. usually one of them is always there with me. i could have done a zillion things being alone but no i chose to go mad! haha

  2. heheh SuJu i never thought anyone would ever read this post.. my first one :) :) :)

    i totally agree with you ya.. pagal ho jaate hai..


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