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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Independence Day

How difficult is it to understand these words, 'Independence Day'. This means we are not dependent on anyone. This is the day we got Freedom. Freedom to be free from Britishers. Freedom to choose whom we want to be dependent on. Dependency is not being forced upon us anymore. We choose. So after 15th August 1947, we chose to be dependent on corrupt politicians. We chose to be allowed to be played around by them. We chose to let these corrupt politicians carry on and swindle loads of cash. How we chose to use the freedom that so many people laid down their lives for, was upto us. And if some of us chose to use it badly its not the fault of our freedom fighters.

Last few days am so frustrated to see my friends writing on the facebook status that they do not think Independence Day is worth all the celebrations. And I just finished commenting on a post on the wordpress on yahoo. I dont know what is it people. why cant they just relax. I know it is really bad situations around us. The government not functioning the way we want is the major problem everyone has. The poor children on the streets, women being beaten up is definetly not the picture we like. And then you are forced to think, 'Is this why we got our freedom?'. In my opinion may be not. But certainly we were not promised a life in the Garden of Eden. I mean corruption and bueuracray is everywhere, so does that make the importance of our Independence Day any less. Certainly not in my opinion. I know and I agree that there are lot of problems but come on we had the freedom to choose and we chose it. We still have the freedom and we can still undo our choice. May take time, but atleast you have the freedom to choose or change your choice. If we didnt have a day like 15th August, we would not even have had the freedom to express ourselves, forget facebook and blogs. So as this day dawns I hold my head high to my National Flag and I am proud very proud .. Jai Hind :)


  1. i remain hopeful.

    and for all those who got us where we are today, that's the least i can do


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