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Friday, August 6, 2010

Saying GoodBye.

Was in the bus yesterday, and at a particular stop, saw an unusual crowd of policemen. When the bus got closer saw blood on the road and a totally damaged scooter parked by the side. There was a small bag hanging onto it, maybe a lunch pack. People at the stop were saying that an overspeeding bus hit the scooter. Seeing the blood and expressions on the faces of the policemen, am not sure if the guy survived the injury. My bus resumed from that point but me and my thoughts were still on that road. I was thinking of the family of the guy. 

If God forbidden he had died, then little did they know that the morning they bade him bye it was a goodbye forever. Just like I spoke to my brother for the last time. In my wildest dreams I had not imagined that the next call would be to inform about his car crash. I can never erase memories of his blood stained car, the bus driver got away as usual. And in any case no amount of punishment or compensation would have got my brother back.

These beautiful days of my life, I just wish you were around my handsome brother. I wish you would hug me the same way you did all your life. I wish you would pull my cheeks and then tell me that you were very happy for me. I miss you my darling brother, we all miss you !!!


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