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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Poor Nation Rich with Kalmadis !!

CWG - Common Wealth Games or Common Wealth Gone, well relative ofcourse, each one is entitled to their own version of interpretation.  Yes when India was awarded the organisation of CWG 2010 it was a proud very proud moment.  Frankly after reading that news I was totally out of touch as to what was happening with it. Heard some news occasionally on TV about the non completion and all that scam, but didnt really bother myself with it because I live in a country that is in my opinion still developing.  So according to me till the time every person in this country understands his or her rights and demand what is rightfully theirs, I still live in a poor nation.  A poor nation which is rich in Kalmadis.  Kalmadi the person who was supposed to bring the CWG to a success.  As I write this note, I picture a pond with few hungry crocodiles and the pond incharge dropping in a piece of meat in the pond.  All the crocodiles jump towards the meat and well ofcourse only one or two get it.  Thats exactly how I see the CWG.  The minute it was awarded all the Kalmadis together waiting for the funds to be released.  As soon as it was done they forgot their main agenda was to make India proud by hosting a great show and making money was never on the list.  The priorities just switched on receiving the funds.  Now we have a substandard show and lot of rich Kalmadis.
Past few weeks social networking sites like the facebook, twitter, orkut etc., are flooded with status messages and discussions showing disappointment towards the organisers of the CWG.  In most of the message updates you would find quotes like, why isnt someone doing something about all this corruption?  Everyone is cribbing about it.  I am just confused that how does writing badly about the CWG, help in improving the same?  People who write all this great opinions are themselves not doing anything.  Why is all this fiasco being created?  We live in a democratic country, where there is something called as Right to Information.  If you were so concerned you should have demanded every little detail about the organisation of the CWG.  Barring the security issues, as a citizen everyone has a right to information.  I mean please, we live in a place where there was corruption even in the animal food supply, remember the fodder scam? 
According to me, the Kalmadis have as it is shamed us because of their behaviour, and now we are washing that dirty linen on social networking sites.  Instead in my opinion we should be writing positive notes and giving fresh updates on the CWG.  Thats the least we can do and put up a brave face. This evening I saw a friend of mine post some good pictures of the CWG rooms and ground on facebook and believe me that was a breather.  I agree that it has been messed up but lets salvage the situation.


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