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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Sceptic makes peace with marriage !!

( excuse me for not using the apostrophe s and quoted commas, my keys are just not working :)

A Sceptic makes peace with marriage is the proline of author Elizabeth Gilberts book Committed. I love that line because I just realised it was so true for me. Totally sceptic about marriage I just made peace with it. Elizabeth Gilberts this book is completely worth the time you invest to read. Its about herself, where she mentions her decision to re marry. After the failure of her first marriage and a messy divorce how she made peace with the word marriage. I could relate easily to every word written and I must say it really helped me to make the peace. Approximately two months for my marriage, as I sit down to write down my vows, I am thinking am I really ready to say my I do ? Am I ready to open the doors and allow that someone into my life and share my life. Share my life .. is just not another phrase, it means a lot, I mean its .. SHARE MY LIFE... and also the other way round. Its like joining two halves without the surety that these parts would be compatiable and survive till death does them apart. I feel its like an organ transplant wherein even if the transplant is successful you are not sure about the fate of the beneficiary and the donor. You need to keep taking medicines and keep building the system. Isnt marriage the same ? You cant just join two halves and forget about it, you got to feed it with lots of patience, understanding and strength, or the joint would decay and then have to be cut off. So just wondering if I will be able to provide all this to my other half, will I develop that patience and will I fulfill my vows ?

Today what joins us is the love for each other and the passion of togetherness. Will we be able to enhance this all our lives, I asked my sweet heart last night to which he very gently replied that I do not know baby but let us take each day as it comes and end of 50 years we would say we finally did it :) :) Looking into his eyes that moment I could easily make all the vows. I just prayed that we would be able to nourish this relationship with all that is required and never regret our decision and as they.. till death does us apart !!!


  1. this post & the recent one you wrote on Ritunita it doesn't seem like there has been a time gap of a little more than a year :)
    the year went by - in love, for love

    I havent read Elizabeth's this book. i've read Eat Pray Love. must try and read this one too

  2. u r rite.. seriously doesn't feel like a year gone by :) :)

    u should read committed .. such a beautiful book on the issue of marriage.. have not read anything like that b4.. i am very sure u will like it..


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