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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shining India Syndrome !!!

When we were little children and went out of the house to play or visit someone, mom would always make sure we were dressed properly and we behave our best. When we had guests home she would brush the house clean and get her best crockery out. Did not understand all this then, but now I know that she did it because no matter what you do in your normal lives, when you represent or showcase your family to outsiders you always show a good and appropriate picture. In my opinion this is just human nature, is it not? We all like to show only good things. So even if you are eating in a broken plate everyday, incase your friend comes in and your mom serves her food in the same broken plate, you would fume with anger, knowing that you have good plates inside.

I was doing my MBA in Dubai from Hult International Business School - a US-B school during which time I was sharing my room with a Nigerian student, who now happens to be a very good friend of mine. This was the time when I also happened to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire. I liked the movie. Most of my friends from the international community had also seen the movie and they consented that the movie was definetly worth all the Oscars that it got. And this was exactly my concern. I was telling my Nigerian friend how disturbed I was that this movie got an Oscar, not because it did not deserve it, but because there have been much better Indian movies which were nominated and never won. I was upset that the movie had showcased a dark part of India, which is not the complete India ofcourse, and then for this representation we get an internationally acclaimed award. I kept telling my friend that this is not the complete representation of India, it is much better. Deep within me,  I always knew that the truth was,  more than half of the population in India is what was depicted in the movie. But what the outsiders will now on perceive about India, was disturbing to me. Similar to the broken plate and new plate situation. Why show the broken plate to an outsider when you definetly have a new set at home ??
Nowadays on facebook I see lot of my friends showing their distress about the CWG committee and all the fraud that has happened. For sometime now I had wanted to write something about all this myself, but I really did not know where to start. Today when I was closely reading all the status updates on fb and comments on some other websites by readers, I could immediately understand what they were going through. It was the same feeling that I had felt with Slumdog Millionaire. Problem was international representation. Because we have grave problems in India like minor rapes, farmer deaths, vaccination negligience etc etc but I seldom see these friends of mine writing anything about it. When it came to the CWG they are all burning with fire, give them Kalmadi and they would roast him. In my opinion they are also suffering from what I would call the Shining India Syndrome. No matter how we are inside we want to show a shining India to the outsiders, just as was my opinion about the movie !!


  1. this is so typicalof us na? the broken plate v/s good plate. every region every community we all do it & the way you connected it all with SM & CWG & the india shining campaign was good

  2. thx SuJu.. u know this post was also selected by the NRI magazine to be published.. they had loved the way the whole article flew.. I felt sooo proud that day :D :D :D..


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