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Friday, October 29, 2010

Arundhati Roy - From Competent to Super Incompetent !!!


Its been a while since my last post.  Well, the bride to be has lot of work to do you see :) :).  Nevertheless was never out of touch of statements that made news.  The latest being the hot and happening Ms. Arundhati Roy.  Was watching an interview few minutes ago of the actor Rahul Bose, wherein he mentioned that the sexiest woman in India in his opinion is Ms. Roy.  Well maybe not sexiest, but I do agree that she is someone who has some strong opinions about issues, though I do not agree with the way she expresses them.  She seems to be a kind of person who would always deviate from a crowd and form a little crowd of her own.  Ms. Roy there is news, you could be a part of the crowd and still voice your opinion. 

Her latest statement, after her comments on the Maoists issue, is about Kashmir.  Ms. Roy said and I quote that 'Kashmir was never an integral part of India'.  Aahaa !! now that's enlightenment.  Really !! now I hate my history teacher.  Then the next morning she realized she had goofed up (now I luv my history teacher again).  Madam goes on to say and I quote 'I spoke about justice for the people of Kashmir'.  

Madam Roy the biggest injustice you just did, by saying that Kashmir was not a part of India.  Which Kashmiri were you speaking for ?  Who are the million people that you referred to ? At least to the one or two Kashmiris that I spoke to, felt stabbed by this statement of  yours.  They think it is worse than what China has done by giving visas on a sheet of paper to residents of J&K.  At least that is China, you Ms. Roy are an Indian.  You just disowned the status of our crown.  

Once after you hurt the sentiments of thousands of displaced Kashmiris who still have a hope of returning to their land, then releasing a statement saying that you care for their feelings and that what  you said was to trigger the administration to work fast on this issue, all this is crap.  You have always had a problem with the government, with all the state administration, that surely doesn't mean you could hurt the feelings of already agonised people.  

Kashmiris are not cowards.  They are strong and fearless people.  Unless you and some corrupt politicians try to ruin it, the Indian administration will certainly work a way out.  And Ms. Roy they most certainly do not need a vote of sympathy from a limelight hogger like you with your baseless statements.   

This opinion of mine does come very strongly, but as much as I dislike Mallika Sherawat for stripping in front of the camera to be successful, just because she cant act, that much do I dislike your opinion on various sensitive issues, where you cant do anything yourself but just talk and talk real junk. Nobel Prize 2012 any nominations ??


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