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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Aamir & Mahindra Goof up... So I think O_O !!!


You guys know the chicken on the head feeling ?? Well I have been having it since the time I saw this Mahindra Stallio advert.  I do have plans to write about the whole customer insensitive advertisement drama, but that's for later.  This particular ad, caught my eyes and ears as well, not because of the bike, but very obviously because of Aamir Khan :) :).  The punch line ' Iss vidgyapan mein mere dwara kiya gaya hur scene ko aap aasani se kar sakte hai '. This one was too good !! But then nothing surprising right ? Its the Perfection Khan whose doing the ad, so it has to be different.

My concern came only when I repeatedly watched it, and thought there was a goof up. I have attached the link for the ad.  'Ek pair pe chal duniya bhi dekhegi, ladkiyan bhi muskurayegi' this was the line that was really bugging me.  How can it be 'Ek pair' shouldn't be 'Do pair'.  I mean wasn't the ad supposed to be promoting a safe driving instruction.  Aamir Khan was actually asking that guy when God has given you two legs why do you walk on one leg ? To which the guy replies ' To impress girls' .. So logically speaking Aamir Khan should be saying 'Do pair pe chal duniya bhi dekhegi, ladkiyan bhi muskurayegi '

Well this is what I think, I may be wrong and there must be some zing to it.  But seriously then I would like someone to clarify that to me.  Phew !! finally the chicken on the head is now on this post.. someone help it fly....


  1. i tried to :P..........but u have a point too ;)

    Cheers, Ritz


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