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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Present from Yesterday 'N' Tomorrow !!

Cold, foggy, beautiful mornings...but they are beautiful only when you are still wrapped under your mink blankets !!  Crawling out of that warm, soft and cozy blanket (mine has red and yellow flowers printed on it) and going for a walk as a part of your weight loss plan is the most bravest thing you could do o_o.  Nobody told me this though when I was eating all those choclates and pizzas and burgers and pastries OMG!!! No I dont want to mention all that !!

Coming back to my courageous walk....the first lapse is usually a drag.. and then slowly the music on the mp3 picks up and there you gooooo.. all set..day dreaming about that flat stomach and wonderful glass curve !! Admist my dreams of becoming size 0, I notice these kids being taken to their school buses, mostly by the grandparents or mothers.  Its a scene I tell you.  Kids complaining they dont want to go to school and moms complaining they dont want the school so early either :) Suddenly my thoughts drift to my school days, wasn't it wonderful.  I mean the days when you dont have to make tough decisions, no worries about money (Education loan to be precise), no worries about enemies (because you just hit them in the face once and scores are settled, unless the guy has a strong memory and returns after 20 years), no bills and no credit cards.  I was being jealous of the 6 year old  walking with his mom to the bus.  Even his school bag was being carried by his mom.  Awww !! I said to myself, there goes my YESTERDAY.  I smiled at the kid, just then he asked his mom what was in my ears.  She replied it was a earphone and that I was listening to music.  So the kid was like 'mom can I have one', promptly the mom said 'NO' when you grow big I will get you one.  Pat the kid turned at me, and looked at the ear phone again.  But wait, I just saw a known look in the kid's eye, the Awww!! kind of look. He actually wanted to be me, the big me, so that he could have what I had.  I am sure he was jealous of me, making that big wish to Santa.. Please make me big :) :)

Mused at my thoughts I walked towards the elevator, and seriously praying that it worked, I had no energy to climb the five floors.  Waiting for the elevator to reach down, I had two old ladies for company.  'Come to the garden area once you finish your tea' said one.  'Ya sure I dont have much to do, no one in the house, we could get some sun'.  Really !!! just like that go and sit in the sun.  They had no work to do !! I was thinking so loud, hopefully the ladies didn't hear me !! 'And then in the evening we could go and see the christmas party preps' ....They kept talking about how they were going to spend their day.  Awww !! I went again.. that is my TOMORROW !! What fun just enjoying the retirement and watching TV whole day..vow!! The elevator came down and they tried to open the grilled door which was a little difficult so I stepped in and opened it for them.  They had this thank you look on their face :) :).. then once inside they were talking of the lift complaint and how difficult it was to take the stairs.  One of them looked at me and said smilingly 'We cannot take the steps like you, we could once, but now if the lift is not working then we are better off sitting down instead of walking up'. The other one kept looking at my jacket.  They were quiet now, probably thinking, we were there once.  We could open that elevator door on our own and run up the stairs once. We had lot of things to do other than sitting in the garden and waiting in the houses for the children and grandchildren to return.  

Rang the door bell and was thinking how funny but, both my YESTERDAY and TOMORROW wanted my TODAY.  That means there must be something very special about it.  So I better enjoy it to the fullest in the bestest way I am supposed to, so that when I am in my tomorrow I can cherish my today.  'Tired ??' asked a smiling mom in law at the door... Naa, not at all.. All set to enjoy another TODAY :) :) :)


  1. Very interesting experience sharing. Yes, we should live today - that will take care of tomorrow. Nice post. Made me smile and reflect.

  2. I still remember,initially ,I was not all interested in going to school[convent].I used treat my teachers like villains,used to wait eagerly for weekend holidays...down memory lane ... nice article.


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