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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Train Ticket to Love :) :)

My mom never seemed to mind the distance I was from home, because she would just pick up the phone and order me to come home whenever she missed me.  This time again she did the same and I was very angry not only because I would have to sweet talk my boss but also travel by train because last minute flights in India are very very expensive :( :( Thankfully I got the train tickets to Chennai Express...from Chennai to Mumbai.  Got off early from my work desk, a friend who promised to drop me at the station arrived late and I got stuck in the traffic jam.  Chennai roads and traffic are not friendly to my mom's decisions I must say.  Well very obviously I was tired and frustrated by the time I reached the coach and the anger on my friend was clearly seen on my face.  Exactly in this situation you have a fellow passenger staring at you, as though he has just seen an alien fly into his coach, and I am like, well now that sums up my day, I have to spend 22 hrs with this guy who is going to keep gaping at me.  No it couldn't get worse.... Well ofcourse not knowing that I will be spending the rest of my life with this stranger !

As the train starts moving, I see this guy is a little disturbed and looking for someone.  So I asked him about it (humanity overflows when you dont need it in me) He said he was looking for an attendent so that he could change his seat.  Seriously !! I thought.  I was not that awful, or maybe I was !! but then he cleared he couldn't spend the journey on his current seat because of less leg space, hehe thats when I noticed he was more than 6 ft !!! Hmmm now I looked at him and he was handsome :) so I offered him my seat and prayed the attendent never showed up (sometimes your prayers are answered instantly ) And then the whole journey was like I never wanted to reach my place.  I mean you are bugged but you have a handsome hunk who is also cute and nice and who shows you the gifts he has bought for his mom and who tells you that you have beautiful eyes and who sings :)... well only some idiot would want the journey to end !! 22 hrs trip most of the time you tend to get friendly to your co passengers and then you share your contact details and so on and so forth.  As a rule I never gave my mobile number, so when we got down from the train at our desitnation we only exchanged e mail ids.  Oh ya the trip ended :( all good things come to an end.  I walked to where my parents were waiting and he walked in the opposite direction.  Yes and in a typical Bollywood style we turned and smiled at each other.

Another travel rule I had was, I would never reply a mail I got from any of my co passengers.  Bad attitude I know but I am wary of strangers.  But then you know when you break your rules you either end up in a miracle or a disaster.  So when he first sent me a mail I did reply :) :)... ya ya I broke the rule, and I believe marriage is a miracle :) :) I have no debate with people who think otherwise :P :P

From perfect strangers, to fellow passengers in the Chennai Express, to being best of friends and then lovers and now husband and wife, I must tell you that one Chennai Express ticket I purchased bought me a lot more that just a train travel :) :)

You can read the other parts here 


  1. That must have been an interesting train trip.
    Some things just happen, and as they say, everything that happens is for the best.

  2. So this is how you met Billoo! Good, that day when u were about to tell us someone interrupted, It would not have sounded so filmi as it did now..May God bless u and have a great happy life with your love.
    God bless


  3. @Joe yes a gr8 trip it was :)
    @ Joy Thx :)

  4. @ Santosh.. yes it is :) :) luved your blog am following it now..

  5. Oh HO...What a train trip!Sometimes you keep on complaning when right things were about to happen!
    Nice blogs soon you will have all the awards you like! Thanks for reviewing my blog! Happt writting !!

  6. thats a beautiful love story...for a hopeless romantic like me...thats just fabulous tale of love...you should follow it up with how the journey led to the marriage... :)

    btw u looking good as traditional kashmiri bride with dejaharu and all

  7. @Skywalker Thank you for the compliment :).. about the follow up.. briefly it was a fight between the lungiwalas and the dhotiwalas :) :)

  8. I was browsing through your blog archive and I found this very very interesting. This is one of my favourite posts from your blog:)

  9. Beautiful ! After all movies are made out of life itself !!! :)

  10. Wow!! I guess this is what they call destiny!! Such a cute story!!

  11. @ Kishore & Upasana: thx for visiting guys...:) :)

  12. Oh i envy ya! each time i take a train, i wish there would be some 'raj' out there to sweep me off ma feet. But alws had only families with babies! Alas!
    Sweet and cute post. God bless ya both :)

  13. ur Raj lived just next door, I should be the one who should envy you :D :D..but thanks, it sure was the best journey of my life :) :)

  14. darling this post is dated 2010 & i started reading your blog since last 2-3 months only. so how would i know about your prem kahaani? hai ki nai?

    unbelievable Sunita. we think such things happen only in movies but what they show in films has actually already happened to someone at some point in time.

    the gap b/w miracle & disaster !! touch wood for your miracle (i am superstitious about these things :) and bless u :)

    but how did u convince your mom? u got a post on that as well? want to read :)

  15. @ SuJu: Thank you dear...ha rite you were not here when I wrote this :) ...convincing mom part..a post wont do I will have to write a book :P :P

  16. omg..omg! this is like sooo unbelievable :O :O
    Till now , i had wondered that y do people even show such things in movies for it is really not practical and possible but u seem to have slapped my false belief hard!

    Indeed a story worth sharing suku..and u look beautiful in ur weeding dress, ofkors ur better half too..God bless u both :D

    will read the next part too!


  17. hehehe yes Sarah it does happen :) :) thank you for your wishes dear :)

  18. Girrlll!! You are so holding on to an eye candy in the photograph :D Your man is handsome....

    I loved this post...and see I did not forget to read :D as promised am here....

    Awww!! now I feel mushy....I miss the days when waiting for a call used to mean so much....sigh....

    *hugs and love*

  19. hehehe.. thank you Chintu... hugs to u too <3 <3 <3

  20. hey wasnt the train, friends and shaadi the 'Dilwale Dulhania...' story. Thanks for dropping by and following. I hope you would like the posts too .. in most i wouldnt say much though.
    Best wishes - you two.

  21. hey mayank no it is my story and KJo copied it :P :P :P.. thank you for your wishes :) :)

  22. hawww.. happie's endings :) love the story.regards to the gentleman who wooed the female in 22 hours plain :P

  23. My god, this is unbelievable! Do such things happen in trains? I have traveled so many times by train before marriage but never had such opportunities. Maybe 12 hours are not enough, I guess. :(


    hahah.. ofcourse things happen when it is planned by God that way :) :) my case He was kind enough to me :)

  25. awww true Chennai Express!! love has its way of catching up to you when you least expect it !


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