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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gift For Life...from Rujuta Diwekar !!

Watching one of the daily soaps, I was applying some moisturizer to my feet.  This winter was taking its toll on my skin :(.  My month old mom-in-law looked up from the TV and asked why I was particularly using that moisturizer, I said because it contained glycerine (and I felt I was imparting wisdom)... so why not apply glycerine instead ?? promptly asked my mom-in- law ( I felt my wisdom hit me back ).  You know, you dont question two things... President Policies and MILs tips because eventually they both proove to be right !! Two days from then she actually allowed me on the carpet barefoot, why??? because my feet were actually soft and healed from the cracks :) (till then I was only allowed with socks) see I told you they are always right !!

No no no... this is not about beauty tips from my MIL (I have a copyright to that so no sharing).. This is about how going back to basics help.  I like to read, actually I read a lot... I can read anything, no boundaries.  Crosswords in Pune happens to be my favorite place to hunt for good readings. I am in love with all kinds of food, I hate to work out and you are right, I am overweight. I have come across a lot of books and articles on weight loss...they range from loosing weight in 1 week to 6 months...have read about almost all kinds of diets aaannnndddd... done them all...the favourites being the No Carbs Diet and the GM Diet.  The GM diet is the famous one, I actually got 5 of my colleagues to do it alongwith me in the office, so it was like a Joint GM Diet (I am telling you I am a motivator) ... Oh ya and btw we all lost weight ranging from 3 to 5 kgs... No seriously we did...only to put on back double (sigh)... Ok so been there and done it all, I would now puke if anyone referred me any diet or weight loss plan.  You could actually see that smirk on my face when my gym dietician used to tell me to have lauki juice and cornflakes for dinner.  I would actually say it in my mind, Ya you can have that yourself because I plan to go and have some fish curry and rice ( ha you guessed it right I am a Keralite).  

For sometime now when I went to Crosswords, right in the front next to the cash counter you could see this nice display of the latest entrant.. Dont Loose Your Mind...Loose Your Weight..seeing it for the umpteenth time I picked it up (not to buy)..So the author was Rujuta Diwekar... ok opened it...aaahhh now the catch.... foreword by Kareena Kapoor... Thats it..I kept the book back... I mean come on Kareena Kapoor !!! She has all the help around her house to make and eat all the juices and salads that would be mentioned in the book.  If I go home and tell my mom to make 3 glasses of juices everyday, she will surely kick me out, not to mention the rates of the fruits have skyrocketed.. if you are eating it then fine, you tend to eat one or two.. but juices... it takes 4 oranges to make a glass !!...So I walked out of the store.

Couple of days later in the changing room of the gym, a lady was happy to have ended her session with the dietician and sweared she would not continue it (obviously even she didnt like the lauki juice).  I was speaking to her when she mentioned how her 17 year old daughter had lost 12 kgs in 4 months.  Now I was ALL ears.... how how kaise kiya ....She said.. I dont know she was reading some book and then she followed it... I will get you that book name tomorrow.. No prizes for guessing what the book was :) :) So the next weekend I became a good girl and bought the book.  

Started reading....Simplicity is Profound....Weight loss is incidental...Okay... so what?? I was thinking...and then slowly my thoughts stopped... and I read and read...the whole day ( No I have no other work, I am currently jobless and no kitchen work for me then)... While I was reading, sometimes I would put my hand on my forehead.. thinking OMG she is right I was actually doing this stupid thing...sometimes I laughed at the way she put her thoughts and sometimes I cried..actually weeped.. happy that I will never have to drink lauki juice to loose weight...and the best part ... Throw away the weighing scales !!!... I am telling you only people who know what I am talking about.. will understand how depressing it is to stand on weighing scale and see if it is moving to the right or to the left... I actually remember my dietician asking me to pee and come before I stood on the scale so that the weight would reduce in points atleast...even water shows weight you know.. her constant dialogue...

If I felt relieved reading this first book... I actually sobbed after reading the  second book of Rujuta Diwekar... Women and Weight loss Tamasha....That book is like a Bible which should be distributed free of cost to every woman...in every school, gynaec centre.. everywhere .. wherever you find a woman...You know when you go for morning walks you find all aunties walking and talking...ya I feel like handing over a copy to them also...Someone would find these statements too much.. but people who have read the book would concur...These two books from Rujuta are life changing...no less a statement would do to appreciate her work...And if you dont believe me..then read this..a statement that Kareena Kapoor writes in the book...Rujuta has not just changed my body but also my mind and soul.  Shes the best thing to have happened to my life...see I told you...Kareena didnt say it was Saif she said the best thing was Rujuta :) So people believe me :)

She takes you to the basics...Go to your kitchen... prepare food of your choice and liking...Eat it the right way and at the right time...giving a gym membership as a gift to yourself is permitted...Wake up and sleep the same day....thats all...No fads...No range of loosing weight between 1 week to 6 months drama...She actually rubbishes the whole idea of weight loss...her concern and what she wants to educate others is about healthy living...The best thing is how my sweet tooth has been controlled...Oh No there is no medicine involved....I am just eating right.. and because of that the truffles and turkish sweets in my fridge I am worried will have to be thrown out after the expiry dates :)Ben and Jerry Belgium Choc Icecream has never lasted this long in my fridge :)...and guess who complimented me on that...My hubby ofcourse...10 days back when I joined him in Stockholm (thats where we live now) he said I looked nice...as he thought I had lost some weight...usually I would be like...no yaar I havent its because you have seen me after a month...but this time around as Rujuta encourages us to accept compliments...I just said ya I feel good too :) :). I have cut down on eating out in restaurants tremendously... I feel like exercising...feel good about myself and all this just happened, just like that...I didnt even notice it unless someone told me about it...this didnt happen overnight...it took me some time to come home to kitchen...but I am glad I did...and oh my weight I dont know...because I havent stepped on a scale since :) :).

So this Valentines day and Womens day if you are looking for that perfect gift for your love or for any woman you know (please dont get me wrong, even men can have these books) Rujuta Diwekars twin pack is the answer (sounds like 6 pack na)
WARNING: Do not tell your girlfriend that this gift is for her to loose weight because, one your girlfriend will kick you, second I am sure Rujuta herself will kick you.. because her books are about healthy living.  So just tell your girlfriend that you want her around for as many years as possible, healthy and smiling and then give her the twin pack :) :)


  1. Fantabulous :) Way to go Rujuta !!!!

  2. Nice article sunita, i liked the way u put up ur thoughts in words....n yes even i have read rujuta's first book and am reading the second one n ic ant tell how motivated i feel after that...she completely takes me out of that depressed though of being over weight....good to see people like me.

  3. @afreen : true :)
    @ ankita: thanks, true when u read the book u feel like someone is sitting next to you and talking to you :) :)

  4. Same thoughts....sunita....i m also from pune....actually by now all the dietitians and nutritinists should be ashamed of themselves for what they promoted...just temporary results to earn....bookish knowledge....nothing related to wellness....

    i thank GOD for blessing RUJUTA with such insight for persuing True knowledge about diet and nutrition. And in turn being a blessing to all of us. Following her book is fun and has made us more close to ourselves. Me and my husband r following the routine and within 15 days there is a noticable change within us as well as our appearance.
    Mona Pereira


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