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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Because Stockhome is outside India !!

Thats him - Pratham (Unni)

This afternoon I had a telephone call scheduled with my nephew, Pratham,  who is 10.  Turns out I am the only person he is scared when it comes to his studies :) :).  So being a good aunt I was talking to him and in the middle of nowhere he asks me..
Meima where are you staying now, I forgot the name of the place ?
Stockholm, I said...
He repeated Stockhome :) :) (I am 200% sure thats how he will spell it if I ask him to)
So how are the houses there ?  
They are just like our houses in India..
So are they big?..
No I said, we stay in a smaller house in Stockholm?
What did you do to go there?
I got married to your uncle is what I wanted to say, but I simply said.. I studied hard (dont laugh people I have a US Bschool MBA to back up my story )
Now can we go back to our conversation about your studies, I asked almost irritated.
Oh Sorry Meima, yes we can.
Then after giving him a lecture for another 20 min I asked him, So what did you understand?
I should study harder and write fast
hmmm good boy.. and why should you study hard??
So that I can go to Stockhome 
What ??? Why do you want to go to Stockholm
Because it is outside India !!!


  1. That kid is a bright one...
    He'll do wonders but I wish you could inspire some patriotism in him !

  2. kids are inviolable, incorruptible but still they are like clay and can be mended into the way we elders mend them. I like how they gel with anyone who is good to them, to the one from whom they get just a little of affection, they don’t keep grudges for anything, live for the moment.

  3. @ Spicy Sweet.. totally agree :)
    @ Gaurav...bright one yes :)
    @ Skywalker... absolutely true :)

  4. Sunita - first time here..liked the narration


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