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Monday, July 18, 2011

Blogging For a Cause !!

When I was going through this page to select a NGO, it was so difficult could not choose which one.  There is so much help required out there, and there are so many organisations doing a gr8 job.  Really hats off to them.  The least I could do is blog and share about it.  I finally chose this particular NGO, which supports disabled children.  I just feel these kids require a lot more care than a normal orphan or abandoned child.  In plain words no matter how many kids Sushmita Sen would adopt, I doubt she would adopt a disabled child.  The fact that she adopted 2 girls is really appreciative, but matter of the fact is disabled kids are really not on the list of entering some homes.  This organisation is really doing a wonderful job by providing for these kids.
I do not have many followers on my blog, but I know that I do have lot of visitors, hope that this blog is shared :) :)

This is the website of the organisation

Activity: We are a registered NGO with 16 years of hands-on experience in advocacy and empowerment of persons with disability. Our basic aim is to educate and train, support them in finding their rightful place in the society, and ensure their inclusion in all fields.

Located at New Delhi, India, we run a special school for children with intellectual disability in the age group of 5 to 16 years. On graduating from here, the youngsters move to the Vocational Training and Production Center where they are trained in skills and trades to enable them to earn a living and stand on their own feet.

Besides this, we have an Independent Living Center for persons with intellectual disability, an established parent support network and an extremely effective legal aid cell for providing pro bono legal counsel and spreading legal awareness among disabled people in disadvantaged areas. Such persons are identified and through community meetings educated about their rights and privileges and then encouraged to seek access to their rightful dues from the society and the Government.

We have also undertaken a number of research projects on behalf of the Government and other agencies which are working in the area of disability. An extensive website on disability related information (www.disabilityindia.org) is yet another effort in enabling empowerment.
Support: Working with Families
Basic education, independent living, social and adult needs, and viable solutions for vocational training and sustainable livelihoods.

II: Integration and Inclusion
Advocacy for policy change, working for Human Rights, Involving Community Participation, Activities with non-disabled and disabled school children.

III: Bridging Gaps

IV: Strengthening Organizations and Capacity Building
Note: In our direct service program we run a special school for disabled children, a vocational training and production center for disabled youth to create avenues for their employment and a live in center which provides shelter to the disabled.

In the Outreach services through the Parent Support Network and the Legal Aid Cell, we conduct training workshops, ensure inclusion, advocacy and capacity building and provide pro bono legal counsel. The Legal Aid Cell also provides pro bono legal counsel and services to disabled children and their families in the slum areas around Delhi and helps them gain access to their legitimate entitlements and facilities provided by the Government.

Our work stems from the well recognized need to create a climate where disabled people can access their rightful place in society. India, with its more than 6% disabled population (60 million) has joined the international community in this by ratifying the UNCRPD treaty.


  1. Hi Sunita, i visited this blog for your query and happened to read your post. very nice, i must say. keep writing, i m now following you here. Rgds.

  2. Thank you Purvesh for your encouragement :)


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