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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maggi Mania :)

My evening snacks are usually something which I do not have to put in much effort to cook and what better than MAGGI !!!.  Its my all time favorite. Easy to cook and tastes just superb with a boiled egg... yummy :) :) :)

While savoring my bowl of maggi, I was missing my lovely sister, because I do not know how, but she makes the worlds best maggi. (BTW for readers who are not familiar with Maggi, it is an instant noodle brand from Nestle). And then my thoughts just wandered to my first encounter with Maggi.  It was in school.  A lady dressed in a dark bordered white saari came with bags full of maggi and distributed it to all the students.  It was a promotion act by Nestle.  Just a week before that Bambino Vermicelli had done the same stunt.  Since all 3 of us were studying in the same school we got 3 packets.. and for the records that is the only time I was happy about all of us studying in the same school :)...

Alright so went back home and insisted that mom prepared it for the evening snack. What a lip smacking taste it was.  Well after that we made sure we pestered mom to include Maggi in her monthly shopping list. I was thinking how this product from Nestle has got into the veins of almost all the Indians.  It had become synonym with the word Noodle.  It was called the 2-minute noodle.  Actually I remember the first ad on tv .. Mummy, mummy bhook lagi hai (mom I am hungry).. and mom would say .. bus do minute (just 2 min)... and then all the kids shouted.. maggi, maggi, maggi !!!  This is what I call branding and market positioning (ya now the MBA in me is speaking).  Kudos to Nestle for this kind of a feat that too in a country like India where home cooked food is the norm for healthy eating :) :)


  1. Offcourse...Maggi is the best thing to have for everyone who don't want to prepare so much for cooking...and truly quoted by you (or MBA in you)..Maggi does not hire film stars to brand their product..they make their customers market their product (one of them being you)...you may want to check remember maggi packing showing "Me and my maggi"

    And I must also mention...nice post...

  2. wow!!!!!! i love maggi....

    बड़ी गज़ब की भूख लगी मैगी चाहिये मुझे अभी...

  3. i eat maggi all the time :) maggi maggi maggi :D

  4. Indeed Maggi ad was quite a revolution those days. Ideal food for (permit me to say so) for the LAZY.

  5. that was the only time u were happy u were all studying together? - LOL

    i love maggi too. been eating it since the past 9 plus years & now my daughter is hooked on to it too :)

    maggi ki JAI HO

    a request: can you pls disable the word verification for comments?

  6. @Hemant..yeah love the way Maggi branded it :)
    @ Indu, Chintan & Sujatha lets have a maggi party :) :) :)
    @ Valady Sir: lol for the lazy yes with the 2 min tag it seems to be :)


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