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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Motivators Thank You :) :) :)

Its my blog anniversary :) hence wanted a change.  So finally after hours of searching and FAQs, eventually I got a makeover for my blog.  I love it.  Hope you guys like it too.  To all my followers here, I wanted to say a biiiiiiiiggggg thank you.  When I started my blog the only person following it was ME :) after marriage hubby followed it too.  The rest of you are here because of the interests in my writing I believe.  Thank you very much.  Each of you when you joined my site left a smile on my face and encouraged me more.  My usual reaction when I see a follower is to jump around and tell my hubby you know I have one more follower :) :)  I do follow your blogs and am still learning from you :) .  Also thanking my visitors who visit and read, and also people who leave their comments, thank you very much, your visits mean a lot to me :) :)
Your suggestions and comments are very much appreciated.  Thank you for being here and motivating me.  Please continue to do so :) :)


  1. Congratulations! On your blog anniversary, I don't know how it looked earlier but now it looks lovely, keep rocking for many more years :)

  2. Congratulations On your blog anniversary.This is a nice makeover...love the colours. :)

  3. wow!!! looking at your blog template all i can say is wow....i tried changing the template of my blog and modifying but it caused some complications and in the end i had to change the url of my blog to new one and used the backed up xml file to transfer posts from there to here...

    Congrats for one year...my blog will complete 3 years next month

  4. Thank you Skywalker :) almost 5 hrs of work that is.. not a pro so really had to start from basics.. am glad u liked it :) and thx for following :)

  5. Congratulations Sunita! Hope to see more such interesting posts from you. Your blog is very 'lively' on its own. And the new design is really appealing. Continue blogging. All the best wishes. (No sweets?)

  6. Thank you Sibi.. Sweets yes sure..though in virtual form :)

  7. Hey congrats on your blog anniversary. It was my first time here and what a time to be here!
    Keep blogging.
    ....Here I Am!


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