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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Noise after the Blasts !!

"Just heard a sad news...3 blasts in Mumbai...hope everyone is ok" read my hubby's facebook status, somewhere post noon Swedish time.  I had just woken up from a nap, and kept reading that status for a couple of times before I checked onto NDTV live.  And there it was, happening again, 3 co-ordinated blasts.  Usually when you see such kind of news your heart automatically races out to your loved ones.  So called up a few of them whose phone numbers I had and tried to contact the rest on the internet.  Then switched myself back to the news.  

It was horrifying.  The number of injured kept increasing.  I was feeling really sad and angry and I don't really know how to term my emotion here.  It was a feeling of helplessness.  I kept doing what I could, that is checking on friends and watching TV.  And I am sure most of us did that.  Somewhere inside we all want to do more, but something stops us.  That something is the feeling of hopelessness.  The feeling that no matter how many rallies we take part in, no matter how many groups we join on facebook, no matter how many hunger strikes we support, in the end nothing really happens.  So thinking about all this we watch TV, post few abusive updates about the government and terrorists on social networks and that is about it.  

But, there is one community in particular that knows what to do in such situations.  The various News Corporations.  Grab all the opportunity to show that they are the most committed news channel.  I was watching NDTV live and was appalled by the dubious emotions of Barkha Dutt when she was reporting the news.  She was looking all serious and stern and showing all the concern, and she was huffing and puffing as she was reporting, as though she was taking a run in the studio.  The most stupid part was the way she was talking to people on phone who had seen the blasts.  Here is a small part of the conversation she was having with one of the survivors (Neha from Mumbai) on phone

BD:  So Neha where were you when the blasts were happening ?
Neha:  I was in the bus and suddenly there was a noise and when we turned back there was fire and people were running all around.  
BD:  Ok, so are you telling us that you were inside the bus ?? (NO She was on top of the bus you dumb fool, she already said she was in the bus)
Neha:  Yes
BD:  What happened after that
Neha:  The police came and asked all of us to move away from the place and reach our homes
BD:  Neha were you able to reach home safely (NO she is not safe, it is her ghost who is speaking to you, nonsense)
Neha:  (pretty disturbed) Yes I said I am calling from my home
BD:  Neha how do you feel after the blast (She is overjoyed you idiot because she just saw a Ram Gopal Varma movie live, and its a life time experience)
Neha:  I do not want to say any more (She was obviously very angry)
BD:  Alright Neha, we understand your emotion, and we are happy that you are safe (Ofcourse you are happy, because you just got a survivor phone call)

This is not all.  The reporters were all over the places asking people how they felt.  What do you want them to say???  And this morning, a more determined Barkha Dutt was at the zaveri bazaar (where one of the blasts happened) reporting live.  She was shivering & drenched in the rain, holding a mic in her hand she looked like a complete joke.  Whom was she trying to show that she is a committed reporter.  This was not sudden rains.  Don't tell me that the crew was not carrying an umbrella or a rain jacket.  I was sick to my stomach seeing her pulling off this stunt.  

Every channel kept saying "Mumbaikars are not stopped by these attacks they continue with their lives, thus showing the terrorists that they are unaffected"..... Shut up you Jacks....Do you know if people do not go to work their salaries & wages for that day will be cut?  How do you think they will manage these cuts during such inflation?  Do not underestimate the feelings of people of Mumbai.  They are angry and frustrated.  Do not mistake their helplessness for their spirit of life.  They are moving on because there is no other way.  They know that even if the people who did this were caught, nothing will be done.  The captured terrorists will only be treated as royal guests.     

Politicians are not to be left behind.  Thanks to the regular visits to the sites by all the possible ministers, half the police were being used for their security.  The already disturbed traffic was being stopped, thus slowing the work of moving the injured.  The same story continues in the hospitals. 

Definitely my heart goes out to all the people who have lost their loved ones in this blast and also feel sorry for the injured.  But what makes me mad is that even in this situation I am praying that the terrorists do not get caught.  Because all that the government is capable of is royally treat them.  Or else a plane will be hijacked and the government will free the captured terrorists.  I was wondering why ever in any of the blasts, relatives of the politicians or the politicians themselves are not killed ???? 


  1. Very well written,
    On Top of that I fail to understand how shameless our politicians can be , Mr. Home minister says ""After a gap of about 31 months, Mumbai has suffered another terror attack. I express my regrets"
    Is he trying to justify that we kept it safe for 31 months......Hello!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also P.C. - "It's not a failure of intelligence." Oh no no certainly not , but then.... what is it??

  2. yes it is as though 31 months was some sort of a guarantee period.

  3. I am really annoyed when reporters keep on mentioning the so called "spirit of mumbai"...i feel every city has that...commom people know hw to move on...not that i hate mumbai but i love hometown more than anyother city...


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