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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Rendezvous with Monday :) :)

Stretching myself, I was just twisting and turning on the bed, realizing that very soon the alarm will go off.  I was silently praying that the alarm would forget to ring.  Squeakily I was trying to open my tightly closed eyes to catch a glimpse of the clock, just to confirm how much more time I have on that wonderful bed.  But the view was being blocked.  I thought it was just my eyes trying not to wake up, so I rubbed them and tried to see again.    And there  it was, blocking my view to the time, a sad looking, black creature.  

 "Who the hell are you?? "   
 "I am Monday!! "  it said.  Teeth were sparkling white and eyes were bright and lively.  It was as though everything inside was so beautiful, but outside it was scary, black and weird.
 "MONDAY!!!  No wonder I got scared " 
 "Why exactly are you scared of me?  I have done no harm to you "
 "Well ! for starters, your looks are scary.  I do not even want to start mentioning the whole horrible day now"
 "But I look scary because I have been painted black over the years.  I was created just like every other day, beautiful and lively, full of promises and dreams, opportunities and success, tears and smiles.  But do you even notice that ?"
 "Awww come on, nobody has done anything to you.  You are the one who is spoiling it for us.  Urgh, look at you I have to wake up early and my husband has to go to work, but if it was a Sunday or a Saturday we would be having fun at home.  But because it is you, Monday, we cannot. "
 "So would it make you happier if it was a Sunday again ? "
 "Obviously, it would :) :) :) " ( all smiles and grins even at the thought of it)
 "And what about the next day, do you want that also to be a Sunday ? "
 "You are joking right ?  I would love everyday to be a Sunday "
 "So how exactly will you spend your days ? "
 "Cooking all exotic dishes, going out for movies, shopping etc., etc., "
 "Well but you need to be able to pay for all these things.  So if you do not have me, then you will not be able to start your work week, and how do you think your husband will earn then ? "
 "Ya, I know that and that is exactly why I do not like you"
 "Well, there is a price you have to pay for all the enjoyment"
 "Yes I think so"
 "Think about it this way, I am the beginning of your hope towards a Sunday.  You start to count from me Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday..........Sunday.  If it was not for me then you would not have felt the need or understood the importance of Sunday"
 "Keep going, you are almost converting me now"
 "Did you know my literal translation in any language or script means, Moon Day.  That means I represent, peace, calm, love & romance."
 "Forget the world, think about yourself individually.  I am the most important day of your life.  Of all the days I am the day you choose for yourself.  You do all your beauty regimes (Noooo that was a secret tich, tich!!), you catch up with your friends on phone, you write your weekly letters, you go shopping, you plan for the entire week, and most of all you sit on that sofa and watch all your soaps on Monday"
 "Awww yes you are so right...but I do all that on Monday because it is usually a slow day, not very enthusiasm left after the weekend you see :D :D "
 "Exactly !!! Now I got you.  If just with a two day weekend you loose your enthusiasm on the third day, then can you imagine if you have a life long Saturday, Sunday what will happen ?"
 "I would DIE of fatigue"
 "Right.  So I am like a stabiliser between the weekend and rest of the weekdays.  I give you a chance to slow down and reflect.  So now you are prepared for the week and also looking forward to your weekend."
 "Hmmmmmm "
 "Do you still think you have reasons to be sad about me"
 "Aww no, not at all.  Come here you little black buddy...give me a hug.. and yeah I love you, Thank you for being there mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk "

ttttttrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg (that is my alarm, yes I do not have any sidey bollywood song as my alarm)

Suddenly I could see the time in the clock, there was nothing black, but on the contrary everything was bright and sunny.   "Aare don't get up now, today is Monday na.. just gimme something light for lunch, and I will have cornflakes for breakfast"  thats my darling sleepy head husband.  I smiled and said, "Precisely the reason why I will make you a good breakfast and give you a super lunch.  Today is Monday yaar...lets wake up to a wonderful week ahead".  The expression I got from him was like WHAT!!! but then he looked at me and smiled, probably realizing that I am the craziest person in his life and quite capable of turning a black monday into a bright monday :) :) :)


  1. What a lovely blog....makes me look forward to Mondays too :)

  2. Ritika thank you for reading and the compliment..appreciate it :) :)

  3. Very interesting article...enjoyed it...
    Promises await moments to have tryst with life...life awaits moments to immortalise those promises...pages of life turn pages of days scripting newer messages for memories to embrace...
    Every day comes as a messenger of experiences of life...of knowing the unknowable...of discerning truth deftly immersed within wiles of thoughts...of comprehending the essence of a journey that starts from nowhere and leads nowhere but flows on with so profusely enriched passions for exploration...with so much of sponteneity in promises bubbling within...with so much of pleasure in sailing through in endless ocean of thoughts...with euphoria of Janhavi it only descends from immensity of a creative form and take refuge to the matted locks of Lord, the Time--curled up in moments, hours, days, nights, years and decades--before finally fading into wide expanse of wholeness agaiin...life remains a great tribute to itself....Time stands as a passionless witness, perhaps...
    I have had a few quick reading of your pages...hope to come back again to take delight in...

  4. @ Saibal.. thank you for visiting and your comment :)

  5. Good one! I like characterizing non-living things and you have done exactly that. really liked it

  6. Nice one..kept my eyes attracted till the end :)

  7. @ Shanky & Jayendrasharan: Thx for your visit and the appreciation. Am glad u liked it :) :)


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