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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scams to Cams to Shams !!!

Corruption begins at the oath ceremony !!

That picture I have pasted is of a minister taking oath with fingers crossed.  For people who do not know the idea behind it, when you promise someone and are keeping your fingers crossed then the promise is not valid.  I did it as a child, have no idea where this concept developed from.  I did realize later that it is just a stupid superstition.  Every time I switch on the TV, every news channel there is some talk show going on and some politician is the target.  Bureaucrats and Politicians together have swindled away so much money that I cannot even imagine how many zeroes are there in those amounts.  From Godmans to Babus to Netas all of them have looted the country. Now when I say country, mind you it is us that they are looting.  The common man, who pays his loans, his children's school fees, his house rent and then above all he pays taxes which he has no idea who is enjoying.  If he does not pay his loan the recovery guys will send goons or even better there will be court proceedings against him and it will be seen to that every penny is recovered.  He does not pay tax he is charged interest and fine and everything is recovered.  But when a scam is committed and someone is indicated, I do not know what happens.  What happens to the money that has been robbed ?  Is it given back to the nation ?  Or is it that the indicated person just goes to jail enjoys his life there and returns to enjoy more with the robbed money !!! 

Anyways, after all the scams now it is time for our ministers to show that they are serious.  So recently I read Kerala Chief Minister Oomen Chandy installed webcams in his office.  Mr. Chandy says “Instead of taking action against corruption, I believe that we have to create an atmosphere where everything should be in a transparent way,”.  “The people must know everything.”  The first thing that came to my mind was as though people are going to take bribe under these cameras.    They are going to find ways around it.  But yes lets not completely criticize this action.  These cams should certainly curb the misbehavior of certain people who think there is a goonda raj.  So yes people would become a little cautious about their behavior, but its not a guarantee though.  Since we live in an era where politicians are publicly slapping other party workers :) :).  Secondly, what is the definition of "everything" for Mr. Chandy.  We will never know everything because there is something called as "behind closed doors "

In my opinion these people who commit all these frauds are not going to be worried about the cams around.  The only thing that can scare them is a strong and super-fast judiciary system.  Lets face the fact.  Our country is made of all kinds of people.  Every human being has good and bad in him.  Temptation is not a word used to describe Cadbury chocolate.  It is a human nature which strips him of shame and dignity.  So we will have people doing all sorts of things always.  But the fear of being punished will probably reduce the number of scams we have.  We have a minister or a bureaucrat arrested and then this person goes into a royal treatment cell which is called The Jail.  Then what follows is years of enquiry by CBI, FBI and I do not know how many more bodies.  Well in some time we hear the same guy has won some election and become a minister all over again.  So then no body knows about the money or the punishment.  Mind you we as countrymen have not forgotten the whole issue, but the whole attitude of "What can we do" or "What can be done now " makes us move on with our lives i.e paying loans and taxes.  

Give some protein drink & make it stronger !!!
People are not wrong in thinking that way.  Why can we not have a Judiciary where these people are punished within a stipulated time period, recover all the money and ban them from carrying on their political careers in future ?? When you do the same to a general officer or an executive of a corporate firm why are these politicians not being punished.  According to me Judiciary System is the backbone of any economy, and when we have a weak backbone all that we have is an Economy which goes from Scams to Cams to Shams !!!


  1. Enjoyed reading your posts. Topics and titles are both catchy and interesting. And your style of writing spontaneous. Keep blogging, Sunita...

  2. Thank you Rajuda for visiting, your appreciation is an encouragement. hope to see you here again :) :)


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