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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Superstitions !!!

Disclaimer:  This post is strictly personal experience and views.  I do not intend to tarnish any religion or hurt anyone's feelings.

Some of the repeated superstitious statements in my family as I was growing up :) :)

Have no idea what my mom would say about this!!
Don't sit on the pillow, your dad's debt will increase.... 
As a kid I never did that again, because I loved my dad just tooooooooooooo much.  But now I am thinking, What!! That is all Obama had to do, could have saved an Economy :) :)

Person with an empty pot of water is inauspicious
Oh ho, why did this woman cross you with an empty pot now, chii!! Oh ya thank you mom it really helped, one its my maths paper (which I hate hate) and now you scare me with an empty pot !!!

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire :P :P
Crow is crowing just outside the house, expect guests...
I kept looking out of the window the whole day and the only person that showed up was the newpaper wala for  his bill.  All my dreams of having an extra glass of Rasna when guests came went down the drain, the Liar Crow :( :(

Do not shower after someone has just left for a travel....
It is because people take a shower once a dead body leaves home, so if you do this it is bound to put that traveller in trouble .... uuuffff only if I knew the timings of the terrorists leaving their homes, the next minute I would have entered the bathroom, sigh!!!

Oh the milk is spilled, something good will happen...
Having a dislike over milk, the only good thing that happened was because of less quantity we got coffee to drink and no milk :) :) :)

Don't close the door in the eve....
Because it is the time God is entering your house.  One you are talking about God, does He really need a door to enter ?? I see them on TV shows jumping from one place to another with really no travel requirement!! Secondly, you forgot the Malaria warning.. the mosquitoes are entering (phew)

I just realised I could write a series on this :) :).  Haven't even mentioned all the dilemmas about timings, and animals like lizard and cats and dogs crying  :).  Feel free to share your experiences too, it will be fun to hear them :) :)


  1. This one reminded me so many of those.....like:
    1: Don't leave the footwear upside down....
    2: Don't bite nails and throw them on the floor....
    3: No traveling on sunday...it brings misfortune..

    and so many of them...
    nice post there..

  2. there was one "two for joy" (finding two mynas sitting together) which i followed diligently during my exams but to my utter surprise it was only successful one out of two times and that too when i had studied well.

  3. @Hemant..lol that sunday one is new to me :)
    @ Skywalker... yeah and one for sorrow :)


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