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Friday, July 22, 2011

Teddy Affair :) :)

So we had a new addition into the family yesterday..... Its a sweet cuddly and cute teddy bear....Peellu....Pila in Hindi means yellow color... you see his picture why I named him that.  Yes its a He... who decides ?.. I do... teddy bears are always HE ok!!! Anyways that was a gift from my darling husband...when he walked in with that.. I was jumping with joy and excitement, kept saying "OMG!!! he is soooo cute "  like hundred times.  Ritchie (hubby) did expect a reaction, but seeing it live and in action was a little confusing for him :) :) And then after like 15 minutes when I had almost settled down and welcomed Peellu into the family, he looked at me and said "I will never understand this fascination of girls towards teddy bears, what is it ?? "   I just gave him a look and said "You wont understand :) "

But then later on with myself as I kept throwing glances at Peellu from the kitchen I was thinking, Really what is it with teddy bears ?  Then I came back into the living room and hugged my Peellu and kept thinking why I liked teddy bears so much.  As far as my childhood remembrance go I always loved stuffed toys.  I think it all starts there, back when you are a kid.  I am sure most of us when mom scolds us we must have gone to dads and vice versa.  So when we are upset with mom we go and hug dad and what a lovely feeling that is, just one hug where dad tells you do not worry I am there.  But what happens when we have a problem with both or we have to tell a secret.  Then you need someone who is trustworthy.  In most of the cases it is the toy you are close to.  Because every child has a stuffed toy which is easy to hug and will not share your secret, that stuffed toy becomes your buddy.  

Its more about the feeling.  The soft and cuddly feeling of the teddy.  The big eyes that stare at you and ears so big that you know they are listening.  And the paws, aw it is sooo nice when they touch your cheeks and not to mention their big belly.  I mean some car or barbie doll or toy train will not give you that feeling, right ?? 

Why girls ?  In my opinion with girls its like they do not want to easily tell their thoughts to everyone.  So while growing up where boys give up on their stuffed toys at the age of around 3 or 4 girls carry them around even when they are 40!!. I think one of the reasons is girls go through so many changes in their relationships.  They grow up leave their parents house get married etc etc., In this journey close relationships become distant, and you start living with people whom you have just met in your 20th or 30th year of life.  The only one thing that remains is that teddy from your playroom who gives you that sense of security and he is still the same.  In other cases when you fall in love, when you have problems with your boyfriend, when you have bad things to talk about one of your girlfriend, you do not expect your parents to hear them (mostly in all cases), then again you have your Teddy.  On a lighter note girls like to talk and be heard, they do not need anyones opinion, all they want is a hug and some one to listen.  So think about it, if you talk to parents they will always give their good advice and thats not what a girl wants when she is in tears of happiness or sorrow, a man in no way can be expected to keep quiet after you have cried on his shoulder, he will also try to talk and show how right he is, Teddy is the only one who will hug you and listen to you with patience, and well ! for everything else you have people around you :) :) :)


  1. so true!
    awww what an adorable teddy bear!


  2. Still a question mark for me :P


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