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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anna Hazare Protest - Unanswered Questions !!!

Miles away, but news is just a click away, thanks to the digital world.  Have been continuously following the newspapers on the protest led by Anna Hazare.  Glad that finally there was a solution to all the chaos and things have settled down.  I was just going over the whole incident again in my mind, and suddenly was thankful that I live in an era where I could witness this.  

My nature is basically that of a rebellion.  It really really takes a lot of effort for me to keep my emotions and reactions under check.  So when I was in school, learning the whole thing of non violent movement that Gandhiji led, it never ever made any sense to me.  I mean how is it fair that the Britishers could kill and torture and we could win the freedom struggle by just staying non-violent.  When I read in the newspapers about Anna Hazare and his non-violent protest, my obvious reaction was, how could someone win a battle empty stomach?  But what I saw last two days was not only an eyeopener but now I also wish I could go back to my history class and apologise all those comments I made against non-violent movement.  This whole Anna Hazare, freedom from corruption movement has left me with some questions.....

There was a sea of people from all over the country and abroad supporting Anna Hazare and not a stone was thrown.  It was entirely a non-violent protest where no public property was destroyed nor was any person hurt.  So why is it that when any political party holds a bandh or strike, there is always bus burnings, shops broken into, and people hurt ?  Does this mean that the leaders who lead these protests ask their supporters to do this deliberately ?  

Second thing I noted was, it is the duty and responsibility of the Opposition Party to raise questions and oppose the Ruling Party if it makes decisions which are not in the best interest of the country.  Why was it that the BJP and the other parties were only talking about the arrest of Anna Hazare and not about the Jan Lokpal Bill? Does this mean that even they do not want this bill to be passed because then when they come into power it will be difficult for them to loot the country ??

The most important question I have is, why is the government and some other people surprised by the mass support that Anna Hazare received ?  Why are they saying that there is some external source helping this action ?  Are the politicians in the country under the impression that the common man in India is not capable of  waging a war or protest on its own for the love of his country?

Some questions will never have definite answers I guess......


  1. Hi, good to see your blog & your interest in the nation, politics & issues like corruption. I had been to Freedom Park, Bangalore to support the Anna Hazare team recently. I have shared my experience on my blog http://puneet3210.blogspot.com/2011/08/anna-hazare-freedom-park-bangalore.html . Do have a look. The same is shared on IndiBlogger also at http://www.indiblogger.in/indipost.php?post=72809 :) Puneet

  2. @Puneetkumar Pattar thx for visiting Puneet left my comments on your blog :)

  3. I am going through these whys as well.. Definetly some questions will never have any definite answers. People who are against, don't exactly know the reason why they are against him/or the cause. They just have doubts. And so the world is still divided into two parts; against the motions and for the motion!!!
    nice post!

  4. You think these questions does not have a definitive answer? i think the answer is blowing in the wind...

    gr8 post...


  5. @ Sheesha & Shubrasish, thx for visiting :) :).. these questions just show how underestimated the common man is !!

  6. like they say, the answers are open secrets...
    anyways i m curious as to why no one is up against the ones who are corrupt and what are they trying to gain burning effigies of hapless PM!! oops

  7. hey gal, the post is amazing. your thoughts are a bit different i guess. loved reading it and yeah the effort of Anna is the victory of common man, and yup some questions cannot always be answered :P

  8. @ deeps I thought the whole movement was against corruption, and the effigy..same reason for which effigy of Ravana is burnt :)

    @ Anu different questions yes..but as one reader Shubrashish commented I guess the answers are blowing in the wind :) :)

    Thx for visiting ladies, hope to see you again :)

  9. I am following your blog since long but last few posts have not appeared in my feed so I missed reading them...

    coming to this post, I am kind of taking the middle path here, I dont like Congress and especially Rahul Gandhi, but what anna is doing is also not rite, he is infact black mailing the govt of india...why don't those all who support anna come out and vote when election time comes...we the upper middle class are good at writing blogs but not good at giving our vote...we say "mere vote se kya hoga" but see what happened by not giving your vote...i feel govt should keep on changing from one party to another atleast they keep on checking each other's wrong doings....

    pretty jumbled up thoughts of mine...thats y I can't write on current affairs :P

  10. @Skywalker yeah seems to be some prob.. coming to the voting part i agree with you.. but what is the solution to this collation govt..all losers come together.. i dont see this govt changing if this joint venture continues :(

  11. Hi, good post...i was the active member in Anna's team, so i like to read what people think about this movement....i am glad so far there is positivity to the motive with which it was started....

    @Skywalker... One vote makes a difference....Ok tell me what happens when all the candidates contesting from a particular area do not have a clean image.But we have choose among them, because of our duty to the nation.
    See, that's why Right to Vote was made a fundamental Right and not Duty, otherwise you would be bound to vote.
    Secondly, Anna has also asked for a option in the ballot paper or EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) where we can choose "None". This will force the political parties to nominate better candidates for the elections rather than some goons.

    Anyways, very well penned....good job and Good luck...

  12. @ you are so right Fallen Poet. I really wish we had better options

  13. I am Indian so I am always with you Anna. Keep it up doing good job for our country. pehale hum Gandhiji ki tarah pyar se a Andolan karenge nahi mane to Bhagat Singh ki tarah Andolan karenge.

  14. I think that Anna's party should first resolve there initial internal isssues before giving any such statements as the public is still having some trust and soon they will loose if such things comes.


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