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Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Friends, I Chose Some & Some Chose Me :) :)

Usually when I came back from school, I would fill in all the details to my mother.  It would start from what saari my teacher wore to what my classmates bought in their lunch boxes.  But this particular day when I came home I was quiet and did not want to talk to her.  I was 7 then.  She asked me the reason and I told her that Renuka is no more my best friend.   She smiled.  I continued cribbing and said when the teacher was scolding me she was smiling, and that is why she is not my best friend.  The next day I was my chirpy self again and announced my new best friend… Pournima J J J

From that day I have come a long long way as far as Friendship is concerned.  From changing best friends every week to staying connected with friends whom I grew up with, it has been a wonderful journey.  Thanks to our own Facebook it is much more easier to find them online and connect.  And the usual expression when I see a male friend is.. OMG!! He has kids now.  (I am still trying to figure out why I am surprised to find out they have children) .  And when I see a female friend, the first thing usually is to check out their photos and see if they have become more beautiful J J J Now that’s a girl thing, you must agree.

Friends for me have always been a source of joy and fun.  Lately, I have started looking at them more for advices and good words.  But previously it was just going out, coffee sessions, movies and shopping.  Oh ya and ofcourse discussing boyfriends and looking good tips.  Now I have categorized my friends.  There are some whom I consider as my personal Google.com.  Whether it is regarding my faith, my marriage or any problems in my life they are just a click away.  Then there are those whom I love to be a Google.com for.  I love them soooo much that I want them to know that no matter what I will always be there for them.  Then there is this most amazing group, whom I have never met.  They are my online friends.  We chat, we talk about anything and everything under the sun.  I love them and would like to believe they love me too J J.  My latest friends are people who visit my blogs, I do not even know the names of most of the visitors, but the support they give me is what sometimes even my best friends fail to.  So these guys are also very very special to me.

So for all my dear friends  I am the person who I am today because of each one of you.  You in someway or the other touched my life, helped me understand The Me J J.  Thank you very much for being there and loving me sooo much.  Most of all thank you for being my friends.  A Very Happy Friendship Day to All.


  1. What a lovely post :) Changing friends every day that is so real. Happened to me all the time during school days....Happy friendship day <3


  2. thx for visiting Chintan and happy friendship day to u too :) :)

  3. This is a strange question, and one I hope you don't find offensive, but what religion are you?? I'm just curious :)

  4. @ Kathryn: Nay not offensive :) I am not a religious person. But as far as faith is concerned I believe in Jesus :) :)


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