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Monday, August 22, 2011

Say it When you Feel it !!!

This evening I was reminded of an incident which in a funny way taught me a lot.  It was my parent's 18th wedding anniversary.   Its usually time for family and friends to gather and have a good time.  After all the guests had left, as we were just sitting and chatting, I asked my dad "Papa why is it that you just give a gift to mom and do not tell anything good about her.. I mean like how much you love her and all?? He said "Nothing like that I do value her a lot" My mom was in the kitchen and just then came in the living area.  When she sat down Papa suddenly turned to her and said "Pinky wants me to tell you I love you so here it is I love you"  you should have seen my mom's face :D :D.  But Papa continued saying  "You know I really appreciate your presence in my life.  Everything I am today would not have been possible if you were not by my side.  You have put up with me a lot.  So thank you for being there"  My mom became all emotional, she looked at my dad and asked " Are you going to die?? Are you having Cancer or some other terminal disease"  Papa was shocked (and so were we), he said "No!! Why do you ask"  Mom said "because isn't that when people talk like this and tell their loved ones how they feel????"  No prizes for guessing what we were doing... Rolling on the Floor and laughing... Till today this is what we tell mummy "Mom I love you...AND...I am not dying" :) :)

 I have on many occasions asked people what is the significance of all these days (valentine, mothers, fathers, etc.,).  The synopsis of all the answers led to one reason... We are so busy in everyday life that we forget about people around us and we take our relationships for granted. Hence now there are days dedicated to various relationships which help you to express yourselves.  REALLY???? So busy that you haven't told your loved ones what they mean to you???  Well in that case we are soon going to add "Humanity Day" to the list because being human is becoming so rare.  (I am not talking about Salman Khan's organisation).  Many people would not agree with what I have written.  The instant reaction would be "Whats wrong with her?? What is wrong in giving flowers to loved ones on particular days??" Well the reply is, there is nothing wrong, but if you need these particular days to do it then there is certainly something wrong.  

Helloo, knock knock.. are u still sitting and reading this post ?? Come on all you men, married ?? then just cook something nice for your wife today (and DO NOT forget to clean the kitchen afterwards), and you gals just make simple dal, and spend time with your hubby and tell him what a difference he has made in your life (other than the surname ofcourse), Boyfriends and Girlfriends, no advice (while dating everybody is trying to impress :P :P so you guys must be already doing all this).  And do not forget to tell your parents, siblings, and kids how much you appreciate them :) :)... Guys what I am trying to tell you is just say it whenever you feel it :) :)  Do not wait for some heck of a day to express your love and feelings (and to boost sales of the greetings card and gift companies). 

Do not let Archies and Hallmark decide when you are going to say those meaningful words to your loved ones.  They are your people, its your relationship say it when you feel it !!!


  1. Nice :) I feel the same...and in fact I learnt to express my love from my bf...i was quite a tight lipped at first, but now, I say it when I feel it :)


  2. I can't say i agree or disagree with you,It has been a controversial topic all the way,I guess....If someone has to work around the clock with nervous minds,I bet these special days are meaningful..

  3. Haha, good one. Humorous with a subtle message. :D
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  4. ohhh... that was very sweet. loveed reading it. and yeah, a cool post...

  5. sweet post, I agree that we should express ourselves more often to our loved ones, but I feel that sometimes in Indian culture, people find it odd to express their love to near and dear ones...they don't feel odd fighting or arguing with them , but saying I love you...unthinkable...hehe...

  6. Thats so rightly said.. Loved the part of Love you and I am not dying..:) Good message through your post.. First timer here.. Loved you blog..

  7. well..nice accident that one...maybe that was the reason that your dad never told your mom how much he loved her :P
    these are all media gimmicks..one day in the whole year for mother?one for father?and one for love? whats the point of life if we cannot find time for our loved ones?thats the only difference between humans and machines...machines dont have emotions and feelings...

  8. @ Shasha: say thank you to your bf :)
    @ Romwe: I am not against these days, my prob is ONLY these days !! :)
    @ Yash & Anu glad u guys enjoyed :)
    @ AAD: not only in Indian culture, but everywhere I guess after a certain time we start taking relationships for granted :)
    @ Ashwini: Welcome to SuKupedia..glad u r here and hopefully you will have a good time :)
    @ Muhammad: Welcome to SuKupedia :) ya maybe u r right about my dad heheh..

    Thank you for visiting and all your comments guys. Hope to see you all often :) :)

  9. Absolutely agree with you.... One doesn't need specific days and dates to express the feelings...

  10. no message for singleton like me in that post :D....

  11. man cooking for his wife. this shud be issued as a circular for all husbands & husbands to be :))

  12. I don't think words can convey everything. Certain very finer emotions are expressed even in a gentle twinkling of the eyes! One should express the love and affection by 'actions' that make others feel that they are being considered special. ( Words: what meaning they have without deeds!)
    But I enjoyed your post. Appreciate Dad for following your suggestion. But for mum, it was really a surprise!! Hope it would be the mum's turn now!

  13. @ Ritz thx for visiting :)
    @ Skywalker, its there na...do not forget to tell ur parents & siblings :) and friends like me :) :)
    @ Sujatha heheheh i agree :D :D
    @ Sibi..Totally agree with you deeds have to accompany words..and deeds can also be done anyday :)

  14. you know every time 14th Feb comes and i think about it "do we need any particular day to express our feelings...????" ..NO, we should express ourselves whenever we feel so.... butt i will certainly love to see a day as "HUMANITY DAY", bcoz at least that will remind us about HUMANITY....the endanger species.

    Loved the post....such a nice message with so beautiful flow....

    BTW thanks for stopping by at my space, plz do come again...and i must say that you have a nice blog here... :)

  15. Even I find it very difficult to express the things for which I feel deeply - things and persons that are not so important for me, I am very open about and express them easily.

    BTW, my wife told me today morning, "cook the chicken today" so I am already following her orders :)

  16. @ Irfan thx for your kind words and visit :) :)..humanity day ya lol
    @ Sunilji: start with a hug without any words..u will see how easy it is :) :) and pl let us know how the chicken was :) :)

  17. Awesome post...loved it:) I don't know how I missed this post on the day it was posted..looks like your blog updates aren't showing on my blog..but glad to have read it today atleast:)

  18. @Pooja Sridhar thx for bringing it to my attention pooja.. am trying to fix it lets see.. hopefully it works


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