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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dubai ♥

Alright now you better take care of yourself, study well and make me proud ok... and keep your fists and anger in control...and also do not go out alone during the nights and also do not make friends with strangers................. so on and so forth.. if I start writing I can write a book on all the list of dos and donts that my boyfriend was telling me, infact if I would have been with him for another minute that day, he would have even ended up saying.. do not put your hands out of the plane ok !!!! 

See we mallus have a 'Soul' connection with Dubai.  In some form or the other each one surely goes there like some pilgrimage.  And when my travel was finalised my sister had a hearty laugh, because I had hated the idea of a Dubai mallu from a very early age.  Now I realize why they say 'Never say Never'.  Everyone was very thrilled, after-all I was the first one in the entire family to go abroad for higher studies.  MBA a dream for me was about to come true and also I had the first visa stamped on my passport; my first international trip.  Dubai was the place, Hult International Business School, a US based B-School ranked in all the possible rankings had opened up their campus in Dubai.  Though the fees was same in US and Dubai the incentive was the free accommodation in Dubai.  With the same syllabus and same faculties in US and Dubai, this choice made sense.  And so Pinky was flying to Dubai  (Pinky... that's me..and I am still known and called the same worldwide) 

My flight was from Mumbai.  My mom, my sister, my BIL and my aunt came to drop me and the reason why because when everybody is gonna have their families to say tata-bye-bye at the airport why should you go alone... that was my mom btw.... also precisely the reason why my trips home from chennai were always, always a surprise..just to avoid a crowd at the station or airport to receive me....(phew)...No seriously it can be pretty embarrassing, especially just when the train is leaving, my mom would be like... make sure you drink milk everyday ok...and listen don't give away that mutton curry to your friends (all this at the top of her voice).... I used to literally feel like hiding behind a luggage and completely disown my mom 

So we all started.  On the way I asked to stop at the McD to have a burger.   There my mom realised that I was wearing a thin chain, (which btw was way below a mallu standard)....so my sister was asked to give her chain to me, so that everybody knows I come from a typical mallu family (nothing against them, but I don't like women moving around like a mobile jewellery shop).  My BIL was not to be left behind.  He exchanged his Sony walkman series phone with my basic Nokia one (and this was an exercise because I had to delete all the messages my BF was sending) .  Alright so after all the repairs we started from McD.  

Reached airport, that's it.  My family could only stand out near the gate.  What a waste of travel, I thought.  So I hugged everyone, got a little emotional and went in with my luggage.  At the Thomas Cook counter to change some money I realised, Rs. 20,000/- was missing!!!  So I just ran from there back to entrance gate, I could still see my guys standing there to wave their hands when I go.  I looked at them and started frantically waving at them, and all of them believe me all of them, were smiling at me and waving back, obviously thinking that I was saying bye .  I came closer to the gate, and the security police at the gate started shouting at me, because obviously I could not come out of the entry gate.  I told him my problem, but then when he did not budge, I shouted back.  Well actually I yelled at him and told him that I was a student and if because of him I lost my chance of flying tonight I would sue him (no no don't ask me why I did that and now also you know why my boyfriend was worried about my anger), it worked and he let me out.  When my family heard this, my mom called all the 335 crore Gods she knew, my sister suddenly was talking a lot, and my BIL was not to be seen, he had gone to question the driver of our vehicle.  But I obviously had no time and had to go back.  So went in again and this time when I looked back I saw a worried look on everyone's face.

Once I finished my work at the exchange counter I passed the gate again and I could see my mom furiously talking to my aunt (I guess she was cursing the thief).  At that moment I looked at my wonderful family outside and just wanted to run out and hug them.  But I did not dare to, the policeman was still staring at me.  In my heart of hearts I thanked them for coming with me that evening.  On reaching Dubai, I was awestruck at the sight of the airport.  As I drove towards my accommodation, the modern architecture there was such an amazing sight.  But it was night time and real sight I was yet to see.  Too tired I crashed that night without even unpacking.  Morning when I woke up and looked out of the window, I was not only shocked but a sense of longing to be home just crept all over me.  This was not the first time I was away from home, but this was the first time I was in a dessert.  Because what I saw outside the window was a vast dessert.  But slowly got used to it, the surroundings and the people.   My stay was very memorable.  Visited a lot of places there.  Though everything in Dubai is man-made, it did amaze me at the way the structures were planned.  Stay in Dubai was just a first for lot of things.   It gave me my faith in God through Jesus, gave me friends that are a treasure, colleagues in almost 38 countries and ofcourse my MBA in finance :) :)  

P.S: *****I never shared the mutton curry with anyone, I did apologize to the security police, the travel of my family to the airport that evening was not wasted, and last but not the least, on my first call from Dubai to India my mom did not ask me if I reached safely, she asked me....Aare you reached, acha Pinky, tell me, how is Dubai, are the roads like the ones in India? :D :D  Aare ha and that BF is my husband now  )


  1. Lovely post once again Sunita:)And I agree on the 'disowning mom'part..They sometimes say the most annoying of things at the very wrong moment leaving one embarassed :p I am sure if and when I have a kid, she/he would also feel the same about me like I feel about my mum sometimes:) Looking forward to read part 2 and 3 and so on...

  2. Beautiful post, loved reading it. Sometimes, sharing personal life is so grasping for readers...Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Lovely post sunita, very sweet....was the missing money located eventually ??

  4. Your narration of factual matrix is excellent,[lighter side]like any other Indian,you did not carry pickles,curry powders,dry masala mirchis, appams.Any Indian mother will advised her son/daughter to carry them.

  5. Beautiful one....loved reading it :-)

  6. @ Pooja: dreading the mom moment :D
    @ Saru: Thanks dear
    @ AAD: Thanks dear...nay that money vanished :( :(
    @ Ravi: u have no idea what all my luggage contained I had to pay Rs. 5k extra luggage cost :D :D
    @ Ritz: Thanks :)

  7. Ha Ha! I have smiled throughout the read. Wonderful read.
    Anger? You would look like a tomato or an apple. The pictures you have put suggests so.
    Lovely pics Sunita and hilarious style of writing!

  8. glad u liked it Sahana.. yes and it was an apple :D :D :D


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