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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Science v/s Commerce !!!

Come on now you already have a smile on your face, even before reading the entire post, I bet :D :D... you know what I am gonna talk about... yes... the famous Science v/s Commerce fight....

My parents, as all parents did, wanted me to become a doctor, the other reason was also because I was academically a very strong student.  So when I started my high school i.e 8th grade it was very obvious that I had to choose science after my 10th.  In 8th grade was the first time you have biology and you learn about frogs (remember) and the dissection.  On the first lab project when I fainted at the sight of the dead frog on the table, I thought my parents would understand.  My mom was a very determined woman, but my dad understood, afterall how difficult is it to imagine a scene where there is a patient on the operating table and the doctor(me) is lying unconscious on the floor !!!

Mom would not give up.  But she did give in when in my 10th grade, 3 months before the board exams doctors had advised me to study only 20 min a day, any more study than that would be bad for my health.  But the reason for me to want to study Commerce had nothing to do with the marks.  I had always had an interest in Management.  But I have no idea why it is a social status symbol that your kid is studying Science.  It was always portrayed that students who have less marks are the ones to study commerce.  Science is the intelligent lot and Commerce is the dumb lot.  When I scored a first class in 10th, (ya only studying 20 min..intelligent no :D ) I knew my mom would push it further.  

So the college admission lists were up, the college where I had applied for science displayed my name :( :(, thanks to some connections my mom had.  Thankfully my dad was with me that day.  I was literally at his feet crying to go to this another college where I had applied for Commerce.  He tried to convince me it was of no use going till there because since I have got it in Science I should just take it.  But I eventually got him to go to that Commerce college... when I saw my name on that list my joys knew no boundaries.  My dad gave me a stern NO look and I bought out my little puppy face (I do not remember a single occasion when my dad has said a No to any of the things I wanted).  So we paid the fees there confirmed my admission and rode back home.  On the way back there was pin-drop silence.  Both of us were thinking how to handle mom (my dad was thinking more I guess :P ).  

The connection :P 

On getting back home we said my name was not there in the Science list.  Mom was very upset, one because I did not get the admission and second she thought her connection had betrayed her.  After about 4 months in a marriage function, when that connection asked my mom... Why did your daughter not take the admission when her name was there?? ....the cat was out of the bag.. and me and dad looked at each other.. who will chain it now??  The cat (or should I say the tigress) was finally chained when in 12th I was among the first 3 rank holders topping in 3 subjects in my college :D :D :D :D.  Me and dad sat on the sofa and mocked at her when she was making sweets to be distributed :) :) 

So just when I think my mom is convinced about the importance of Commerce, during my MBA admission times, I went to Bank of Maharashtra with my mother for education loan.  This is what the officer had to say, .. We do not give loan to Commerce students only Engineers with Science backgrounds are eligible.... Do I need to even tell you the stare and the look my mom gave me at that time (bbrrrrrr)

Me :( still on the floor 


  1. Commerce students are already smart enough to procure a loan for themselves ;) :P thats why they are not given loan, while the science students are the dumb ones

    It was engineer's day..on 15th :)

  2. im a reluctant science student....
    defenitely commerce does it 4 me any day
    following u now
    visit me at desigirl28.blogspot.com

  3. Ha Ha! I did have a smile throughout. You would have gone unconscious, imagine if the patient is not on anesthesia. :-D He would have become unconscious without it! :D :D

    God! You and your dad played well and safe. Good that you came out with flying colors. You had enough to convince your mom.

    Post by Post, I am liking your writing more and more. This post also added respect to the feeling. Nice Sunita.. :)

  4. I can so well connect with this post. I wanted to take up Arts but my parents wanted me to do engineering. So we found the middle ground and I took up LifeSciences, my other option and ended up with a Masters in Biochemistry and man I just love the subject:) I have cried, blackmailed, fallen ill...all because I didn't want to take up engineering. No regrets whatsoever:):)

  5. "" Me and dad sat on the sofa and mocked at her when she was making sweets to be distributed "" ----
    the victor & the vanquished haan? :))

    i really wonder why people rank science, commerce, arts in descending order when it comes to IQ. i took up science till 12th & switched over to arts for degree. i loved biology but just couldn't bear organic chemistry.
    for a long time i lived with the fact that people thought i was low on IQ because i opted for arts!! tumhara commerce toh phir bhi theek hai :) it makes you smarter than most of us arts peoples :)

    but that loan episode ohh noooo...too much!

  6. Science students are considered intelligent and believe me when opted for commerce, everybody thought, I was a fool or lacked confidence. But, MBA has changed the perception somewhat...Lovely read!

  7. Hehe,.. I think this debate is based on the assumption that all bright kids are attracted to science, which might not be the case always, but generally is.
    But, speaking on a broader note, I guess there is nothing like smarter, anyone can achieve anything if he/she is determined and has a pinch of luck..
    btw, don't mess with us, the evil science community, huh :P


  8. LOL...what a funny post, I tell you this rings so close to home for me.
    In my family mothers have a history of wanting their daughters to become doctors, and their daughters disappointing them.
    My grandma wanted my mom to be a doctor, as it was her dream that her daughter be a doctor, my mom was a topper throughout, went to science, could not stomach the fact that she would have to go through dissections and all, so inspite of getting admission in medical school, she chose to a regular bachelor of science, today she does regret not taking up the admission, but she had a good career as a banker nevertheless.
    Then she wanted me or my sis to become a doctor, I was a good student but very happy go lucky, and did not want the burden of study by going to medical school, so I refused, she did try to insist, but I was always the stubborn mule I'm today, so I resisted and went for a commerce degree and went on to do MBA, she did regret it but does appreciate me standing my ground and achieving what I set out to achieve.
    After my daughter was born, she said that since niether me, nor my sister fulfilled her wishes, so now we must try and influence my daughter's wishes starting right now...LOL...so I definitely see another episode of medical or not, in my family's future, but I have a few more years to worry about that, my daughter is only two...LOL...
    Nice post...

  9. Excellent dodge given to sciences,
    A student was saying "aaj bhi dhoondhati hai nigaahen us bande ko, jisne kaha, commerce le le, bahut scope hai."
    Life rolls on , and utilizing one's capabilities to the full , give results.

  10. This is my story...I passed 12th from science being amongst the top 10 students...lol...but then I switched to C.A....coz i heard about it then and i jus fel in love with the thought of being a C.A....so began my journey with commerce :p...wish me luck :D

  11. @ skywalker: now engineers have a day for themselves O_O
    @ Sneha: welcome to Sukupedia, visited ur blog, u have some good work there :)
    @ Spicy Sweet: Thank u for your generous comment, I am glad u liked it :) :)...and yes me becoming a doc would have saved the hospital some money on anesthetists I guess :D :D
    @ Pooja: glad that middle ground worked for you :) :)
    @ Sujatha: lol the victor part yes the vanquished I doubt :D :D and I can completely understand the arts part..
    @ Saru: I am telling u MBA is a saver gal :)
    @ Aakash: Ya thank u for re-confirming that Science is evil heha :D
    @ AAD: Tell ur little gal she has complete support from Suku aunty to do commerce..hum log morcha nikalenge :D :D :D
    @ Pramodji: It was more than a dodge..jaan bacha kar bhaagi hu :D :D..
    @ Shasha: Atta gal shasha..three cheers to you... all the very best darling... jao aur commerce ka naam roshan karo :) :) :)

  12. well, I AM A 1ST YEAR ENGINEERING STUDENT NOW AND I chose Science only because I was very bad with Commercial Maths. Its a kind of a disbelief in people that Commerce is meant for the non-cream-students. When I took science, my cousin (equally smart as me) took Commerce and we both are doing well in our respective fields.

  13. very well written....and it is something which can connect most of us bcoz parents do insist their wards to go for science for known reasons, BTW you are lucky that way who got her choice somehow....:)

  14. Knock knock !:D

    Hello ! This is such a nice post:) I can relate to every word here..:)

  15. Interesting blog Sunita........loved reading your profile and posts. Thanks for following my blog......glad to follow you too.

  16. @ Priyanka & Sadaf welcome to Sukupedia, hope u like it here :) :)

  17. well this debate has got no end! I don't understand y people have this assumption that science is for more intelligent/brighter students and commerce for the lesser ones!
    Although I took up science coz i alwaysss wanted to be a doctor and glad that I m finally pursuing my dream..my mom never encouraged me much for this ( its like a story opposite to urs :P) . she wanted me to be a teacher instead!

    liked ur blog btw..following u :)


  18. @subtlescribbler all the best with ur dreams Sarah.. welcome to Sukupedia :) :)

  19. Man this is soo true.. even i was confused after i passed 10th.. i wanted to do both CA and engineering.. thanks for my dad who helped me in choosing the right one..

    thx Irfanuddin...yeah i was really lucky :) :)

  21. @AdiSin
    thats really good Adisin.. i am glad u guys are doing what u like.. all the best :) :)

  22. @RaNiiiiii
    See dads are always kuuulll :D :D :D.. all the best with your choice Raniii :)


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