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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sexist Ads !!

The Emotional, Sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begin when the doctor says--Its a girl. --Shirley Chisholm

Facebook has a lot of videos and jokes being circulated about female drivers.  Nothing against that.  But what is this with the Ad world stereotyping women.  Browsed through and got this video.  This is rightfully crowned as the Most Sexist Commercial.  In a world where women are capable of buying their own Harley Davidson and ride it too.. you tell me that a man is a better driver... So what is with that all guys taking out guns and shooting bikers because they were not given space to overtake, isn't that a stupid act.  In my opinion there is no one better, mishaps can happen by anyone.

Whenever you travel whether it is railway stations or bus stops or airports... have you never noticed who carries the luggage.. MEN.. always its the men who carry the luggage and women tending to kids. In my opinion this men being physically stronger is soooo much exaggerated.  Women doing the delicate jobs and the macho men doing the big strong things.. Utter Nonsense from my point of view.  Look at the ad below.  Mr.  Muscle flying in to help remove the stains, clogged drains and clean floors.  Women are the ones who are always tagged with such works and when it came to showcasing strength in these areas it was a 
Mr. Muscle Man not Mrs /Miss Muscle.  Ok I do agree there is a cement company ad that shows a woman in bikini, but I can guarantee you it was not made to portray strength...

I could go on and on about these ads, but here is the last but definetly not the least one.  Pick up any washing powder or bar ad, its always a woman.  Don't tell me Salman Khan was in one of the ads...he was just swinging around and singing.  Women getting frustrated with washing clothes and then after using the new washing powder, the husband and kids are having wonderful white clean clothes.  So basically what the men do in such ads is to just smile...a bright smile, as though their teeth was also brushed by that same washing powder.  Here see this ad...

One of the most hopeless ads I have ever seen.... Aare Mrs. ko kyu bolnega....Mr. ko bolnega nahi to khud karnega !!!


  1. Haha... all in good fun..
    Male vs female debate is quite a pointless issue. We need a girl and a girl needs a guy.dot.

    Why do anyone needs to be better than the other? I hope you didn't get intimidated by my post on driving :P


  2. Old proverb says Men for war,women for matrimony.Even today[India] women are not considered for combatant battalion of territorial army.I saw news item in media , women driving lorry[truck]to feed her family.You are right all these advertising gurus/agency needs gender sensitization classes.Even fair -lovely is discriminatory to women.Macho -man is worshiped in our society.It's man or women's job rules clearly defined by our elders and patriarchal society .
    Women activists are of view that women cases should be handled by women [mahila courts]judges only, on the notion ,only Women understand other women's agony. police should be sensitize to handle women related -crimes It will take some time for change.

  3. I love watching ads and I think only 2% are good... I don't know how advertising agencies work, may be they think females bring glamor...btw I won't mind Salman Khan singing in my backyard when I am spreading clothes...lol...

  4. to be true...i was reading the post title as "sexiest Ads" :P

    Yeah sum ads are really pathetic...like that wild stone deo ad...

  5. @Saru: Sallu singing while u r spreading the clothes ...LOL - good one Saru

    @Sunita: you know an ad worse than that is the harpic one: toilet cleaner. the person who dirties the toilet is a woman & the person who cleans it obviously a woman again... so far removed from reality (at least the dirtying it bit) !

  6. While the gender debate is a bottomless pit, ads are written on story boards that reflect psycho graphics. Have a long way to tread before we can break free from this rant.Good work.

  7. @ AJ: No I am not a believer of the need factor, read your post and enjoyed it :) :)
    @ Ravi: U r right it will take time for the Change :)
    @ Saru: lol ya sure if it helps to ease the washing clothes pressure then why not :) :)
    @ Skywalker: the wildstone deo yeah :D :D
    @ Sujatha: lol the dirtying part is so true :) :)
    @ Mind behind...I have worked on some psycho graphics myself and I know the stats come mainly fabricated or from the present office staff.. thx for visiting :) :)

  8. Hmmm...interesting article sunita, I agree that advertizing media stereotypes women into a slot, but I feel they don't pardon the men either, men are often portrayed as dumb or stupid, and the wife saves the day by her intelligent thinking and presence of mind...
    Not just men, there are all kinds of stereotypes if you think about it...like a married couple is always shown as a man and woman, gay people may object it to be so...
    Ad agencies don't really care who they are offending as long they get the job done, which is get their product noticed and better yet, fixated in the customers mind, so if a stereotype does the job so be it...
    I too would like to see a better and fair representation of people across the board in our media, but that sounds like a distant dream, we don't even have equitable position in society, so it's hardly a shock that the media world is any different...

  9. Roles are changing but may be yet not enough to have commercial impact. Ads are only reflecting commercial realities and so they will also change with society.

  10. Many of us seem to underestimate the power of stereotypes in influencing mindsets, and then it gets worse when we start reinforcing those stereotypes.

    For example, don't a lot of men, married and unmarried; middle class and the really poor, live alone away from their homes and wash their own cuffs and collars? And there wives manage everything - including driving on their own.

  11. @ IHM: yes exactly men do that.. and women carry on too...but the stereo typing doesnt seem to be stopping yet...

  12. Good one! Typecasting can be really exasperating at times. I actually read an article sometime back which says that women are better presenters. Say a news reader, a voice over a radio ad or the numerous other TV ads where their are used are perceived to be better viewed and liked than done by men. As a matter of fact I feel that ads in the contemporary sense sexify everything. Deos, condoms, edibles... why even detergents!

  13. hi Rosun welcome to SuKupedia : ):) you said my mind dear friend :)


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