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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Surprise Gift :)

It is not everyday that you open your mailbox and find a mail with Subject that says --- Surprise Gift !!
So last week I opened my yahoo account and saw this mail from Mr. Pramod Lohia, it said I had won an award a.... 3 month display of my blog page on the home page of Marriage Book.   It was.. Complete the Story Contest.. Basically few lines were given and the contestants had to pen down their thoughts to complete the story....This was my first ever attempt at writing a story...a small one but it got me an AWARD !!!!

Complete The Story Contest:

Four chaddi (underwear) friends sitting in a bar. All Married.
It’s 10 P.M. Approaching midnight.One mobile sings ” jab tak hai Jee, jhoom jhoom ke pee, phir na rahega jee, to kaun kahega pee.”Picks up the phone and blurts out bluntly ” bola na, aa raha hoon 10 minute me” and cuts the line.
“Waiter, bring in one small fast”
These rounds of smalls gulped heartily by the four amigosThey formed the elite class at the pub.They were innocent, meek, humble, respected at pub only.
At home grumbling, rowdy and what not.
They were not like this before…………………………………..,.
My Response :) :)
They were not like this before…..they would sit around in the pub for hours and look at their phones but it would not ring. They would occasionally pick up their phones and call their other friends that’s all. No body from their home called to enquire about where they were, because their family members knew they would get drunk and come home towards the dawn. But now things were different. They were married and they had someone who called up to find out when they would return. Someone back home was waiting for them. This evening was a life changing evening for all these friends. They were irritated and frustrated, because they did not know how they were going to do what they had just decided and agreed to do. This was the last time they were coming to the pub to drink. They were going to quit drinking and support each other in this cause. They knew it would be difficult but then they also knew they had to do it. They would still meet, but they were going to try their best not to include alcohol into their company. The waiter bought the drink they had ordered for, they said cheers to their last drink together, and left the pub….to finally return home :) :) :)

Thank you very much Pramodji, coming from you even a compliment is superb and this award is just icing on the Cake :) :)  :) :) 
I have linked the Marriage Book and Pramodji's blog above do take a look :) :) and don't forget to check out my badge on the home page its just soooppppeeerr cool :) :) :) :)


  1. I have seldom come across such imaginative writing abilities. twist and turns given to the short episode really stands out in itself.
    keep writing marvelous reads. I have been a bookworm in the real sense of the term and it is sheer luck that I come to see such excellent write-ups.
    three cheers,

  2. That was such a positive story! I was expecting something entirely different.

    btw., are you the younger one's friend?

  3. Well completed Sunita! Checked out the badge, yes its cool indeed!

  4. Thank you everyone, really appreciate ur kind words :) :)

  5. The best part is- a story for 99.99% would have gone negative - it actually had a very nice positive ending.. Very creative & positive outlook!!

  6. humour...facts...& above all a gr8 message....all these make it into an interesting read....


  7. wow!!!!!!!! great...congrats...
    u have written very nice stuf...

  8. Ultimately these guys really felt sad or happy? Not clear. Very well written story!

  9. Thank u people :) :)
    @ Sibi.. they were unhappy and angry and frustrated after all its not a easy job to quit drinking.. but they were doing it to see happiness in future :) :)

  10. Hey I had missed this post, superb, congrats for doing a great job...


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