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Monday, September 26, 2011

Who is responsible ????

Death even if it is The Truth, it is not something I like to talk about.  Not that I am scared of The Truth but just that I think it has to happen whether I talk about it or not, so why simply break your head over it.  But murder, killing someone is one thing I completely fail to understand.  How do you hurt someone in the first place?  Emotionally, physically how can you just be so cruel to say or do something to someone that would cause tears to come out in pain.  Above all how do you hurt someone so bad that your action results in their death.

Who is really responsible for this lady to die?  I am not talking about corruption or the protests here.  My question is how does a man raise his hands to hit another person so bad that her limbs stop functioning, how do you do that.  Is police uniform a license to beat up?  Was there no other way that could have been used to disburse the crowd???  If any form of violence is illegal then why is Lathi Charge being used as a legal weapon ??


  1. I am totally against violence against unarmed civilians. I once saw a police man swing a lathi at a rickshaw driver in Delhi, it was shocking and although I never before gave it a thought, I agree with you, lathi charge should not be allowed against unarmed, non violent civilians.

  2. :| you talk about lathi charge?

    One of my friends who is beautiful, smart and everything, married to an army officer is facing domestic abuse! He husband smashes her whenever he likes.



  3. :-( It's sad.It's news like these which make us feel that our decency is a liability we cannot afford in such an indecent world.......

  4. very sad.
    the pain & suffering of the family unimaginable
    i dont think the police will ever feel any remorse at this

  5. This is very sad. There is no justification for violence in any form.


  6. I agree, the growing incidents of violence are too disturbing. Never a week goes by when the news channel do not have a story of a young girl being burnt alive by lust maniacs. How can people find it in there heart to burn someone alive?

  7. People think violence helps them subdue the other person, what they don't realize is that violence is a proof that they do not have the guts to face a situation in a normal, humane way.

  8. Lathi charge is one of the form which not only shows brutality, an another example for violence, but it also conveys the unhuman side of police to us. This unhuman practice adds to miseries when it is performed on unarmed, and peaceful protestors. And unluckily in 90% of the cases, lathi charge is followed on peaceful protestors only, because for armed and hostile protests, police rarely seems to be in a position to hold their helmets in position... And for attaining the scenario under control, which they often claim to be the reason for lathi charge, fail to realise the casulities they would be bringing.

  9. Terrible indeed, I didn't know about this case, yet the real tragedy is that it isn't entirely shocking to read about it, such cases are commonplace in our society....I wish it would go away yesterday....

  10. The violence is every where from household violence to street violence.When state [police]indulge in violence it becomes state sponsored -violence or state sponsored terrorism .The criminals terrorize people ,but police in uniform terrorize people,who are duty bound to protect the people. The courts have said if police man takes laws in own hands[encounter/custodial death ,rape] ,he should be treated like criminal viz. should be booked for crime under relevant sections IPC.

  11. Seriously the police in india seems to be the most ill-disciplined institution...not only they cruely beat people in lathi charges, they are always the first one to provide protection to the gunda elements of the society....
    the killing of a man at toll plaza gurgaon just for a meager amount of Rs 27 which he demanded from the vehicle owner simply states that people who have money feel that they can simply ignore the law and do whatever they can because of the known fact that they can just push money into the mouth of policemen who come to catch them...

  12. It makes me angry...the unfairness of it all..the lack of accountability!

    And Delhi police's: 'With you, for you always' tagline is the biggest joke.

  13. When the mistress asks to use sticks the sticks are used.
    Such a sad state of affairs. How can someone hit someone to death? I really don't understand. And people lives are not valued in this country. :(

  14. @ IHM: welcome to SuKupedia :). Yes exactly my point unarmed civilians beaten to death, cannot even think of it.
    @ Chintan: pity ur friend gal...hope something is done to save her from that relationship
    @ Rahul: Welcome to Sukupedia :) i know what u mean, but one should not leave the decency or the non violent path.
    @ Sujatha: u r right, forget remorse we can now hear all the wonderful defensive statements from police and the govt.
    @ Saru: Exactly !!
    @ Jyoti: welcome to SuKupedia :). I dont think they have a heart, seriously!!
    @ Pooja: well said !!
    @ Anshul: ya they think they bring peace using such violent methods
    @ Anjali: True. Hope ur wish comes true atleast tomorrow.
    @ Ravi: lets see what happens, if these policemen are booked or not.
    @ Skywalker: saw the video of the toll plaza incident, it was horrendous, no explanation can justify it !!
    @ Purba: welcome to SuKupedia :) u said it right an absolute joke.
    @ Sahana: right such people never value lives I hope someday they do


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