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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Date & Walnut Treat :) :)

Ritchie is down with cold and fever, so I decided not to make anything exotic this weekend.  It was mainly khichdi or rice stew.  With time on hand I wanted to try out  a recipe posted by one of my friends, a date and walnut cake :) :)

Mix well 3/4 cup of maida, 1/2 tbsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda, half cup of dates (made into paste after soaking in warm water), walnuts, 3/4 cup of condensed milk and 4 tbsp of butter (1 stick).
Put all of it into a well greased baking dish (3/4 full) and put it in a preheated oven (160 C) for 40 min.  After 40 min turn off the oven and leave it in for about 5-7 minutes more.

Take it out and let it cool down completely (in the meantime you can watch the movie... Life is Beautiful :D :D)  and then Lo and Behold, the yummy dates and walnut treat :) :).......Cut it and eat it yourself first (you deserve it) and then serve it :D :D :D

SuKupedian Tip:  Remember the oven is an apparatus which becomes hot on being pre-heated.  In case you forget like SuKu and burn your hand, just hold the burnt part under running cold water and then apply some toothpaste...(and I thought you could only brush teeth with it)

Bon Appetite !!!


  1. You are making me drool.I love date cakes....so soft and moist.

  2. The cake was Amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing, thank you so much for this lovely Sunday treat!!

  3. That looks delicious. A burnt hand for us, thats sweet:)
    Have a fabulous day Sunita:)

  4. you did not use egg? :D saurabh is allergic to egg, may be i can try this too....u know :| one time i baked cookies...:| :| :| and i used PORK LARD :| can u believe that :|:| phew! no i just heated it and realized i have brought some shite and not butter. then, happily, punjabi that i am, i used ghee and the cookies sucked. my husband suggested i stick to kheer.....super fuckery day that was....

    now if this goes wrong too...i blame it on u :P

    and girl!!!!!!!!! burnol lagao :) hope you are alright and did not burn bad...

  5. Arre wah wah....great job sunita...thanks for the nice recipe, I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting recipes :-)
    Sorry to read about the burnt hand...In marathi there's a famous poem that goes
    "Arre sansaar, sansaar jasa tava chulyavar, aadhi hatala chatake, mag milte bhakar" which means, life is like a hot pan on the stove, first you get a few burns and then you get a roti...hehe sounds weird after translation...lol

  6. Invite me Sunita when you'll bake next time. Hope your hand is alright now:)


  7. Looks yummY!!
    Honestly I did not know baking powder and baking soda were different :P

    Ouch! That might have pained you a lot that day. Hope its gone now!

  8. @ Sadaf: a compliment from u is like icing on the cake :) :).. thank you
    @ Kranthi: thx and hope u remember the tip :)
    @ Arti: thx :) the hand is better now :)
    @ Chintu: ha no eggs..aare yaar this will not go wrong.. if I could bake it.. any one can do it..ek dum easy :) :) .. hand is better...looks roasted though :)
    @ Anjali: thx dear.. had no idea u were a Maharashtrian... translate kela nasla turi kallala asta mala :) :) and that is absolutely the right saying for this situation :) :)
    @ Saru: ha bilkul.. my cakes and your poems khoob jamegi mehfil :) :) hand is better :)
    @ Rahul: yeah it was sure :) :)
    @ Sahana: me too realised the difference only yesterday :D :D :D...it tasted good .. and hand is better now :)

  9. u know the best thing about this recipe? mix, put in oven, wait & eat - 4 simple simple steps! i hate elaborate 20 step recipes with 50 weird ingredients.
    someone like me who hates cooking craves for easy 1, 2, 3 - & done recipes.
    so Sunita i am going to try this at home.

    liked that line : first you eat!! hahha i do that too & not just to check on the taste!

  10. @ SuJu: exactly it is such an easy thing.. try it and i am sure you will like it :) :)

  11. @ SuJu: exactly it is such an easy thing.. try it and i am sure you will like it :) :)

  12. Wow that look very appetizing! :-) I shall give that a try! Cooking isn't really my forte but I'd like to give this a shot! :-)

  13. comment not related to the post but to the comment over here....hand ko kya hua?? :o

    see i read all the comments too :)

  14. @ Rohan: this is very easy and it must be your next take ;)
    @ SUB: sure...party kar lete hai :)
    @ Mukul: post pada hi nahi :( hand is fine :)

  15. i read about hand...ans saw the pic too.. but i thought k kuch aur bhi ho gya... :(

  16. @ Mukul: aare nahi bus itna hi :D :D :D

  17. I think I should book tickets to Stockholm soon. No one is baking me cakes here and I don't plan to go back to baking for quite sometime now :)

    Are uninvited guests allowed Sunita? ;)

  18. hahaha ya sure Poo if you bring Bow & Tie :D :D :D

  19. Lovely thing the receipe blogs - you can eat (imagine) all yummy things and then no need to diet! :)

  20. no eggs and looks yumm! wish u cud deliver a parcel :)

    toothpaste is a classic

    My Third Eye

  21. @ Sunilji.. absolutely :)
    @ Rohit: yeah no eggs...I wish too about the parcel :) :) Welcome to SuKupedia :) :)

  22. Ok, now you need to invite me home for coffee and cake for I'm far too lazy to make it myself even though I love to cook:P Hostel does that to you.

    And Ritchie feeling better now, I hope?

  23. @ Ritz: thx for falling ill :P :P :P
    @ PeeVee: sure you have an open invitation dear...and the hostels I know I know .. have been there for about 6 years (phew).. Ritchie is much better now thx for asking :) :)

  24. I usually make banana and walnut bread, this one with date sounds good.
    By the way I am Suchi, new to your blog. You have a lovely space :-)

  25. @Suchi welcome to SuKupedia Suchi :)..hope u like it here...yes pl try this receipe you will like it :)


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