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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Do your Bit -- Do not waste Food !!

Looking at the pictures and videos of hunger stricken kids and feeling emotional is just like going to a place of worship having goose bumps when you listen to the priest preaching. In both cases if you do not do anything after realizing the truth, then it is a waste of your time.  Maybe you are not in a position to do something drastic, but doing what you can in the least possible way will help.  

Storage & Supply is not only the duty of Government, it is your responsibility too!!

Shop what you need.                             

Over eating can also lead to under nourishment !!!

Your Child knows what he wants.                


Free Food, but someone is paying for it!! 

Do not Plate it, If you cannot Eat it.


Because Everything that you do not use, or eat goes into this

The above post is a contribution towards, # BAD-Blog Action Day, where bloggers worldwide blog on the same topic.  This year, 16th October is about Food, because it coincides with the World Food Day.


  1. I have been teaching my fellows this for long, never fill your plate with extra food if you can't eat it all...because food one wastes can be used for fill the stomach of a starving person...

    have a look at this video too


  2. So true Sunita.. Recently I read an article in TOI of a restaurant which fined its customers for any food that they wasted. I think we all should make a conscious effort to reduce wastage of food.

  3. So true...Especially with children, I think we should let the child decide how much she/he wants to eat..

  4. Great post, never ever waste food!!!

  5. that's a very good thought....
    i always believed that nature has it's limits...the more one tries to get, the less someone else will be getting...the more civilization rise, the more inequality will rise...
    people like us who are on the better side of the curve should pause and think, not only about food, but about other resources as well :)

    great post!

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  6. bang on
    when i go shopping, i make a list with the items needed & the qty/amt against each one of those. i had read storing excess/more than what you'd actually need - being a bad habit in some article. & follow it to this day

    i dont force-feed my daughter. its true that they know very well when they are full & tell you so. if only we parents listened

    its sad sad to see the food ending up in a waste bin. sad.

  7. @ Skywalker: yeah I have seen that video b4...so inspirational ya ..
    @ Pesto Sauce: absolutely true & welcome to SuKupedia :)
    @ Prasanna: really!! that is news..its a real good initiative..kudos to them :)
    @ Pooja & Saru: precisely !!
    @ SUB: ya better side of the curve :D :D ..and u have a new daddy blog..vow!! gonna check it out :)
    @ SuJu: good gal :) seriously I just wish we had more responsible people like you
    @ Chintu: Sudhar Jaa O_O


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