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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Promise - ** Conditions Apply :) :)

There is this thing with Facebook status reminders, like it keeps showing you what your status was last year this time.  It has its goods and bads.  I mean seriously who wants to be reminded of a break-up or a bad day at work last year.  But sometimes it can be good too.  Like this morning on my page it said, that last year this time I was writing down my wedding vows !!!

I was smiling thinking of those days.  Both of us had thought it would be really easy.  But even after 3 days when our notes were blank we knew it would be a task :) :).  About the usual vows I do have a problem.  Like in some customs a bride has to vow that if death strikes she will go ahead of the husband !!! Kyu bhai...tamasha hai kya??? You know I think this is the most selfish vow a bride can make.  What do you mean I will go ahead of you?? Because then this contradicts your other vow which is ....In sickness and health...aarey what will your husband do if he falls sick...who will take care of him?  Who will be next to him when he comes home tired and wants to sit and chit chat?  Second wife??? Nooooo nahi kabhi nahi... Mera pati sirf mera hai O_O.  So this vow was definetly not going to be on my list.

It was not only me.  Even Ritchie had a problem.  I will provide for my wife.  lol even writing this statement makes me laugh so hard.  He was like...listen yaar I will provide whatever is in my means... Look at the rates of your damn lipsticks and bags ek mahine ka ration aa jayega ismein to.... :D :D :D.  Seriously when we were dating he has never seen me with a bag.  Jeans, T & sneakers, with money and mobile tucked away in the pockets.  But during marriage my lovely bridesmaid decides I need to have a bag, sandal, makeup etc., for every occasion.  Frankly Ritchie is scared of her even now, but I adore her :) :).  So this vow was also not going to make it to the list.

By the time we were about to reach the D-Day we did not have anything ready.  So we smartly decided on one thing.  We put down all the usual vows, even the ones we did not approve of with a * mark.  

I promise ** Conditions Apply :D :D :D    


  1. :) :) :)


  2. Congrats for the beautiful Blog Profile and this nice posting

  3. Thankfully for my husband, I didn't get into drafting vows. I would have drafted it with so many stipulations and exceptions to the general rule. ;) This post is extremely sweet:) Is that your picture, if yes, looking as if you're saying something really naughty:)

  4. :D hihi
    I have no clue how they do the vows :D

    The Blunt Blog

  5. :D
    I will make my mom read this and will ask her if she did like this too. :D

  6. Some people have the flair for writing the most beautiful things. Lines which make cry, sigh, go moony. Unfortunately I am not one of them.

  7. hihihi cute post! ANd yes the photo is damn sweet too!

  8. Vow before marriage
    Ohhh? after marriage!

    Don't know if such promises works! Change when it comes naturally or maybe when it is situational.. :)

    Your husband is listening to you so keenly. Hope he does the same even now. :P

  9. @ Jason & Saibaba: Thank u & welcome to SuKupedia :) :)
    @ Saru: Precisely the reason we said to each other Conditions apply :) yeah thats me :D :D
    @ Chintu Singh: me too :)
    @ Anshul: waiting for the answer buddy :)
    @ Purba: You cannot create emotions with your writing is the understatement of the year my friend especially after reading that Sita abduction case :) :) :)
    @ mads: thank you :D :D
    @ Sahana: ya situational..exactly Conditions apply :) :)...and hubby no :( he does not any more..why do you think I blog and bug u guys :D :D :D

  10. ek saal baad woh pal woh vaadeh!!

    kya baat hai wedding vows & all!
    provide you with whatever in my means! :))
    & u tomboy stuffing everything in ur pockets!!

    was urs a love marriage?

    hey whats ur id on FB? mine is sujathars@yahoo.com

  11. Yours has been a movie kind of love story and marriage kya? Jab we met kind..You guys met in the train and from the photo, your hubby looks like a very quiet person and you are am sure very talkative:) May God bless you with much more love and happiness:) Your story is such an inspiration for romantics like me;) Everytime I read your posts on your story and marriage, my belief in love stories increases:)

  12. The picture was really funny :P And so was the post

    Btw, I'm getting married in a few days from now


  13. @ SuJu: u did not read this.. what a sin O_O darling it was a super love marriage... :) http://sunitakurup.blogspot.com/2010/12/train-ticket-to-love.html

    and that fb id I have is going to be soon deleted because of being inactive...i hate it ya..not a fb person...:( :(

    @ Pooja: hahah thank u Poo... ha it was exactly jab we met :D :D :D ....

  14. @ CRD: congrats :) do not forget the ** mark ;)

  15. @Prateek Prateek the way u r laughing i am assuming u r not married...beta wait till you make those vows yourself :P :P


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