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Monday, October 10, 2011

In the name of human rights......

Somewhere in July this year, the Danish government refused to extradite Kim Davy, the mastermind behind the Purulia Arms Drop Case, to India.  The major reason cited was, jail conditions and human rights issues in India.  Well, what they actually meant was that they feared  if Kim was sent to India for interrogation he would be mistreated, which was not acceptable under human rights conditions.

Either the Danish government is from Jupiter or they do not read or hear news.  Have they not heard about Ajmal Kasab!!!!..... He is under royal privileges in my country.  Yes the same country where he killed dozens.  Me and my countrymen are paying taxes for his protection.  When my country is fighting corruption, hunger, unemployment, farmer suicides etc., the Indian government is spending crores of rupees to protect Mr. Kasab.  I know killing is not an answer.  I also believe in forgiving and forgetting.  But neither of this is being done.  Either free the bugger and send him back to the country he belongs to or just go ahead with some sort of punishment and finish this whole drama.  Stop spending our money to protect a bloody terrorist.

If it was an ideal world there would not have been any Kasab.  But in the not so ideal world if things were in my hand, the guy would have been shot dead by now despite my beliefs.  But I am currently in a world where my opinion does not matter, so I will have to live with the news that few minutes ago The Supreme Court of India put a stay on the death penalty awarded to Kasab.   Maybe it was a question of Human Rights again.  But this is a total nonsense in my opinion.  I will never understand why a poor woman who took part in a peaceful demonstration against corruption was killed and why Kasab gets a stay on his death penalty?? 


  1. this is our "incredible India" being run by these shameless politicians, who can do anything unexpected....

    things are really frustrating..:(

  2. Totally agree with your views Sunita.I have the same views on the subject.Some call it a classic example of an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.But i ask, haven't we had enough of it? Human rights weren't considered by the terrorists.They randomly killed men,women and kids for no reason at all.Why should we have any mercy on these guy!They deserve as severe as a punishment can get so that our country puts across a point saying we have had enough and won't tolerate it more.
    Now the case is such that a common man isn't secure and has to worry about if he will reach back home and the culprit is the most secure person in India.Ridiculous!!


  3. I agree fultu! I mean on one hand we have the killers of Rajiv Gandhi pleading for justice and here Kasab gets a stay for killing dozens of people. We spend so much money for that b*&$%$ n to protect him while lakhs of people are starving. All for nothing I guess.

  4. so sarcastic. and so true. gaali bhi kam padey :(

  5. I totally agree with you. I feel Kasab is going to die of old age only .I don't see him hanged anytime soon. I don't mind the fact that he might not even be hanged eventually.I feel life imprisonment would be a better punishment minus the royal treatment he is getting now!!

  6. "India Shining" became "Incredible India" but I guess some things will never change.

  7. @Sunita! Not extraditing Purlia arms drop case accuse is another example of double standards of western powers-Our politicians are politicizing Kasab/Afzul guru case,But I oppose death penalty on philosophical grounds,it serve any purpose or help any cause.

  8. @ everyone..thank u for reading & ur comments, it was interesting to know ur views...guess we will just have to live with certain things...right or wrong....

  9. Nice write up Sunita, I had been MIA for a while as I was occupied by some personal stuff, but glad I read this piece... well said indeed !

  10. What super fuckery is this?


    I am so disgusted with what is happening in this world. I am going to meet Ajmal Kasab in hell personally, when ever that happens and I will kick him where it hurts the most!

    The Blunt Blog

  11. Why don't they hang him? Because, they may lose out on the vote bank!
    Stupid Politics! They don't mind serving the killer royally who murdered their own citizens!

  12. @ Anjali: Welcome back :)
    @ Chintu: not possible when u will be in hell...Kasab would be in hospital on a ventilator..on state money again...:D :D
    @Sahana: to hang we need rope...India is facing shortage because all the ropes were used up in tying notes O_O


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