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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Jobby Job !!!

I am just in the laziest of mood this morning.  Its getting colder and colder each day, the heaters are on and warmers are out and guess Stockholm is soon going to be at its coldest best.  With steaming coffee what I read first this morning was a very nice post by Mads.  It completely got me into the reading mood.  Then what next, straight away dived into Chintu Singh-s blog.  And well for those who know her, you know what I mean when I say I should have taken my life jacket there :) :).  Then was checking for some news and saw an article that showcased the first jobs of some celebrities... Rajnikanth was a conductor, Akshay Kumar was a waiter, Hugh Jackman was a clown, Oprah Winfrey worked at a grocery store, Pamela Anderson was a fitness instructor, Tom Cruise had joined seminary to become a priest, Sandra Bullock was a bartender, Jennifer Aniston was into tele marketing and yours truly SuKu was a junior accountant......(what ?? I am also a celebrity)

Hmmm so this article reminded me of my first job.  It was when I was in 12th grade, last day of my board exams, I came back home after celebrating the last day with friends and saw my parents smiling at me.  Yes, yes yes it was unusual... I was not received with a smile when I was late, so their smile was suspicious.  And then my dad asked me what I had planned for my 2 months of holidays and I said....sleep and watch TV.  Suddenly out of nowhere my brother started laughing like the Ravan who had just laid hands on Sita (phew).  Alright Papa are you planning to send me to Kerala for two months?? I asked.  No, I have better plans, you will work in a small company, said my dad.  And as he said this sentence he sounded like he had just handed over our ancestral property to me.  Ya he was that proud.  No but I am still 17 you cannot ask a minor to work its illegal O_O I protested.  Its a summer internship papa said... and do you have any more reasons.  Yes, what if I do not pass the interview... Then we will see....

As we entered the building, on the ground floor we could hear someone shouting at someone else, in Hindi.  So the Mr. A who was angry and shouting on top of his voice was obviously the BOSS I thought.  My dad and me stopped at the staircase and did not go up, until it was calm and quiet.  And then we saw one poor Nepali Gurkha come out of that room with a hung face and walk past us.  Then we went in.  There were not one but TWO BOSSES !! They were very good to my dad.  I was wearing an olive green colour jump suit with Reebok shoes and hands in my pockets, so they did not pay much attention to me :(.  We had some tea  and then one of them told dad to come back in about 15-20 min till they spoke to me.  I looked at my dad and saw he was worried.  I thought probably he was worried to leave me alone there now, that he knew the BOSS could shout so badly.  So dad came closer to me, and just when I turned to say, don't worry dad I will be fine...my dad said in Malayalam....if they say something do not shout back !! I could not believe this .. my dad was not worried for me but he was worried for my would be bosses !!

Ok then I got through and the work started.  It was more like a training.  And till today I think that was the best decision my papa ever took for me regarding my career.  The time I spent there can never be compared to any Multinationals I worked for.  It was the best professional experience I ever had.  I cannot be thankful enough.  I was not the only one who was doing this kind of a summer job.  My other friends were also doing the same at different places.  On the first salary day, each one was calling the other and discussing their salaries.  Mostly it was Rs. 700/- for everyone.  I had not yet got mine, so I waited.  Then my boss called me and gave me some cash in an envelope.  I took that went inside the locker room counted it and kept it back.  Thrilled is an understatement of what I was feeling that day.  When my dad came to pick me up that day (ya he dropped and picked me up...EACH DAY), I was flying high :) :).  On reaching home I called my mom and my dad, made them sit on the sofa together and then removed the envelope from the bag and gave it in their hands.  (I know what a Drama Queen).  Then for some reason I had this little tear at the end of my eyes (don't know why), I went in grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and gulped it.  My papa had a very proud smile on his face, and my mom had a relieved look, finally her daughter was doing something sensible :D :D :D

Dad called out, Pinku how much is this?  I said,  700 dad.  Come here.  Oh they are calling to give me the money, I thought.  Count this, dad said.  OMG!!! it is 900/- but papa I counted it first and it was only 700/- Then on the way they must have made babies, said my smart mom .. vow!! I am getting more than my friends...(competition I tell you)

Mom then took the money and went inside while I kept looking at her expecting her to give me some from that :( :(


  1. That was one cute post! I am glad I made a difference to someone's day :) and I never knew Tom Cruise was a priest! Ouch! hihhii nice read suku!

  2. LOL! :D :D Poor SuKu.. Got nothing of her work.... :P
    Why do I love your writing so much? wonder wonder wonder! O_O

  3. Awww...such a sweet post and yes, you're a celebrity...:)

  4. awwwwwwwwwww!!

    i hated my first job :| i had to work at a call center and i was so nervous to take the first call, i felt the umrikan would eat me *over the phone*

    ps: much love for the mention and comments <3

    Chintu Singh

  5. @ mads: thx :) u know I think Tom Cruise should have become priest atleast people would go to church :D :D
    @ Sahana: exactly, SuKu got nothing :( ..u like my writing because you are too generous :D :D
    @ Poo: thx :)
    @ Saru: i love u darling :) :) thx
    @ Chintu: u r welcome darling :) :) call centre job vow.. hey u should write something about that.. or if u have mention us the link please :)

  6. Just had a good laugh reading your post :-)

  7. It took me back to my college days, when life was oh-so-simple!

  8. @ Sudhagee: glad :) :)
    @ Ana-trek: ofcourse it was :) :)

  9. Ain't that the best feeling?? I got only 300 bucks on my first ever job and the best 300 I'd ever made. And my mother didn't give me any either-_- Hmph.

  10. i have not written :) but now since you suggest, i will :)

  11. @ Pee Vee: yes certainly it was the best feeling...and about mothers tho kya kehna :D :D :Dwelcome to SuKupedia :) :)

    @ Chintu: waiting, waiting :) :)

  12. poor you! the babies didn't come to u i see :)

    nice gesture - giving them your first salary

  13. ya I did not get anything :(.. and that gesture was well planned in an attempt to get into the good books :D :D :D :D...

  14. you made my day.. i remember i worked for a week in india for a giftshop when i was in 8th std.. i used to wrap the gifts :) this was a part of my school assignment though, but my actual first exciting job was as a library assistant.. nice post :)

  15. vow Raniii... library asst.. thats a cool job.. you should tell us more about it ...:) :)


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