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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Light up the World --- Send a Diya !!

If it was not for Google maps I would surely be in the Lost and Found department for 80% of my life !!! My favorite phrase other than, 
Oh! not again.....is .... Just Google it !!!  Two weeks back my hubby was sulking because he will not be able to go home and enjoy Diwali.  As he went on and on about how much fun it is to light diyas at home and burst crackers, I almost felt like telling him everytime....Just Google it !!

Couple of days after that, I saw a mail sent by a blogger friend which had this link, when clicked showed me that he had lit a diya for me :).  It was a nice feeling :) :).  So last weekend when certain Mr. Husband was complaining about not being able to light diyas at home, I told him to....Just google it!! why only your home light it in many other homes all over the world......Well!! he did have a question mark on his face....So herez how you do it :D :D 

NRIMatters.com and Kotak NRI Banking have come up with a unique idea for people to greet each other this Diwali with “Festival of Lights”. Now Indians can light up the whole world this Diwali using the Google Maps.

In its first of a kind initiative, a person can choose the destination of his friends’/relatives’ homes and pin a Diya at their place of residence. You have to type the address of recipients’ location in the search bar to reach for your destination where you want to place the Diya. Once you type, the App zooms in the exact location on Google Maps. Now you can place the Diya wherever you want at the location and send him a personal message using both his email address or by Facebook.

Once the receiver sees the link with the message either on facebook or their email address; they will see the Diya at their location once they click the link.

Diwali is by far the biggest festival for Indians and NRIs living all over the world and “The Festival of Lights” application is a perfect opportunity to both celebrate the Diwali spirit and spread it among your family and all your friends by lighting up their homes.

Here is the link for you to send the diya:  http://www.nrimatters.com/diwali 

Also a video demonstrating the same:  

Aare what better way to wish, ofcourse you can call up, skype through and send E-cards, but diya to diya hai...iski baat hi kuch aur hai... nothing can beat it :) :)... Aur ha this is not only for NRIs but also for Resident Indians who can use to wish their loved ones all over the world....ha ha anywhere in the world... Just Google it yaar :) :) :)

So why are you waiting...just go ahead and make this Festival of Lights more than a celebration with NRImatters.com.  Wish every Indian all over the globe and light up their world - One Diya at a Time.


  1. Wow that's a nice info.. even i m not goin to india in this diwali.. so why not light a diya online :)

  2. virtual dia? ayin? i lit scented candles at home :D for diwali and people go crazy in london :| but yeah i miss home :(

  3. its more important hw much we light othrs life...
    ur post is definitely going to light life of mant othrs...


  4. Or you can just give your husband a big smile and brighten up his day and ask "Diye ki kya zaroorat hain. Main hoon na ;)" Bauhat filmy hogaya kya?!?

  5. @ Ranii: :) :) ya why not :D
    @ Chintu: in Stockholm there is hardly any action yaar..:(
    @ Saru: u r welcome dear :)
    @ Soumyadeep: thx and Welcome to SuKupedia :)
    @ Pooja: hehehe nahi nahi filmy nahi typical Poo style hai :D :D :D

  6. The idea is interesting. But it looks like too much on the lines of internet addiction which I don't like or appreciate... There is no replacement for lighting diyas in our homes...

  7. @KrRahul absolutely Rahul nothing can fulfill that feeling.. but yaar for people like us who stay away from home and in places like where even lighting an agarbathi pulls off the smoke alarm...yeh internet diya is valuable :) :)


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