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Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing Melody !!!

Dil ke jazbaat hamesha humne nahi kahe....kuch dil ne kahe kuch Jagjit Sahab ke ghazalon ne kahe....

Heavens seem to be in some mood this month....Never thought I would writing my second tribute this week....I think very soon I am going to stop looking up the news first thing in the morning.  Jagjit Singh's ghazals were introduced to me by one of my bosses.  Seriously I took that CD only because I did not want to say no.  But thereafter some point in life when I needed to listen to something that would soothe me, it was that CD...but even then half of it would go above my head since it was very difficult for me to understand the words....Ritchie is a big fan of Jagjit Singh.  Got re-introduced and this time with lot of translations.  Every time I understood each sentence it was like how could it be defined so well.... Just when I was beginning to understand and enjoy your voice, you decided to leave.  They will not make anything like that anymore.  I will surely miss you but your already recorded voice will be a big help .....Have a melodious journery ahead Jagjit Sahab


  1. Gos is cracking the worst of his jokes this year! I am not happy with him, earlier Japan's tragedy, then few more, Steve Jobs and now Jagjit ji! What is he thinking?

    I wonder if 2012 thing is true and he is calling these men on priority basis :(

    The Blunt Blog

  2. I got to know the news only after reading your post :( So sad..I just love some of his songs...

  3. u know when i saw the title of the post, that was the first thought that came to my mind. the number of tributes.
    pataudi,steve, shammi, now jagjit - so many of them - each great in his chosen work - very different - all left the same year!

    its true - the words express certain emotions/situations so well..makes you wonder. like you said. how could it be defined so well
    for me jagjit personified sadness/sorrow. his voice was so soulful

  4. I worship him, he inspires me to write, specially in Hindi. I weep everytime I listen to 'Hum to hai pardes mein, desh mein likla hoga chaand'. May he rest in peace...


  5. @ Chintu: ya atleast the situation looks like that...with Kasab around and the likes of Jagjit Singh gone :(
    @ Pooja: I just feel ghazals are synonym with him :(
    @ SuJu: ha yaar line lagi hai this year of tributes :(
    @ Saru: u know the first thing I read the news I listened to the ghazal u mentioned...its just so close to my heart too..:(

  6. "Hazaron khwahishein aisi, k har khwahish pe dum nikle"

    never a day goes when i dont listen to this ghazal:(...

  7. A very unassuming and simple person whose voice retained its timbre and pathos over the decades. He had said in an interview sometime back that he was afraid ghazals might die slowly. Did he know of his impending demise?

  8. @ Skywalker: ha yaar everyone has a fav line of his I am sure :(

    @ Zephyr: maybe he did.. you never know

  9. Best Jagjit Singh Ghazal Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho watch here

  10. yes Kiran true it is one of his best melodies.. thanks for sharing the link :) :)


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