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Monday, October 3, 2011

The not so good teachers.....

Just Like That ;)

I have always been blessed to have good teachers.  Last night I was narrating an incident to hubby about a high school teacher, who actually motivated me to like Maths (Geometry to be specific).  But it has not always been the case.  I always fail to understand how a teacher whose main duty is to teach and impart knowledge to the students, lacks in exactly that quality.  Like for example we had this teacher in our 8th grade for Chemistry.  8th grade was the first time we were introduced to Chemistry.  She was a lovely teacher.  Her husband was somewhere abroad and she always wore matching bangles and bindi :) :).  She had written down some formula on the board, basically a chemical reaction, and this is how she read it out.....So when you put this into that, this is formed O_O... I looked at her again with a big question mark on my face which basically asked ....Excuse me teacher what exactly should be put into what to get what... but I did not ask...because just before that my History teacher had given me her peace of mind for asking too many questions.  But my question was not that stupid, the only thing I asked was, Why is Hitler called a brave man if he committed suicide?? 

But there was one benefit I had, I could come back home and complain about it to my parents.  But when I was in my Junior Grade, I could not.  If you are asking me why, then you should read this post.  After all that fight to study Commerce I dare not complain about the course or the Professors.  When I was in my 12th grade, we had this Economics teacher.  She had bunny teeth and was called bunny, I personally called her Bumpy Bunny.. because of her bumps !!!  Seemed to me she never liked me.  I am sure she had a bloody big ego issue here.  So in the class once she was explaining Demand and Supply, and she said..... Prices fall when supply increases because of a high demand.  I did not understand (as usual) and asked her..why was it like that.. I mean should not the shop keeper sell something for more money if there is a demand.  Instead of explaining to me the Curve she asked me to SHUT UP.. like she literally said those words!!!  Well all those who know SuKu by now.. the word SHUT UP does not exist in my dictionary.  So I asked her.. Why? Is it because you do not know the answer or you need to Google it??  What happened next was that I was banned from attending her classes for the rest of the year.  

Did not dare tell this to my parents.  Well but then I had also not told them that earlier that month I was suspended for 11 days for bunking college and going for a movie (No my mommy cannot read English so I am still safe, unless my sister decides to rat).  So now that I was banned, the only thing I could do is go to the Library (which obviously I had to ask directions for)  and do a self study. But after all this hungama, guess who topped the class for Economics in Board.... yes that would be...yours faithfully SuKu (clap, clap, clap).  Well that was not all, Bumpy Bunny actually sent a junior student to my home to fetch my notes for her to refer.  Ofcourse I gave it but not so easily, I actually wrote my name on every page of my books, so that even if she tears the first page she has to see my name on every other page :) :)  

Having had wonderful teachers and guides who helped me shape up my thoughts, these kind of teachers bring to my mind a question, When does a teacher really stop being a teacher??


  1. He he..teachers I say. This post made me so nostalgic. You know I can still smell my headmistress from around 10m away.Not that she smelt bad, infact it is the opposite. But, I was so scared of her that she still has the same effect on me that she had 20 years back. Now am feeling old:(

    Hey Sunita, where did your chat box disappear? I was planning to add one on my blog and give you and Rahul the credit for it because I had seen it on both your blogs:)

  2. I was favorite of almost all of my teachers. But, with due regard to all of them, not many were good at their job. They treated it as a time pass or something to make money. And, quality of teachers in most of the Indian schools is not that good. But, there were some teachers, who inspired me to do something great. I was good at science but took commerce and my teacher in 11th standard motivated me to participate at All DAV Science Quiz and We won the Quiz...They inspire and motivate you...I think if there is a dearth of good teachers, the fault is in system. And same is the answer for your 'when' question Sunita.

    BTW, loved the cartoon in the beginning...:)


  3. In India teaching is not first option as career ,rather last resort.We used to give nick name to teachers.Some teachers took it sportingly or got offended.some teachers used to teach with passion and flavor or some were lazy.My 10th class English teacher gave wonderful presentation Sherlock Holmes lesson and another biology lady teacher took lots of pain explain sex-education,when students were laughing and made fun of it,she scolded students who were laughing ,told them "listen carefully ,it is very important to know as a high school student" ;she explained a man and women marry to beget a child.Now ,I feel how important is sex education to high school children.

  4. Interesting post Sunita. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. You can email me on sadaf_afshan(at)yahoo(dot)com or leave your questions on my Facebook page. I shall try to get back asap.

  5. name on every page?? RFOL...sweet revenge lady :))
    & to top the subject where u were asked to shut up - Clap clap clap

    i am a teacher/trainer & this post has immediate relevance /meaning to me.

    as a student, i began hating chemistry & physics because of the very reasons you mentioned. they didnt take time to explain things, took it for granted that everyone in the class understood even if only a handful did & moved on to the next complicated equation.
    biology i loved because you can still figure it out on your own & the teachers were encouraging too

    very good post Sunita

  6. @ Pooja: speaking about smelly teachers lol...chat box guess we cleared it :)
    @ Saru: couldn't help putting up that cartoon, glad u liked it :) :)
    @ Ravi: Yes I agree teaching is not the first option for many...but I do know lot of people who actually dream of becoming teachers someday :)
    @ Sadaf: how can someone not like that cake :) will send u a mail
    @ Sujatha: glad u r back..missed u :) :)...and u r a teacher O_O vow!!!

    Thank you all u guys for visiting glad u people liked it :)

  7. Haha :-D
    Why was Hitler a brave man, man you are a brave girl to have asked such a question!!!!
    Loved reading these experiences, refreshed my memories of school too... I was one of those girls who with her gang would pass comments and laugh and giggle while sitting on the first bench:):)

  8. Good post. The underlying humour was excellent and you made your point- even if the teacher banned you, you could score high marks. (Joke at the beginning is good.)

  9. hihihihiihhuhuuhuhhahahaha!!

    Wrote name on each page <3 I LOU YOU :D

    I never liked teachers >:< They all went and complained to my mum and dad, why, because my mum and dad were in the same school too!

    And in college, I was known to be a bitch, I was asked to leave the class for I do not know how many times, but never got suspended!

    Darn, how I would like to go back and get suspended >:<


    Cheers [_]@
    Chintu Singh

  10. @ Arti: hehehe true i was brave ...
    @ Valady Sir: yeah I know I am show off :D :D glad u liked the joke :)
    @ Sufzil: thx for visiting :)
    @ Chintu: U did not get suspended??? you missed it gal :D :D

  11. good one....glad you had teacher's ....we didn't even had a school building...it was a very old historical building which was given to our school...Obviously it was a Govt. School....with nothing in place...On winter mornings we used to attend classes in the school verandah, and guess in which class (Yeah that was XII), in summers under the shades of trees....and We could get to see teachers once in a while...when they didnt have tutions lined up at home, they used to come to school and disturb our cricket matches...
    and despite being English medium, we used to read from Hindi books, because teachers didn't like to have "Ghulami Maansikta".
    But had an awesome time in school..

    just reminded me of old days....thanks for the post...good job and good luck

  12. @ Fallen poet.. welcome to SuKupedia :) glad u liked my post.. vow you really studied in hard situations :)


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