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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards !!!

Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards-2011, hosted by IHM (Indian Homemaker) in the memory of her darling daughter, Tejaswee Rao.

SuKupedia is totally thrilled and humbled by the selection of her post on Parenting as one of the winning posts.

This is the post that won:


Thank you IHM and the selection team.  I really feel honored.


  1. Congrats Sunita... This calls for a party :)

  2. Great! Many congratulations! I didn't know about the IHM and the award; I will check their website. Keep winning and all the best!

  3. oh! i did not know about the history of IHM.

    congrats for your award...

  4. Congratulations.. a well deserving post.

  5. congos!!!!!!.....can you send some of the kashmiri dishes via internet like the DIYA ;) as treat for this..

  6. Congrats Sunita:) Hugs..hugs and hugs:):)

  7. Wow Sunita, amazing work dear !!! You soo deserve it, I love your blog, heartiest congratulations on the latest feather in your cap... :-)

  8. hey!
    congrats :)


  9. @ Prasanna: thx..ha party sure :)
    @ Kr Rahul: thx..IHM had actually replied to a comment you made on my blog post earlier..you should see that :)
    @ Chintu: thx dear :)
    @ Farilaji: Thx :)
    @ Mukul: thx dear..only if wishes were horses :P :P
    @ Pooja: thx dear..aare leave na kitna bada hug hai :P :P
    @ Anjali: thx :)
    @ SuJu: Thx :)
    @ SUB: Thx :)

  10. Recognition by your peers always feels good.
    You go girl!

  11. Congratulations Sunita! That post deserved laurels! :) Party Party Party!!


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