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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Very Small Request !!

And I thought people followed me because everyone likes my writing... what was I thinking.. I was some J.K. Rowling!!!!

I really hope I do not sound arrogant or offensive in this post, because that certainly is not the intention.  Last week 2 people who followed me stopped !! ya I know what a heinous act O_O... lol.. on a serious note..its ok.  Sometimes you follow a blog and then you realise their writings do not interest you any more, you wait for a while for them to interest you again, they do not and then you stop following.  Sounds good to me.

But out of the 2 who stopped following me, one of them said he stopped because I did not follow his blog back. (I know, I asked him, what a shameful act :D :D) Sincerely I would like to follow as many as blogs as I can, but not everything interests me.  You can have 400 followers but that is not the reason I will follow you.  If you are following my blog, I will surely 100% visit your blog back and will also read a few posts, but if it does not hook me up then I will not stay there.

So please its a request if there are any more followers here who are here only because they are expecting me to follow them back then I am sorry for not fulfilling that expectations, they are not bound to stay here anymore.   

Secondly, if there are people who are following me only because I followed them, then it is just like a return gift, which does not hold much value.  Do visit my page back, but do not feel obliged to stay here.  Its absolutely fine.  Follow me please if you are interested in my writings.   I am really thankful to all of you who came back, saw my blog and stayed here because of my writing.  Thank you very very much :) :) :)

I will not stop following you just because you are not following my blog.  I read your blog because I like it :) :)

I need my followers to be genuine and motivate me without selfish reasons.  I also do not like someone doing a favor on me.  I am also someone who likes to see the number of followers to go up on my blog.  But for that I will improve my writing, make my blog more visible but I will not follow someone expecting a return gesture so please do not expect that from me either.  Really sorry about that!!!

Now that I have blabbered I will be checking the numbers every hour to see how many have left.. Aaawwwchcchhh such a painful thing, just when I have crossed the half century mark (sigh)


  1. We love you for your writing style Sunita. Maybe, I miss one or two posts but it because of my time constraints. And, few people stopped following me but one of them joined after a week or so. I think it's because of the same reason...Again, the picture is very cute:) :) :) Whosoever is not reading you is missing something good...

  2. Deja-Vu it is!!

    I never ask anyone to read or follow my blog in fact I have been suggesting others to read/see the blogs they may like >:< Exactly the reason of my OCD attack. I was following some 170+ blogs and now its only 131 out of which some are marked obligatory :D ;)

    Some have stopped commenting on my blogs and I may stop them too because those were anyways obligatory.

    I have found this breed in blogosphere who do this follow-eac other thing and a girl left same comment follow-each other twice. I did not care to follow her back and she didn't follow me anyways, she was checking if I will follow.

    This is the reason why I do BlogsOfNote. Those are the blogs I like and would want to be connected with...

    And Suku, sigh, do you follow me btw? :P

    I need not tell you why I follow you :P I do, because I want to :P

    Chintu Singh

  3. I'm here because I love how you write:) I can assure you that:) As for the people who follow blogs just to increase their followers list, I can just laugh in their face and walk away :P

  4. Every where I see I read that blogosphere is all about scratching each other's back, link exchange and being visible on every other blog. As a newbie blogger I feel under pressure to do the same and as a full time mom I really don't have the time. There are lot of blogs I really do like and want to keep following. I think your writing style is frank and no-holds barred, different from mine but I like it. So would be following you, and yes you don't have to follow me at all. Love n Peace.

  5. i only followed you because i like to read things written on something serious in a non serious way...although i started following you after you followed my blog but usse pehle to mekko sirf wikipedia hi pta tha na... :)

    i was in awe when i came to know that some one from Sweden reads my blog...

  6. That is one concern even I have. It makes me paranoid sometimes. Even I would prefer people not following my blog if they don't like it.

  7. @ Saru: thx for your nice words...To Kalon :) :)
    @ Chintu: absolutely yaar, dimaag karab karte hai..nd if u dont follow theirs they stop following you..its pathetic i tell u..yeah nd let me tell..u r one of those people who when followed me...received a reaction like OMG!! She is following me :D :D :D
    @ Priyanka: I can still hear you laughing :D :D
    @ Swapna: Welcome to SuKupedia :) I hope u like it here. thx for following :) :) and yes dont let people with itchy back bother you.. keep blogging :)
    @ Skywalker: kuch bhi humko kya sweden se india aana padta hai tumhara blog padne ke liye :D :D..I will miss a good read if I dont follow you :) :)
    @ Pooja: Relax dont let such people bother you. You write to my taste and like it.. and i am sure there lot of others like me :) :)

  8. Seriously sunita, I am following you only since yesterday and that's just because of reading couple of articles of yours.. imagine what impact your blog had on my head to do that..keep writing.. i am slowly reading ur entries.. might take some time though!

  9. Now how the hell just some blogger or the other siphon away my thoughts and put them on blogosphere b4 I get a chance to??????:-D Jokes apart,I agree wholeheartedly to this post.I like to earn my followers.The no. of followers I have shud be an indicator of the quality of writing I produce....It is this which will give me the best satisfaction when I see a new follower bubbling up in my page!!!!

  10. Hey Su... well got you from BJ :)
    have to say you lost 2 of your followers and of course found a true follower for your blog and thats me... :))))))
    following you 'coz I liked your writing, expecting to see more of such kind. I will InshaAllah keep reading them. :)

  11. I liked it! Though I am a newbie in field of blogging. But ever since I made the very first post of mine, I never liked this practice of "you follow my blog and I will follow yours."
    And I liked the way you brought a post on your blog just to let them know that what you actually want. And every true blogger would appreciate this. Following a blog is a way by which we can keep an eye, remain informed about the updates made by our bloggers. A huge number of followers cannot be the necessary scale to evalute how good one can write. But yes, your followers motivate you to write more.
    Honestly, I barely have any followers, but I do follow many blogs because I want to learn from them. I want to learn the way to write, the way to express.

  12. @ Ranii & Ayesha: Welcome to SuKupedia gals.. hope u find it interesting here :) :)

    @ Rahul: See thats what I call dil ka connection :D :D :D

    @ Anshul: A huge number of followers cannot be the necessary scale to evalute how good one can write. But yes, your followers motivate you to write more.... absolutely agree with these lines my friend :) :)

  13. read this post now & got my answer for the ques in the earlier comment

    and i "follow" you because

    1. clicking on the your 'follow button' gives me your post updates on my dashboard without every time having to search for your blog address - technical reason
    2. love your blog layout - its different (i am fed up with mine),in yellow (my fav color),lots of interesting things placed around the space, a feel good layout - aesthetic reason
    3. what you write on & way you write - Real reason
    the write-ups are crisp, clearly expressed, a mix of mind & heart, good english (yup important :), current, relevant topics, certain sentences/words/phrases you use have stayed with me long after i've read & closed your blog & i'd still be smiling. guess that is what makes me read you over & over again
    4. the profile pic of a sweet sleepy you - haha just kidding :)

    my god, i've rambled on in a comment. this is not a post Sujatha! sigh!

  14. :) :) @ SuJu: thx yaar for such generous words...:) :)...was so furious when that guy gave me that reason... had to let some people know...

    and that profile pic is the most girly pic I have :) :) yeah sleepy me :P :P on my birthday :)

  15. I read your posts, Maybe I miss a few cos of time constraints, but I make it a point to read the blogs from all of those who I follow whenever time permits. I may not be able to comment most of the time cos I'd see a lot of them would have already put my views in the comments. However I do read cos I love your style of honest writing. Keep it going lady..

  16. readers like u r really an inspiration Ashwini...Thanks :)

  17. This is a very practical issue :) I have been very very active on rediff blgos for many years and have always seen this issue. It is a game and at one point or the other we have to put a break.

    There are many category of readers. The people who read you and comment on your posts because they love your writing and this is enough for them - they are in the minority. But they will always remain with you until they have time. But blogging is like a game and as you said you like being read etc, the same is applicable to others too. A lot of active bloggers expect something in return out of the time they spend in commenting on our blogs - and that something is our comments :) It becomes a rat race.

    Even those who stop commenting because we stopped commenting on their blogs which we didn't like - they will continue reading us but writing comments is a different thing than reading. It is a work which we do for the writers and authors. Reading, we do for ourselves...

    Anyways, this is a complex issue...

  18. @ Kr Rahul: You are absolutely right..complex issue but if we nip it in bud it will not grow...so I just decided to do that :) :) :)...

  19. Ok.. Let me be honest, when I first came to the bloggers world. I thought, I should follow one who follows me. :D
    And if I follow someone, I expected them to follow back. I gave them time then till the next post on their blog. I would think 'They have time to write a post, and not to follow me' :D I would unfollow them next moment. :D :D :D

    Now I sit and laugh at myself.

    I now understand the real concept of following a blog! :D Ofcourse, I LOVE your posts. :)

  20. the sweet & spicy comment as always Sahana...thank you dear :) :)

  21. Why follow when you don't like? :O
    Thing which baffles me. :|
    I had just started blogging and there was this girl who wrote.
    "Nice Post. And, since I am following you now, can I expect the same?"
    This had me have this expression-->> O_o
    I am following you coz I like what you write. :D :D

  22. Welcome to Sukupedia Anu thx for being here..i hope to see u often :) :) :) Thax

  23. I couldn't help but comment on this one! It's not only the following thing but even the comments section work that way for some, i feel.
    Follow me because i follow you totally kills the spirit of following.


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