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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Acceptance :)

First time here then you must read this,  also this and this and before reading that one below !!

Why the hell did you wear a halter neck, what is he going to think?  Salwar kyu nahi pehna?
kyu mujra karna tha kya salwar aur gajra pehn kar.. nonsense.. 
alright dont get angry.. kaisa raha.. did you like him
ya he is alright
did you tell him about us?
US?  what about us?
aare yehi ki you are in love with me
What nonsense, who said I am in love with you.  Shakal dekhi hai apni
hehehe chal I was joking.. just hope this works out for you.. 

This was the conversation we had after I came back from seeing the Gulf guy.  And ha about the gal he met in Pune, it did not work out :D :D :D

After this conversation I called up my family and told them the Gulf thing is not going to work out.  Why? because when Ritchie was talking to me, audio in his car was playing... Chupana bhi nahi aata from Baazigar :D :D :D :D It was more than a hint that he felt the same way I did and there was no way I was risking that into the Gulf Oil Wells.  Remember I told you leave Sharukh Khan for later ya so Sharukh Khan did happen eventually after about a year we had met :D :D

Both of us kept rejecting the proposals we got and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this unspoken feeling.  We maintained our single status and always knew we were in a relationship.  

In the 4 years that we were together we met about like 3 -4 times... it would be either dinner or a coffee session... Digital love is what I call it.   Phone and internet :) :).  We did give up couple of times and also broke up seriously once because everything was getting too messy on the family side.  I cleared my GMAT and went for MBA with no hopes of being with him.  That whole year was very melodramatic.  He opened up a Facebook account and did not add me, I cried like a baby that day ROFL... I shouldn't have because the next week I did get a friendship request from him and I accepted it :) :).  Then we chatted about everything in the world except us :D :D

On my graduation day when we spoke I asked him if we could meet after I returned to India, maybe just once maybe for the last time.  He said he would.  I waited at the airport for 30 minutes and he did not turn up.  So I took a taxi to go home.  Just when the taxi left the airport I had this tremendous anger in me and I borrowed the driver's phone and called Ritchie.  Thank God I did because it so happened that we had missed each other at the airport.  

I waited for him on the road past midnight while the taxi driver was very patient :).  I saw his car from far and as it drew closer I thought my heart was racing.  Maybe this was going to be the last time I ever see him I thought, my eyes were wet and I really tried hard to remain calm.  All that I had wanted was to see him.  He stopped the car and looked at me in a way he never before had.  I was expecting a friendly hug of course.  My MBA certificate was in my hand to show him.  He came closer and hugged me so tight that I could hardly breathe.

"My Degree", I said.   
"Marry Me", He Said ♥♥♥


  1. I love love story's :) :)
    Cool ending, i thought some fight scenes and chasing story's would come :)

    But my heart shattered :( :( :( :P

  2. wowieeeeeeee!!!! best start of one of the cutest love story... :) :)

  3. Very beautifully penned! A delight read and the ending was an icing on the cake!

  4. Aww... the die-hard romantic in me rejoices reading your story. And yes, I read them all :)

  5. Mujra wala dialouge - total rofl!!

    and just 6-7 times!! This is really great!!..
    Do you think most people are more expressive over chats/msgs than over coffees/dinner..

    and thanks for writing this stuff so soon.. after rebooting the PC, this was where I landed first :-)

  6. @ Deepak: I actually omitted one murder scene.. if that is what you were looking for :P :P :P... glad u liked it though :) :)

    @ Skywalker: yup :) :) :)

    @ magic eye: thx :)

    @ Rahul: Sir u r always so generous with your comemnts thx :) :)

    @ Shail: thank you dear.. glad u liked it :) :)

    @ Jenny: see u started commenting and I love it :) :) About ur question, it depends how u see a person and what u need in him, since my basics were covered up, the other things I was flexible about. Sometimes u live with a person for years and yet you seem to be living with a stranger..People express themselves in ways they are comfortable.. its upto you how much u want to know and how much info you can filter through those expressions..that is why I say you should always go beyond your initial judgement on looks..chats or coffee.. u should know what u want..

  7. Aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww




    I am not in a position to talk. This is something I always wanted to happen to me :'(

  8. OH MY GOD!!!! My heart was racing as I read your post! LOVED THIS POST! I am going to read this again. Whattaaayyy romantic post.. :) :) :)
    U reminded me so many things *ooossh.. my eyes are wet**

  9. OMG!! SO CUTE!!
    I loved your love story. How filmy!! :D
    And, so so so sweet! :D

    *My Degree. I said
    Marry me. He said*
    Awww..! How sweet! <3

  10. @ Bluntu: dont let the moments pass un-noticed.. something better must be happening around you just now :) :).. <3 <3 <3

    @ Pooja: ha dekha baad aa gayi :P :P

    @ Sahana: awww come on.. thks I am glad u liked it :) :)

    @ Anuranji: total filmy :D :D glad u liked it dear :) :)

  11. straight out of a movie yaar! ek hit movie ke saare elements hai - train mein milna, phir airports and CCD ke chakkar, phir chats ...4 saal, beech mein gulf oil wells (hahah)...
    dreamy! meri aankhen nam ho gayi :))

  12. SuJu: hero heroine bhi to hai .. hum kisi se kum hai kya :P :P :P

    glad u liked it :) :)

  13. great twist given to the tale. just superb.

  14. Hey, i find it amazing to see how you are able to write all this - i assume this is your true story . No?

  15. Thank u Pramodji :) :)

    Thank you Mayank.. yes it is my story :) :)

  16. I won't repeat everybody else and say that this was aww but that's all I wanna do:)

    I thought there are very few love stories which actually have a very happy ending, I was getting disillusioned about the very concept of love, but I can see that I'm being just foolish, for Prince Charming and Cinderella still ride off the sunset:)

  17. oh yes PeeVee.. lots and lots of love stories exist.. its all about how you see it :) :)

  18. very bollywoodish..huh? so so cute! i totally loved it!

  19. I read all the posts and they are all just about super wonderful. God bless woman god bless you are very lucky. Very very very lucky :)


  20. Replies
    1. heheheh.. hai na pura masaledar love ishtory :D


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