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Thursday, November 3, 2011

After the Train Travel :) :)

November is going to be a month dedicated to love, marriage and all the crap surrounding it ;).  Last week of October was tiring.  We moved to a new apartment, got emotional while leaving the old one and in the new place we have not yet unpacked.  Oh and I was also hospitalized for a day, my first ever hospital visit in Stockholm, it was pretty interesting :) :).  Neways coming back to love story, after the train travel, though we had liked each other's company while travelling, neither of us knew we would meet again.  

After my short trip to Pune and spending time with family, on my return trip to Chennai I terribly missed him. Never had anything like that happened before.  I was travelling in 2AC... I got on the upper berth and literally slept through the whole journey.  On reaching my PG in Chennai none of my roomies were bothered to ask me how my trip was ?? why ? because they were busy gobbling down all the goodies that my mom had given for me.  It was all supposed to last for a month but was finished in about an hours time !!!.  Then once the monsters were satisfied they asked me, finally, about my trip and the first thing I told them was about this handsome Kashmiri guy.  And each one of them took their turns in abusing me and calling me names for not taking his phone number (phew).  They calmed down only when I told them that I had his email id.  

Next day when I went to office the first mail I had received was from him.  Unknowingly I smiled as I read the words, mainly he inquired about Melissa.  She was the character in the book that I was reading in the train.  Coincidentally that story matches ours.  Melissa meets her lover Lachlan during a journey and they get married after a long struggle (unfortunately I do not remember the name of the book). Well I did not reply to his mail but the next day I did,  after my roomies bombarded me to death and calling me heartless.  After 4 emails, we exchanged our phone numbers, and he called me immediately after he received it ;) and said he was checking if I had given him the right number :D :D :D

After that we met again on my another trip to Pune, which was like 4 months after we first met in train.  During these 4 months there was no real romantic conversations.  It was like real normal friendly talks which happened once or twice in a month.  Neither of us really noticed or felt anything dramatic but there was something special and I knew it.  As usual it was my friends who noticed it first.  I had this rule where I would never answer any calls or entertain anyone in my house after like about 9 in the evening.  Silly I know but it was just my way of telling people that I am not available all the time.  And Ritchie could only call me after 9 if at all he did, because of his office timings.  So obviously my friends noticed that and so did my mom :D :D :D.  

On my next trip I had told him my flight timings.  He said he would meet me for a coffee at the airport.  My friends decided to take me out for a shopping because they thought my wardrobe had nothing which I could wear on that day.  Hence I ended up spending 7k on a stupid skirt and an equally stupid top, which my friends claimed was best in fashion !!!.  After dressing up for the flight when I looked into the mirror, I needed an identity card to recognize myself.  I was thinking hard how on earth will Ritchie recognize me after all he had seen me just once and that too in the most natural avtaar, with glasses over my head, hair in bun and chewing gum in my mouth.  And now,  here I was,  I could hardly move my mouth because of the weight of the lipstick and gloss !!!.  

Neways, we met at the airport and as I feared he did not even look in my direction.  I had to wave frantically at him, that's when he realized it was me :) :).  We went to CCD for coffee.  And it was the most dramatic coffee session ever.  I kept ranting and ranting about Clinton and Monica and also Laloo and Rabri...have no idea why.. Thankfully before I could embarrass myself anymore my mom called up to find out where I was.  I made that excuse and decided to leave.  He did not seem to be surprised when I paid the coffee bill, but he was surprised when he saw that I paid only only my share :P :P :P.  And then I asked him for Rs. 15/- which he owed me because I had bought him lunch in the train as he was sleeping when the attendant had come (I couldn't get cheaper than this ).  No he has not yet returned that money and I doubt he will ever :( :(

Reached home and my sister immediately spotted the new dress I was wearing.  Vow!! beautiful skirt ya.. how much did you pay for this.  My mom was standing next to me and she would have fainted if I told the real price so because of security issues I just said...Sale mein kharida only 700 Rs.  My sister rolled over her eyes as she had noticed the Gucci tag !!!! O_O


  1. He he,good one, will help a bit to understand girls :)

  2. wow!!..love happens gradually.. :)

    you should rite something specifically on love this month..i will wait for such a post...

  3. Awww..I love reading your love story:):) He he..asked for Rs.15?? Hmm that is why he married you so that he doesn't have to return it ;)

    To God : I will be catching a flight to Baroda and will be back by train. Oh God, I give you one and half months to find me my love either in the airport or in the train :)I have given you the details too God. Please consider :)

    Sunita, do you think my above prayer will work ? ;):)

  4. hehehe dats cool de mujhai de tu 12 anna insetead of 12 annaa ...15 rs :D

  5. Is it that you *know* how much I love stories like this? People think it happens only in the movies BUT they are sadly mistaken...

    Some skirt that must have been:D 7 grand!! Do put up a picture of it:D

    And I can hardly wait to find out how coffee in CCD led to a wedding:) And ALL in between..

  6. How mean suku.....you only paid your share :-/ So uncool...so uncool.... :D

    In this post you almost sounded like a brat :D

    And really you asked for 15Rs :P

    Awww you are such a sweetheart...men know how to spot a stupid girl and hunt her down to fall in love ;)

    I need to read your train journey too....Kal padhti hun <3 I wasted whole day sitting in front of the mirror for a stupid self portrait...and imagine wearing makeup too, at home without taking a bath :| Shoosh.

  7. @ Deepak: Good luck in your quest to understand gals :D :D :D

    @ Skywalker: For sure that will be my next post .. I will try :) :)

    @ Pooja: kya analysis hai :P :P.. and for your info God is busy nowadays with F1 :D :D

    @ Geet: yup something like that :) :)

    @ Peevee: ha the skirt and top together yes :) :) not sure I have any pix but will check out.. aur ha puri kahani bataungi... :)

    @ Chintu: heheh ha yaar really i wasnt thinking at that time.. usual style hai coffee pe jao to pay your share.. aur ha humne seriously 15. Rs manga tha.. :) :) :) and OMG!! that pic on twitter is the make up
    one is it?? dont tell me..

  8. Last Part...asking for 15rs...the expression on his face would have been worth watching..and the exact thoughts that came to his mind... :)

    Sweet story... :)

    And read the previous part too! :)

  9. Cant resist but sing this " kitne duur duur hon un donon ke raaste, mil jaate hain jo bane ek duuje ke vaaste " :)
    Lovely !!!

  10. yeah even i wanna see ur skirt pic! And this story just got more unbelievable yet soo very cute..there r soo many girls who would want to be in ur shoes to have a life+love story like urs :))


  11. As lovely post as the feeling of love itself.

  12. @ Kunal: thx :) welcome to SuKupedia :).. yes his expression was worth watching.. first he took out his wallet and then changed his mind :D :D

    @ SuJu: aap dhanya ho :) :)

    @ Jane: bilkul.. there is no doubt about it :) :)

    @ Sarah: I am telling you gal.. even this morning I was telling him... I dont still believe we are together :) :)

    @ Neeraj: hai na :) :)

  13. I was giggling away as I read this post of yours.
    Some of the top were
    1) He did not recognize you as u expected
    2) 700 - Gucci tag
    3) 15 Rs? LOL
    4) YOur share alone!
    Girl.. Maybe ur hubby thought you are one kid and married you!
    Hilarious post!

  14. Haha! Lol :) That was super cool :)

  15. Hai, this is not a brat's story. You don't have to call yourself a brat at all! It's plain true love and I can't wait to hear the rest. Nice way of keeping the anticipation burning. The Rs.15 thing was just superb, must have left him clueless about your intentions.

    P.S.: You can describe yourself as feisty I feel :-)

  16. Oh, I logged to Indivine at indiblogger and found this post of yours. That not being able to recognize at first at airport happened with me and my girlfriend too. :P

    feelings of love and being in love.
    thanks for making such a good post.

  17. Good narration... It is always nice and refreshing to look back at good things that happened in life...

  18. Good one Sunita and I like the way you write each detail about what happened at that moment. :)


  19. Actually, a guy would secretly wish that he got a girlfriend who at least paid her share (for coffee or whatever)!! So, on that factor, you were good after all... :)

  20. Hilariously cute, almost like a teen romance story.... totally adorable.... I love to hear stories about how people met, how love happened and how they ended up together.... yours was very special... :-)

  21. @ Sahana: u r right he often says.. i dont understand if i married you or adopted you :D :D

    @ Bagya: welcome to SuKupedia :) glad u liked it :)

    @ Anoop: welcome to Sukupedia :) no i agree i am not a brat :P :P :P

    @ Streetbar: welcome to SuKupedia :) glad u liked it..

    @ KrRahul: yes memories are so wonderful no doubt :) :)

    @ Abhisek: thanks :)

    @ ES: welcome to Sukupedia :) i know i know :)

    @ Anjali: :) :) thank you dear

  22. Too good
    reallly liked the pictureness of the blog
    relatable and really likeable
    i am kinda ur fan

  23. hehe pyar mein jhoot toh chala hai :D

    1. ha sach bolti to maa behosh ho jaati :P :P


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