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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jan Lokpal Bill ?????

I am very desperately waiting for it to snow here in Stockholm.  I was here last year during the snow in Jan but I haven't seen the first fall ever.  Since last year it started in October I was hoping to see it this year, but sadly for me I don't see it happening before I leave for India.  As I type this post its raining outside though.   Ad-mist all the packing and shopping for India, only now I was able to go through the news and the first thing that I saw was Anna Hazare going on a protest again.... well obviously it has to be about the Jan Lokpal Bill (JLB)... it cannot be the alcohol issue because I don't think he was serious about tying a person to a pole and beating up rite ??? 

Anyways coming back to the JLB, last time when all the protest happened, I was really overwhelmed by all the support Annaji had got.  And why not we as a nation were really fed up with all the corruption and as usual we need someone else to take lead and show us direction.  So this man when he took up the cause everyone followed.  Well ofcourse it was a good party with all the samosas and cold drinks being distributed and wasted.  And how can we forget all the newbies of sher-o-shayari who grabbed the mike and the stage space.  Cheesy remarks on the politicians and the on stage fight put even all the seasons of Bigg Boss combined to shame.  Anyways, why was all this being done, so that the JLB could be passed.  And please note there are two different versions; one is the JLB ( Citizen's ombudsman bill) and the Draft Lokpal Bill (DLP) which is being pushed by the government.  

Earlier in the year when the protest was happening I had written against it in a debate and well obviously I lost.  Emotional quotient was so high among people at that time that anyone even thinking that this bill was wrong was immediately termed as being non patriotic and what not, me more so with the NRI status.  I am sure none of them even read what I had written.  But then what happened.  Did I not say that power makes one corrupt ?  The recent scuffle in Anna's Team did certainly prove that.  True or False I don't know.  But then that is the case even with the politicians, true or false I don't know.  Barring all the details, I know what Anna's team including all the citizens who are supporting him are fighting for.  Very simple they are all wanting a system wherein even a common man can complain against a politician and the system will then inquire and punish the guilty.  They want a completely independent body to be formed.  For those who want to know more you could visit this website

No seriously people don't we have laws already in our Judiciary system, where we can complain against someone, and our law has to investigate and take action against the guilty.   My problem with Anna's team is that what happens after Anna.  With all this ruckus that happened in his team even before the Bill is passed can he assure us that this body that is being proposed will remain non-corrupt.  And what about the earlier bodies that were formed, like I mentioned in the debate link above.  What are we a trial and error based economy?? What if the new body does not work so after 20 years some Munna will take up a new agitation and a new body has to be formed.  

Don't we see what is happening, the already present laws need to be implemented.  The system needs to be cleared.  Politicians are corrupt or atleast most of them are.. but who is making them corrupt.. sorry but who gave those crores of rupees to them.. Ok forget the crores of rupees and the pool parties between the corporates and the politicians, you know what.. if I need a ration card and if I am going to get it after 1 year of applying then I might as well give 1000 bucks to someone and get it made in 15 days.... you get my point.. why can we not have systems which will work faster and atleast curb some amount of corruption.  I do not even want to get into the discussion if its a bottom-top or top-bottom approach.. The idea is if you want something do be done quickly just pay some extra money and get it done because otherwise it will take ages.. This is the root cause.. so how exactly will forming bodies year after year, change this situation.

Someone had asked me after reading that debate.. so what do you want us to do.. we cannot keep quite.. ofcourse we cannot keep quiet we got to do something..... but you know what.. the word we is important... I have nothing against Annaji.. I respect him for what he is doing.... but he is doing his part...what about the others... As a citizen I want a gurantee that this proposed body will work to the fullest... do not tell me that a Class B officer has more rights than the JLB officer... Excuse me so what are you going to do.. just investigate and present it to the court... Oh well, then there is news for you... matters have been investigated and arrests have been made earlier and now we have the bail plea drama going on... and that too with politicians who know exactly when to play the woman card or when to complain about a pain in their non existent hearts... 

Look at the scene in our politics...a frustrated common man who slapped a politician gets punished quicker than a terrorist who shed blood of our citizens....A boy makes a statement about breaking up with his girlfriend on fb and he is arrested while a MP makes a threatening statement to burn Wal-Mart (Bhal Mart btw) if they open up is applauded... Congress prince calls Mayawati (or her symbol) an elephant and she calls him some other name.. what is this Kindergarden ??? Media cancels their shows and discussions on Mullaperiyar dam and continue showing the slapping incident ?? Seriously a slap on a politician was more important than the lives of 35 lacs of people ??? Do you think any kind of bill will be able to control these people.... 

No I am not deviating from the issue of corruption and JLB....my point is it is about people and their greed..If only we could implement and abide by our Constitution, follow the already passed laws and regulations, we would never need a JLB.  There is absolutely no need of a protest or dharna to bring into power another bill.  What we need is reiteration of the previous bills and laws.  The already formed bodies are infected with fungus, they need to be cleaned.. what are we doing by passing bills after bills and making laws after laws.. appointing more and more people to loot us in the name of various bodies.. Can Anna and his team tell me why the previous laws were not implemented and what makes him think that this bill if passed will be implemented and there will be no loop holes.... People who would be investigated under this law will they not try to influence the law..... no seriously you think if a government official is going to help me get my work done faster I will go and complain against him.. surely not... 

I am all in for fighting corruption, but currently Anna's protest is to bring in one more new system to check corruption.  And seriously I cannot support this.  I cannot favor a new system without the previous laws and bodies are junked out completely.  I will not support a protest which is forming a new body and bringing in more people over our heads to be corrupt.  Check the current systems first.  Our system is clogged, introducing more bills and laws we are only blocking it more... we need to unclog it by clearing backlogs and respecting the already available system.  If you have not even worked on the previous system how will you know whether to better it or to scrap it ??? 


  1. I completely agree with you. The supporters of JLP has to realize that it is definitely not a panacea and will probably add more clinks to our system in the long run. On the other hand I feel things like Citizen Charter will help the way our bureaucracy is functioning. But anyway we give too much power to the so called national media. They are supposed to give us facts and info so that we can form informed decisions/opinions but instead they are dishing out their own opinions and presenting them as facts.

  2. Totally agree with you. Me too have the same opinion. we need to unclog the system and start from scratch. but if we say it out load, people will mock us calling it an utopian concept.
    we take an oath not to bribe. next morn, we jump a traffic signal, pay the cop 200 bucks and leave the scene. we are simply tuned to bribe. pity on ourselves.

  3. Suku...I was thinking about researching more on the topic too...and my post had brought a lot of wrath too....yours is well balanced but Indians need exact answers...some May question what laws? show us....

    the problem is us....

    us need to change....bill won't help...

  4. This was exactly my stance about the Lokpal bill.. The problem with our law is that it is easy to make but difficult to amend and much more difficult to execute! I too support Anna and his cause but I do worry about the future of this movement in Anna's absence. Years back we trusted Dr Ambedkar to bring about improvement of the downtrodden and give them justice. He asked for 15 years of reservation. He was expecting a fast movement but sadly, 60 years after his law was made the caste system inflicted are still in the same situation.. While the more aware and urban people from so called lower caste have gained, the adivasis, the rural people etc are still to be benefitted by the law!
    Come to think of it, its been more than 60 years!!! This is the speed our country works! Lokpal is a faraway dream..

  5. The tipping point was the CWG fiasco - feeling let down by the people we elected. And since then things have spiralled southwards - the scams, no show by UPA, squabbling ministers. The Anna movement was like a balm and many were foolish enough to believe that all we needed was a draconian bill to clean the system.

    Shouting slogans and eating chanaas at Ramlila grounds does not translate to a revolution - the change that we seek has to start from us!

  6. I am very skeptical about JLB too… I mean even if the bill is passed (which seems like a distant dream) who will ensure that the law is enforced correctly. As you said, its better that the existing laws are enforced strictly rather than bringing in another passive bill. Look at Yeddyurappa, after a brief stint in prison he’s again free now.

  7. What can a mere law do? We already have the voluminous IPC, CPC, CrPC and the Lokpal will just be another addition. The problem is the general acceptance of corrupt practices; many of those who shout so much against corruption would succumb to it if they get the opportunity. Political parties make an issue of corruption in order to come to power and, in turn, reap the benefits of corruption. The situation is similar to what, perhaps, Yeats has described:

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    The change will come; it has to, as nothing is static. But we have to make a beginning with 'aatmachintan' to ensure that the change is for the better.

  8. I completely agree. I think we need to abide by the existing rules than make new rules!

    It is kind of going in for liposuction without even trying the exercises to lose weight. I don't know why am citing this analogy. I didn't find a better one.

    Good one Sunita.

  9. I system is vintage, literally and inherited from Britishers and will never ever change as we don't discuss bills on the floor. They fight or walk out.

    And you are going to India. Have a great trip dear:)

  10. Corruption is with our civilization. No organization can help checking it. Unless we change ourselves.
    I second CHintan on this. :)

  11. looks like am not the only one against the JLB :D :D... thank u for sharing ur comments guys..


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