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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last night a year passed by and we were awake watching the moment pass by and a new moment passing in.  You know it is actually fun to imagine these things.  We felt like we were seeing a victorious army march out of the door and another set of soldiers walk in with all smiles and love.  Today RITUNITA celebrate their 1st year of being together as husband and wife.  aarey RITUNITA yaar.. apne Ritchie aur Sunita ..haaaa see now you know the reason why this month is dedicated to Love and Togetherness... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Two weeks back I and Ritchie were watching bigg boss and cracking some jokes and I suddenly said, Imagine if when we get married this is how we will live, and Ritchie replied.. ha yaar if we get married bigg boss ka ghar ban jayega and we were laughing our heart out.  Then there was moment of realisation and silence when I said, Oh God we forgot we were married already, and then there was what we call ROFL

So that is how we have spent the whole year trying to believe that we were married !! I would differ with anyone who thinks marriage does not change an individual.  It sure does.  I have unlearned a lot of things and learned even more things.  It has been a responsibility being a wife, representing my husband and his family is lot of weight on my shoulders, especially with the easy going nature I have and the chalta hai attitude.  It is very heartning to know that my new family never judged me.  I have never been told what to do and what not to do.  It is when they do certain things certain way I have watched it with wide eyes like a child and learnt to do that, ofcourse not before a lot of curious questioning.  

Me and Ritchie are totally opposites.  He has his mind before his heart and my heart is falling all over the places all the time.  He folds his hands and says namaste when he meets someone and you can feel the humility in his voice and I am like the Hi Dude types.  If we stayed in different houses then his place would resemble a 7 star hotel, all spick and span and mine would resemble the parliament house wrong things in the wrong places.  He waited 4 months to find a particular blazer he wanted, because he knows exactly what he wants, and I go with the intention of buying a white top I don't get it I buy the yellow one without even trying in another shop.  He can sit in a room for ages and not talk to someone if you just give him his ipod and a book and I am like a remote control which does not have a off or mute button...hamesha chaloo raheti hai..So you get the picture na.. and wait wait one more thing he is also very brave... he married me :D :D :D

This morning before we woke up we had so many calls on our phones from family and friends.  Last night we had friends over for dinner.  It felt blessed to know that you have people around you who think about you.  Sometime early this year I put a status message on fb that, None of my moments of happiness or smiles on my face should be misunderstood because of the presence of some man, child or relationship in my life, it is solely because of my Lord, Jesus.  I wrote this because this is the truth.  Earlier too in my life I had people,  I had relationships but it was not the same because of the absence of Divinity.  I am grateful to be surrounded with so many lovely people, but it was not my choice neither theirs, it is my Lord's choice of life for me and I am just very much happy that He chose these people :) :) :)

So raising a toast to a relationship which is blessed, which is filled with love and a lot of drama :) :) Let Love & Togetherness prevail in the life of RITUNITA !!!


  1. Cute couple you guys form...
    And here's wishing you luck ahead in your exploration of a married life :)


  2. SO its your Anniversary...Wish you two a long life together :) :)

  3. I see what you did there! RIT and UNITA. You get more letters in there :P

    God bless you my child :D and Ritesh <3

  4. Counting years of togetherness,
    Reliving wonderful memories of the past,
    Thus you will be,years from now..
    Best wishes for the couple!

  5. cute account . . wish u guys a long happy life ahead :)

  6. Congratulations u two :) And may u have more wonderful years together…

  7. Happy Anniversary RITUNITA and best wishes for many more to come.

  8. God's blessings and best wishes to both of you!

  9. Happy Anniversary Ritunita and here's wishing you many more!!!

  10. Congrars dear & wish you all the prosperity in life

  11. All u guys thank u very much <3 <3 <3

  12. That foto is so cute!! Happy wedding anniversary and best wishes for 7 janam more :-)))

  13. Happy Anniversary and he is so like me...

    Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

  14. Thank you leo, jenny and Saru...:) :)

  15. Happy Anniversary, God Bless :)


  16. happy marriage anniversary ! enjoyed the post a lot !
    <3 <3

  17. Ritunita is so cute:) We have something like that too...:P

    To years of togetherness and companionship, of love and laughter and even more happiness...
    Cheers to you guys<3

  18. Just realized that we haven't wished you on your anniversary... how could we miss wishing our Ritunita ;)

    Belated anniversary wishes.. our prayers with you both always <3 <3

  19. @Jane Doe
    better late than never guys :D :D.. thank you very much <3 <3 <3

  20. Hey..I was blog hopping and I came across your blog! Absolutely enjoyed reading all your posts and especially your love story :) Loved it!!Belated birthday wishes and ma you have many more years of love and happiness :)

  21. @ Natasha: welcome to SuKupedia :) glad u liked my blog, thank you so much for your wishes :) :)

  22. just came across this now... just wanted to say 'AWWWWWWWWW' :)
    Sweet post.


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