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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Share & Show love :) :)

The month of love, November, is going to end next week.  The good part is, only thing that is ending is November and not LOVE :) :).  It still continues <3 <3 <3.  Received lot of phone calls, wishes and blessings.  I was overwhelmed, is an understatement of what I felt when we were being sent photographs of cakes being cut in our absence to celebrate our anniversary.  I just feel very humbled to be at the receiving end of all this love.  My blogger friends were not to be left behind :D :D.. your e-mails, messages and comments added glitter to gold :) :).  My post on love was selected for Spicy Saturday by Blogadda and I was also one of the many to get the Blissful Blog Award from Serendipity.  I am just thankful and she is very generous I would say.  Most of you might know her but if you haven't visited her blog yet.. then Go dig in.. from Chocolates to Love, Fiction to Gyaan she has it all there.  

Well, she did say that we could relay this award further if we wished to.  For me it seemed like a good idea to appreciate few works that I love to read and also a reason to spread further love... I have been following these blogs for some time now and their posts always make me go back and if they don't post for long I miss them :D :D :D. I have not repeated the names already mentioned by Serendipity and also those of  recently joined blogs by me.....I read a lot more than this but its about being blissful and in my opinion and according to my taste they are :) :)  ...So here it goes my list....

A-musings :  Purba Ray

Ahamkaara : Sahana

ApniBoli :  Irfan

BitsnPieces :  Miss Khan

Chittrana :  Ramya

Conversations :  Sujatha Sathya

Desigirlinvides:  Anjali

HappilyEverAfters :  Priyanka Kamath

iWrite : Mukul

Khoj :  SUB

Lifeundermicroscope : Prasanna Rao

NextTake :  Rohan Moorthy

Sevenandcountin :  Jane & John Doe 

Thecomicspace :  Rahul 

ThoughtlessRamifications :  Pooja Sridhar

Words :  Saru Singhal

So go ahead people just download the pic and add it to your list of rewards and if you don't ...I will still love you :) :) I love you all and if you love some others go ahead and spread the Blissful Blog Award :) :)


  1. hey thanks :)
    just noticed: you've crossed the 100 mark of your followers - congrats

  2. Thanks a lot.....

    feeling really proud to be with all those great bloggers here in your list.....

    will certainly do my part at my space once i get little settled with my personal affairs back at home....

    Thanks again,

  3. Many congratulations and thank you so much-little bits add to bliss:-)

  4. Wah re Wah!! Love shared is indeed Love multiplied!
    Yammm choooo chooo choo yappy!!! wOOOHOOOOO...

    Whenever I see that chubby cheeks of yours in the photo, I feel you are filled with love and laughter :DD

  5. Awww thanks a lot!! Feel really happy!! :) :) :) :)

    Congrats to you and keep up the good work!!

  6. Thanks Sunita :) My first award.Thanks a ton :):)

    Hope lots of love fills up your life and you always remain blissful and happy :)

  7. I love Farzi and Suruchi. And I'm a fan of Purba Mam. The others, I need to check out:)
    Congrats, btw:)

  8. OMG!!! you wrote out my real name here :P :P...m no more known by my pen name :) :).

    Thanks for the gft...will surely write a apt post so that I can upload the pic in my blog

  9. you know, this is the sweetest thing that has happened to me in the last few days :)
    It makes me feel so nice :)
    Thank you for the lovely gesture of appreciation..:)

    And yayyyy ! :D The 100 follower mark crossed !! I'm THISSS happy ! :D

  10. woooh! Its a great pleasure to see my name on ur list and more so for its the month of love ( hope I manage to find the love of my life too) ;P
    thnk u so very much...keep blogging and keep smiling!


  11. Wow! This is so awesummm!!! This is our very first award... Means a lot... Muah, from both of us!!! :)

  12. Aww thank you soooo much.. makes me feel loved!
    I'll repost this soon!

  13. A wonderful way to start my day. Thanks a ton :)

  14. Congrats to all winners :-) Well deserved winners!

  15. Aww thanks Sunita
    And congratulations on reaching the 100th mark of your followers :) :) :)

  16. Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyy :D I got one more,

    SuKupedia, Tons of congratulations on your awards you are worth it.
    Keep writing more and more :D I will keep following them :D

  17. :D I am such an ass I never publish about awards on my blog :D


    Many congratulations....

  18. @ everyone thkx and congrats to u too :) :) :)

    about the 100 followers mark.. not yet because i have unfollowed some blogs if the trend is anything to go by then they will come back and unfollow too :D :D :D

    @ bluntu..i luvuuu these tit bits :) :)..

  19. Thanks Sunita...I am truly honored.

    Sorry for a late visit, it's taking a lot of time to settle down...

  20. wow that's wonderful.. congrats.. i was away from blogging since last month but now i m back to read all your new stories.. rock on!!

  21. congratsss....and thanks soo soo soo much :)


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