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Friday, November 11, 2011

Surprise Surprise !!!

If you are here for the first time.. you might want to read this and also this before reading that one below :D  :D

I love surprises, a total sucker for it :) :).  Giving surprises because I love love love to see the expression on the other person’s face.  You know those wide eyes and awww wala look and then the hug, oh I just love it.  But wait there are also these other kind of expressions like... Bloody fool bata kar nahi aa sakti thi.. now all my plans of weekend are a flop... Hai bhagwan abhi breakfast khatam kiya.. now what shall I make for you... the former one is my sister and the latter my mom... both happy (read horrified) to see me, while I am still standing at the door with my backpack :( :(.  
So one of such trips I also decided to surprise Mr. Ritchie.  When I reached home, I called him.  

Our Conversation:

Hi Biloo d bandar.. kaisa hai??
Moti mein theek hu, tum kaisi ho?? aur aaj subah subah humari yaad, kya baat hai
(me giggling).. surprise surprise.. hum Pune mein hai... and another 1 hour I will meet you at Crossword
OMG!! I cannot tell you how I wished you were in Pune... you are gr8 babes.. I have never been happier about your trip to Pune

My mind.. He is going to propose or atleast confess that he likes me :)

Acha why what happened?
Aare listen first thing we will not meet now.. I will pick you up at 7 in the evening.. come to M.G Road...
Dinner pe jaana hai kya?
No yaar..there is this girl my mom wants me to see.. I have seen her pic, achi hai.. this evening I am supposed to meet her face to face.. tu saath chal na.. please ( did I just say I love surprises)

My mind:  Kripaya Pratiksha kare... Aap katar mein hai :( :( :(

Nahi I cannot come this evening, going out with my sister, so sorry, and moreover if you take me along what will that girl think ya.. you go and talk to her ok.. you will be fine.. and sun you should take something for her.. take flowers (no I and Mother Teresa have no connection )

And then there was this whole session of him pleading and me controlling my tears and my foolishness and saying no.  I did not go eventually and kept my mobile off for the entire stay in Pune.  Except when I called my friend in Chennai and told her this thing.  I mean what was I thinking, ofcourse he was nice and I had started liking him but that does not mean it was the same with him.  Maybe I was not the person for him.  At that moment I kicked myself for being so foolish and stupid.  Monday morning as I was leaving I told my sister, 

maybe I should meet that guy from Abu Dhabi, its time I should get settled no.  
Vow thats good.. sure you should see how you like each other.  
Ok then I will send him a mail and see when he comes down to India and then we can see each other.  

My mind:  Saare sapne kahi kho gaye hai hum kya se kya ho gaye ;( ;(

Seriously people it was not this funny and neither was it light.  I was torn apart.  I had no idea if he had liked the girl he had seen but one thing I was sure of that he did not feel the same way I did.  And I would surely never be the person to tell him how I feel....


  1. I don't feel bad for I know this story ends well:)

    But I quite understand how it feels to not be reciprocated by someone you're crushing on/in love with.

    And HOI!! you can't just leave like that right in the middle of being sad and contemplating marrying into the Gelf-_- COMPLETE THIS!:)

  2. LOL...Suku...Aap abhi kataat mein hai...

  3. If you had gone to meet that girl with him, would you have added salt/pepper into her food or dropped a drink over her dress just like they show in the movie?? :p I want to know ;)

  4. haale-e-dil- haai!

    aap khatar mein hai !!! :))

    i couldn't help laughing at your back-up option - abu dhabi :). suku hamesha ready!

  5. Hhaawww...knowing that you are married to rich i am calm....nai to Tere ko bhaga le jana tha Maine :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

  6. Smile never left me while reading:)
    Loved the 'My mind'bit the most;)
    Mind rules..always.
    Complete the story please!

  7. whoa! new to this blog and rofl, am loving it. This is one of the first flashback love stories i have read. Keep it coming..

    P.S| do tell me how u managed to survive in Chennai, coz sadly i am not being able to.

  8. LOL...interesting....so, what next???

  9. @ Deepak: hahah yeah

    @ Peevee: the Gelf connection.. seriously :D :D

    @ Saru: sachi thats how I felt :)

    @ Pooja: If I would have gone Ritchie would have ended up marrying her..I am sure I would have convinced him :)

    @ SuJu: ha hamesha plan B tyyaar :D :D

    @ Bluntu: hehehe bahut maza aatta na :) :)

    @ Sharmila: glad u liked it dear.. :) :)

    @ Freelancer: Thx & welcome to SuKupedia :) :) Oh and I loved Chennai thoroughly enjoyed.. how?? I made a lot of friends.. night life is fun in Chennai :)

    @ SUB: busy daddy next is the realisation of love :) :).. coming soon :)

  10. Interval tak ki hi story batayi!! :-((

    picture abhi baki hain mere dost...isko Complete karo!!!

    BTW awesome read!!!!

  11. hehe.. soon my dear.. aaj hi bata thi hu :) :)

  12. Ab mein Climax dekh ke yahan aayi hoon.. :-D Toh mujhe aapka jo character comedian ki tarah dikh rahi hai :-D
    Brilliant! Loved this post as well.. :D

  13. hehehe.. it was in all a big comedy only Sahana :) :)

  14. Nice one :)

    loved reading the conversation


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