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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baba Aiso Var Dundho :D :D

You are at the peak of your marriageable age (as decided by your parents & relatives).  You have completed your education.  You parents think you are earning well enough to support a family.  Your friends have started sending you their marriage invitation cards.  Your ‘single’ relationship status on facebook is now bothering you a little too much.  If you have these symptoms then yes you are in the marriage market.  No, you have guessed it wrong….I am not talking about women.  All the above descriptions and symptoms are those of a – MAN!!!  So if you fit the above criteria then you are available in --- The Marriage Mart.  

Well, now nobody wants to be rejected.   The fact that you are put in the Marriage Mart means that your parents have dressed you up very well.  All chunnus and munnus have been wiped and polished.  Your item description must be flawless, and highlight would be your salary.  If you have a car &  a house that would be mentioned in the bonus box.   If you are a NRI that would be announced as a bumper prize J J J J, but still chances are that you could be rejected.
Here are the top 5 reasons which have been cited by ‘SuKupedia’(my own good self) based on real life examples of friends and cousins.  From the reasons have been derived 5 Sutras or Panchsutra (as SuKupedia calls them) to save you from rejections J J

1.       1.   Profile Picture
One of my room-mates had received a couple of pictures from her parents.  She was supposed to choose her future husband from them.  There were 3 pictures, while the other two were rejected because of looks; the third reason was what I found interesting.  The guy in the picture looked good and mind you he was staying in London J J.  In the picture that was sent the guy was wearing shorts.  He had probably clicked that picture when he was on a casual outing with his friends.  Maybe he looked cool (or atleast he thought so), but it was a big NO for this room-mate of mine.   This is what she actually said, “How can you send a picture in shorts for a marriage proposal?  Should he not have sent a decent picture?”  So she rejected him because he did not have a presentation sense J J.

 Sutra: If you have a pair of cool shorts, keep it for your honeymoon!!!

2.       2.  Fly and Win
“So are you going to wear a salwar kameez?” I asked my friend, when she told me that she was supposed to meet a marriage prospect that evening.  “Ofcourse not, I will be wearing what I am most comfortable in, my favorite jeans and top”.  The next day morning when I met her, I was very eager to know if she had liked the guy.  Then she showed me a SMS which she had sent to the guy, letting him know of her refusal.  I was not shocked, but was curious to know why.  She looked at me and said, “Can you believe, he had come to see me from Bangalore and he came by train” (the guy had come from Bangalore to Chennai).  Until then I had thought train was the best way to travel.  “Couldn’t he have flown, after all he works for such a big company and earns so well.  This means he is stingy”. 

Sutra: If you think girls will be impressed by your money saver schemes, then think twice!!!

3.       Naukri ya Chokri
My mother’s excitement is always at its highest, when she has to attend any family functions, one because she gets a chance to know all the latest gossips and second she can showcase all her latest saree collection.  When I returned from college that evening, I was hoping to find her packing her stuff to leave for an engagement ceremony of my cousin sister in Kerala.   But when I came home she looked a bit grim.  Upon enquiring I found out the engagement was cancelled.  Before she told me the reason, I got to hear a piece of lecture about how modernization is spoiling girls all around J J.  Alright mom what is it, why is the engagement not taking place.  It seems the to-be bridegroom was supposed to move from Chennai to Trivandrum.  Since my cousin had a well paid job in Trivandrum she did not want to take the risk with her career, and so had asked the guy to look for a job in Trivandrum.  The guy had agreed initially, but as the engagement date neared he was not showing any signs of looking for a job in Trivandrum. Hence she decided not to go ahead with the proposal.

Sutra:  Be ready to be dumped if you are not a job hopper !!!

4.       4.  I am a Maggi Boy
I am sure you guessed it from the title J J See you guys are getting smarter :P :P.   “Aare he can only make maggi it seems” said my irritated friend raising her eyebrow in a typical Tam-Bram style (don't ask me how it is).  “I have no time to coach him after marriage.  Since both of us would be working, I would be expecting him to help me around.  We cannot eat maggi everyday no”.   “And you know another thing, the way he said it, sounded like he had won some medal, he was proud of the fact that he could not cook!!”.   Obviously some mama’s boy forgot to take cooking lessons.  Sadly for the guy he got rejected and a chance of getting a super new Swift and tons of gold.

Sutra:  Stay in the kitchen for a while before you come to the display shelf!!

5.       5.  Hawt Koffee
This particular friend of mine did really not want to get married and wanted to concentrate on her career.  So everytime her parents fixed up a meeting with a prospect, she decided on a weekend date for deliberately planned reasons; free food and a nice weekend.  But this time she was serious and by now she had been to all the expensive coffee shops in Chennai.  This time around she chose the café at Le-Meriden (see arranged marriages have their benefits).  When she was leaving I had asked her to pack me some muffins from there (friends have benefits too).    When she came back and gave me the muffins I was very pleased.  But the expression on her face was not so good.  She said she was going to reject the proposal (which was obvious) because she had to share the coffee bill.  “How can a guy ask a girl to pay the coffee bill ya”  “And you have to give Rs.235 for those muffins, I had to pay for them!!”     Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (that is my voice in distress)

Sutra:  Dutching in is not a mantra for all the girls!!!

All the above are real life examples :D :D. Yes yes yes I am always surrounded by very intelligent and genius people, that is because 'Birds of same feather flock together' :D :D. I know what you are thinking, what weird reasons for marriage proposal rejections... I thought like that too :P :P :P..but there is no harm in sharing knowledge no O_O

** title is that of a serial from some TV channel!!


  1. Ahem ahem...interesting post, more so since am available in the 'marriage market' :p

    Weird reasons for rejection yaar par interesting hain :p

  2. i don't want to go for an arranged marriage

  3. ROFL, seriously? shorts only for honeymoon? Whatte disappointment:P

    The last one was hilarious, I can just picture your friends face when he asked her to pay.
    But I'm more interested in knowing HOW he asked her without get slapped, some balls he's got:D

    Good one, Madame:D
    Hopefully, I'll never have to go through this, ever:P

  4. hahha super post Sunita
    what sutras!!

    btw, woh muffins hazam huye???

    you know i would actually select the shorts guy for wearing the shorts & definitely reject the maggi guy. i really really prefer men who can cook :)) but of course too late for me now :O

  5. This 'Marriage Mart' seems more like 'Wal-Mart', with rejections all around; prospective grooms should read this post, esp. the metrosexual male. Thank God I was born 57 years back; was not so tough then.

    You have a very lively sense of humour. Keep writing.

  6. Dil bhi bada kameena hai.. It falls for the guy.. Kaash mein yeh sab follow kar sakti.. :P Chance hi nahi mila.. Shayad agle janam mein :P

  7. Completely vote for sutra no: 4 :)
    I know many frens who have rejected guys just cos they dont know cooking. Reminds me of your old post 'Your Son today - My Husband Forever !!"
    useful post sukupedia :)

  8. :D Gone are the days when boys had it easy in the marriage market.My vision is getting crystal clear, just being around my daughter and her gang of girls!:D

  9. Hmm... interesting subject... super sunitras... sorry sutras... :)

    I think, some people keep rejecting until they get too old and then they start getting rejected in return by others. The approach that I suggest to everyone is, "Don't reject anyone. Look at all profiles that you get and choose the best from that!". It's just the reverse. Instead of deciding whom to reject first, decide whom to select from the available. Rejections are okay if there is a sensible reason, but yeah, I know sensibility is relative. It's only in the initial period people have too high expectations and are too dreamy. There is no perfect woman or man available anywhere on earth. Sooner one realizes this the better it is for them.

    1. Appearance is deceptive more so on photographs. I know some mediocre looks that look extra-ordinarily good in photos and vice-versa. Again, this comes by experience. I mean, if you are good looking and getting rejected because of not being photogenic then you would realize it else the chances of getting disappoined when you meet are high.

    2. "Fly and win" - No comments. I pray for her to get a better boy. Please do update with a follow-up post on what really happened to that girl afwarwards. Did she get a flier at last or not? She can also look at some pilot profiles.

    3. "Naukri ya Chokri" - Difficult to digest but okay with it. :)

    4. "I am a Maggi boy" - No comments again. I know that there are a lot of feminists around. :)

    5. "Hawt Koffee" - Bad boy. But, again rejection for that? Bad girl!

  10. Give this post to Matrimonial websites. I see you behind a big desk, doing consultancy for the would be grooms. Guys, behold, here comes the savior of your life...

    Suku Suku Suku aaja aaja aaja...lol

    It was one of the most hilarious post I have read on your blog. And, the lines in the bold letters are as rocking as it can be.

    Love you for this post:)

  11. hahah madhav mishra ro raha hai.....poor eligible bachelor ki hawa nikal gayi...kyun?

  12. I guess girls are more in demand now when it comes to the "Marriage Mart". In fact guys should have some grooming classes to prepare themselves to be the puurrfect husband :D U can think of opening one SuKu :) Grooming for perfect grooms :P

  13. lol!!! Cool rejection list, I could use a few pointers.. Personally, I am fine with the train wala, paise half half wala guys..

    maggi, profile pic and naukri wale bando ke liye second thoughts honge..

    btw how about this.. my friend rejected a guy, becuase -> they were outside ccd and a local hotel.. instead of ccd he took her to the local one, and then 10 rs ka juice pilaya :-))
    Jucie khatam hone ke pehle hi rejection was final!!

  14. @ Pooja: people who rejected on these basis don't think its weird.. when asked this was the common answer..love is blind.. but arrange marriage mein u become blind after marriage...

    @ Skywalker: hahahah.. well lets see :D :D

    @ Peevee: yeah the last was a good lesson for me.. beheti ganga mein haath nahi dhona chahiye :D :D

    @ SuJu: it is never too late.. cooking classes hai na :D :D... aur ha bechare bachelor ki hawa nikal gayi.. :D :D :D

    @ Syed Ali: thank u Sir ..just trying :) :)

    @ Sahana: yaar dil thodne wali baat mat kar..BH ke liye sab maaf hai (drooling) :D :D :D

    @ Jane: yeah u got it right :)

    @ Sharmila: u bet!! it surely has.. zamana badal raha hai :) :)

    @ Bharat: I thought exactly like that when I heard one story each time.. and no except my cousin no one is yet married ... my cousin too eventually had to move out to Chennai..

    @ Maniac hunter: its only getting tougher :D :D

    @ Saru: yaar personal consulting bahut kar leti hu.. waise it won't be a bad profession :D :D :D.. glad u liked it dear

    @ Prasanna: yup a finishing school for boys :D :D.. not a bad idea actually O_O

    @ Jenny: vow what a juicy rejection yaar :D :D

  15. Loved loved loved this post. Hilarious. I've heard so many arranged marriage meeting stories from my friends. It's non-stop entertainment!


  16. @ Saru: glad u loved it :)

    @ Gayatri: u said it...non-stop entertainment :)


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