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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Be The Winner :) :)

E-mails & messages asking me where I disappeared made me feel so special....sachi.. :) :) :)..For all those who don't know yet, I am back home in India and currently very busy shopping, eating & catching up with friends :D
Am back now.  Have been working on my new blog look, which I like, hope you think the same.  Added some new pages too (on the top left).  Its past midnight, I just finished my blog work and still have the energy to write something.  

Was wondering what would be the best topic to write on today, beginning of a New Year, new changes, new resolutions....Learnt something very very useful at the New Year Service in Church tonight and thought of sharing it.  It is apt for today, when most of us will be wanting to change from old to new or start something new, especially for people who make new year resolutions....Three rules that will surely help....

Run to Win:

Don't just run because you are asked to or you have to impress others.  Run because you want to be the winner.  There is a difference between a dead fish and a live fish in the pond, the latter has life and can change the course of its movement.  So if you are the dead fish then you can stay there and let all the possible forces drive you to a drain.  You don't have to struggle or fight to reach your destination, because it won't matter since you are dead.  But if you are the live fish then put in all that you have and swim to your dreams.  If the tide is taking you somewhere else then put in all your might and energy to swim in the opposite direction, give your bestest best.  Don't just be a part of the marathon, but be the winner.

Plan to Win:

You can either take your backpacks and start running without any aim or leave properly planned.  We always undermine the importance of planning.  Just because we think we have a goal we are in so much hurry to reach there we forget to equip ourselves.  Once you think you have determined your goal, sit back and think about the road you are going to take.  Map your journey and see if you are well equipped to take on the roads.  Trust me it will save you a lot of trouble on the way.  Making a resolution and keeping up to it for the first week of January will be very easy, but then you would start to stumble, if you have not planned.  Because if you had planned then you would know exactly where you would stumble and loaded yourself with remedies to it.  So yes planning is the key.

Stay Focused:

Focus - such an important thing.  We can map our destination, plan our travel and yet loose focus.  Maybe lack of motivation, maybe criticism whatever the reason most of the time our thoughts and determination wander.  And as they wander we see options, we see reasons to discontinue what we have taken up.  So it is important to take small steps and stay focused on that.  Smaller steps help if you have a problem focusing for a longer time.  Step by step you will see you have reached where you wanted to.  But then focus and train your mind and take control of your heart, don't let it waver....

They are simple rules, we have heard them again and again, but there is no escape since this is the truth without which it is impossible to achieve your goals.  I am for sure going to use them.  2011 was a blessed year for me, I know 2012 will also be the same.  I have set bigger goals and I cannot risk it to sluggishness and clumsiness.  

Remember it does not matter how you begin, but how you end is important.  Next year same day same time if you don't want to regret wasting a year then it will be a good idea to follow these rules.  So herez to a happy 2012, one which will bring in prosperity in all areas.  Wish you all a very very happy new year.......<3 <3 <3


  1. I totally agree, doesn't matter where you start, what matters is where you end up.

    Happy New Year Sunita :) Have a happy, love-filled year ahead :)

  2. Good points!! Will keep them in mind. .
    Happy newyear!!!

  3. A nice post with valid points
    Wish you happy and prosperous New Year

  4. hey welcome back and a very happy new year!!!

    planning is the most important aspect and I just keep on planning and planning and planning..
    I liked the FAQ page..will ask questions over there :D

  5. Happy New Year!!
    Welcome back!!
    I've been reading your blog since your Humari Bahu Alka post and I absolutely love the way you write.
    The new template is fab!
    And thanks for the tips. It helped me remember that I have an exam tmrw :P

  6. Have a very Happy New Year Love :)
    Welcome Back :)
    I like the new template :*

  7. some gyan indeed Suku :)
    quite apt & relevant

    wish you too a GREAT year ahead :)

    your old template is so fixed in my head this will take a while getting used to

  8. ^^^ Points to remember :) somehow i always forget, anyhow, happy new year, and i love the subtle template :)

  9. Hi happy new year friend...i was reading your introduction in the profile...very impressive - like i remembered simple living high thinking...hey i am not "bandalmarrowing.." haha..i wrote what i felt...have a good time friend..best wishes always

  10. Wat about running just for the sake of running and don't care whether we are winning or not?..
    Happy new year!

  11. Welcome back Sunita...I am so jealous. Parcel some clothes and food here:)

    You are right, running without agenda and passion is just existing. You should know what you want from life. May be you wont reach where you want but you will surely enjoy the journey.

    Thanks for the wishes and wish you the same.

    New look is pretty cool:)

  12. Yay Yay Yay.. SuKu is back!!! We really really missed you. Wish you a very very happy year ahead... Thanks for sharing the wonderful thoughts...

    PS New layout is good. esp the color combo.. different and attractive.. !!!

  13. Loved the new colors and welcome back!!! Jane has been eating my head wondering where you went... :) Thanks a lot for the gyaan!!! Starting this new year on a serious note, are we???

  14. @ Everyone: Thank you sooooooooooo much... you guys are lovely <3 <3 <3

    @ Happy: How was ur exam??

    @ SuJu: I was expecting something about the old template from you :D :D, knew you loved it so much :)

    @ Ramesh: welcome to Sukupedia :) :)..took me just secs to create that profile :D :D

    @ Ana_trek: ha like running without any direction and motive just like that.. kyu???

    @ John: Serious and SuKu No way!!!

  15. Wish you a happy new year and love the new look of your blog, especially the FAQ page :)

  16. Wish you a happy new year!
    Great ideas :) The plan to win part really got me thinking.. I need to plan a few things right away!!

    Wish to see you blogging more often this year :)

    P.S : I love the blog look!!

  17. I lou the look :D

    And I am so breaking the rules -- already :P

    Happy new years my lovee <3

  18. Awesome thoughts, Happy New Year.. ;)

  19. super buddy...stay connected..wishes

  20. Yes. We need to have the passion and burning desire to win, just because we want to, not because we want to prove it to others. ANd yes, focus is really important.
    Happy New year :-)

  21. Happy new year sunita.. nice blog but just one request if you could increase the font size and change the green color.. only if you want :( actually i tried looking the blog from two different computers and it was making me little difficult to read it.. chalo have fun in india tc!

  22. Love the colours on your blog.I am following what I promised myself at the start and sincerely hope will continue..:)
    Have a great year ahead and many more to come.

  23. All u guys thank you :) :)

    @ Raniii: font size let me see in my next post i will check that and will apply if it looks nice.. but the green will stay i guess :) love it

  24. Happy new year suku.. sorry was very busy with new biz and quitting the job and what not. True facts, i gotta apply some on me. :)


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