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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Screening Content on Networks - Social Law or Protection Armour??

Most of us this morning must have woken up to this news.  Just quoting the first few lines below

"New Delhi, Jan. 13: Facebook, Google and 20 other social networking sites face legal action after the Centre today sanctioned their prosecution for promoting enmity between classes and causing prejudice to national integration."

This is something which I so totally agree with.  I am not against expression of speech, but I am certainly against the way it is done.  So the above quote from the news I am completely in love with and any content causing the above should be completely banned.  I am always disturbed during the cricket matches between India and Pakistan, the amount of abuse we see on social networking sites during such times is nauseatic.  These comments do not remain confined to the sport or enmity between the nations, but then reaches a level where Muslims and Hindus are involved.  So yes, I really welcome the idea of such screening.  

Having said that, few things I am surprised at

1)  The Centre took a very speedy action here.  Isn't it just some days back that Kapil Sibal brought this topic up and now lo and behold this morning they sanctioned the prosecution.  That means 'The Centre' can work at a fast pace if 'it wants to'

2) ".....enmity between classes and causing prejudice to national integration."  Questions to 'The Centre':  Are the social networking sites the only ones who are causing this??? What about a certain party which cause the clash between Maharashtrians and Biharis?? What about the various quota systems and class based reservation policies passed out by the ruling parties..are they not responsible for community clashes?? So why has any action not been taken against all this??

3)  What about the movies where we show clear enmity between India and Pakistan, where a buffalo sized hero is mouthing abuse at Pakistan?  According to the Broadcasting Laws in India it is prohibited to display such content, why are such films released with a 'A' certificate then??

So even though I think I like the idea of screening inflammatory content on social networking sites, unless the above questions are answered I doubt the integrity of this prosecution to be 'The Centre's' motive to not let people express themselves against the current political agendas.


  1. I agree there should be reasonable restriction on the freedom of expression. But the problem is who is going to decide what is "reasonable".Central Govt? That is where the problem is.
    Regarding what they show in movies and our response to cricket matches....I totally agree with your views.

  2. Lady - you had a point there, about the freedom of expression, which the Judges in Kerala would totally agree with, from what I read in the local dailies recently. but then, wouldn't the right to express, through action and words, in-alienable as a mans right to a human life with dignity.the abuse on social networking site, has never bothered me,for that is for the fool to hold close to his heart. don't the intelligent man, possess the wisdom to know that be there a cricket match or a war with pakistan and we stand defeated, his heart would still keep ticking?
    the fools fall prey to the "propoganda", be it on the network or the state..
    the three things that surprised you quite sinks in perfectly - but then isn't this all democracy is about..i give you corrupt governments and you are given the freedom to express..be it to instill enmity or to start a war..and also a chance to decide from among the lucky few, who gets to lead all of you up front for the next five years.. at both the center and state, in this largest socialist democracy in the world.. a quid pro quo, between the state and the citizen !!

  3. screening content on internet is a big full stop on democracy.. it shudnt happen.. its just a ploy from the government to hide from real issue..

  4. I'm not against screening but my question is same... Why can't our government act faster on other important issues? And, do take actions where it is most required...

    But Suku, agar hamare status or tweets screen honge lag gaye to kya???

  5. "hot" topic.
    liked the way you broke up that one clause and approached each bit of those lines logically with some very rational counter questions

  6. @ Hariharan: Sir, yes there is an ambiguity with the parameters of objectionable content..I think it is deliberately left open for interpretation

    @ Ousu: where have u been?? haven't seen u here in long time :). I agree with you that propaganda on such sites should not be taken seriously but the way it is approached doesn't look like people are taking it lightly..I like what you said about politics..but if the opinion and expression is about politics sure every one should..but what I don't understand is why to circulate morphed videos and tapes of ministers and cause all the ruckus...

    @ Shashikant: yes that is why I doubt the intention of this prosecution. But I don't agree that screening inflammatory content is a full stop to the democracy. We should not forget that there is something called as responsible expression.

    @ Saru: yes absolutely, why did the government let it go this far and why are they threatening us with consequences similar to what is happening in China ? and I don't think it would be really possible to screen all the tweets ya..

    @ SuJu: Thanks :) :)

  7. How can they possibly screen it?..all the govt can do, is educate people and make them more responsible..

  8. i seriously DONT agree with all this, internet was always supposed to be used with discretion. and no matter what people say, the freedom of speech is getting compromised. also, i HATE kapil sibal

  9. @ Ana: yes i totally agree with that

    @ Maniac hunter: well sure you are entitled to your opinion, but for me circulation of violent material on net is a big no..

  10. Oh.. Tired of seeing all those 'I hate Pakistan' pages, communities and photos. Really happy with this move..

    And like ya said, 'center can work at a fast pace if it wants to'... rightly said.. venamengil chakka verilum kaykkum.. but seldom it happens.

  11. The government has major other issues, on which they should ought to put their heads together and work on that..!! Freedom of speech is a fundamental right, and they should stop tampering with that.. and yes, I liked the point, where, the centre, if required can action fast on things 'they want to'...!!! Smug!!

    Cool topic BTW :-)))

  12. "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire.

    That is my stand. And we haven't even gone into the specifics of how this social media gagging will even be feasible..

  13. This is ridiculous... Why does our govt alws come up with half baked solutions to all issues! This is not going to solve much of the problem, jus one part of it, like u said... Jus one question though - who is the buffalo sized actor who bad-mouths pakistan???

  14. @ Jane: ya it happens only when they need it

    @ Jenny: Yes freedom of speech is a fundamental right...but how right is it to say something to hurt other communities..people ought to use this right responsibly

    @ Reputed Brilliance: Welcome to SuKupedia :) :)
    Yes feasibility of this screening thing is not even considered by the Centre...but I am not against people expressing themselves..that is why I said..' I welcome the idea of screening SUCH comments'...we already have enough and more probs there is no need for a 'I hate sonia' page and morphed pix of ministers having sex.. and hatred pages and videos against muslims...that is what I meant by Such..

  15. @ John: half baked is the thing..they are just playing with the digestive system of the nation...and buffalo sized hero.. one i can remember now is Sunny Deol :D :D

  16. what happened to the idea of free speech and all..
    and how will they stop people from other countries putting such remarks..

    and how cum this only when congress was targetted .. THey say truth hurts hence the govt is hurting cause the truth is coming out ..


  17. I completely agree.
    The ban on social networking sites cannot be considered a good thing if enmity in all forms are not gotten of.

    I'm baffled by how everyone says, "Don't use songs.pk to download music, its a Pakistani site."

  18. Govt is afraid of Tahrir square or Occupy Wall street protest not hate content ,yeh ek Nautanki govt,dosara kam nahi hai enko

  19. Well, the phenomena is catching up though!! USA working on the bill against piracy, every nation is trying to tighten the noose.

  20. @ M.A.Sharma: welcome to SuKupedia :) I am a very ignorant person I just don't understand what u mean by that comment :(

    @ Bikramjit: yes that is my worry too

    @ Happygolucky: i didn't know we had a site like that :D :D

    @ Ravi: hahahaha nautanki is rite :D :D

    @ Chintan: that's the problem they are preparing the world to cause a revolution..the more they tighten the more will be the struggle for freedom..


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