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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Last time when I did a post on my 1st Phoren trip, I did have someone mail me and say that they expected a detail about the places to visit in Dubai. Sorry to disappoint you but the posts on my phoren trips will only include my experience.  

Me on phone with a travel agent (TA)

Me: Hello, ya hi can you please connect me to someone who is incharge of honeymoon packages
TA: Sure mam

After about waiting for a minute or so, the same lady, who I guessed would be the receptionist

TA: Sorry mam, it is lunch time no, so the person is not on seat
Me: Oh ok, what time should I call back
TA: I can help you mam
Me: Alright then, actually I am looking for some package deals to Mauritius
TA: When do you want to travel mam
Me: Somewhere in the month of November
TA: Sure mam, can I have some details please.  How many people mam?

A little taken aback since I already said it was a honeymoon package

Me: Errr it's an enquiry for honeymoon
TA: Yes mam, but how many people
Me: Well, currently it will only be my husband and me (unless otherwise we develop some fantasies)
TA: (not at all realizing my sarcasm)Ok mam. Any children?
Me: Huh??? 
TA: Any children mam?
Me: (as politely as possible) Let me call you back please.

Yes that is how the conversation went off for my second phoren trip, and my entire family still enjoys this conversation.  Not to mention these guys are a very leading Holiday planners in India 

The most beautiful day ;)
So Mauritius it was, our honeymoon destination.  At the boarding gate in Mumbai itself I had realised that Mauritius must be a favourite destination for honeymooners.  I could see atleast 10 to 15 couples all mehendi clad and inseparables .  Usually the husband would be running to the coffee counter fetching coffee and choclates for his new bride and she would be sitting legs crossed with a freshly rebounded hair, holding a savy hand bag, with her newly acquired smart phone, talking to moms and dads.  Me and Ritchie looked like the most boring couple admist them. No, no I also had a super brand hand bag, but no smartphone, anyone in our house would have killed us if we called them at 3 in the morning after the tiring marriage days and hubby fetching coffee (sigh!!).   Sitting there we kept cracking jokes at them (i.e after we had resolved a major argument that was going on between us).  I know losers 

Mauritius felt wonderful the minute we landed, the duty free was loaded with stuff .  On reaching our hotel, among all the couples waiting we were upgraded to a suite (ahem, ahem) ya after that I was walking like a dog who had just been hit by a stick on it's arse...straight & uptight (women I tell you).  We changed and straight away headed for our lunch.  Came back to our room and slept like dogs till very late in the evening , after effects of a big fat Indian wedding .  So when we woke up past 7.30pm I was having a little bit of fever with deadly pain in my ears.  I had pierced my ears and it got septic (damn!!). I was taken to a city hospital, given anesthesia (yes, yes on the first day of my honeymoon) and then my ears were cleaned (admist my yells and shouts) I guess it was a duplicate anesthesia!  After that they bandaged both the ears and from the uptight dog I looked like an elephant who had large white ears 

Up & above :D
The next day there was a city tour.  We again came back tired and all that we could think about was rest especially with my infected ears (I had removed the bandages in the morning). The day after that when we got into the tour cab, both of us were not very happy about going.  When the cab was about to leave the hotel premises, both of us stood up like we had to rush to the loo and in union asked the driver to stop and got down immediately.  Then as the others looked at us in shock we got down and cab passed by us and we started laughing hilariously.  This was the most beautiful day we spent in Mauritius 

Fishes so cute <3 <3
The next day we went for some water sports.  Under sea walk our first and a superb one.  I have even collected twigs from under the sea as a memoir :).  When we came back to the deck after our sea walk, there was another couple there who wanted to go in but the husband had phobia so he asked me if I could go with his wife.  I was like neki aur pooch pooch.  Dived back again :) :).  Back on the deck we made friends with this couple and realised that they were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary here.  We were shocked and they had to show us the pix of their kids for us to believe.  They looked so much in love and I could never believe they were not on their honeymoon <3 <3 <3.  This was also the day when I had my first parachute trip.  All the while I was only shouting.  It is so embarrassing to see the video now :D :D.  Came back to the hotel and for the first time learnt what was a sun burn, Ritchie's skin was burning all over.  He was using ice all over to feel better.  Each time we ordered bucket of ice into our room the attendant had a mischievous look on his face, only if he had known the actual purpose 

Our last day in Mauritius was a sad one.  We did not feel like leaving.  But as they say all good things come to an end, our trip to this magical place also did, but the honeymoon still continues .


  1. awwww so cute.. and yes the newly weds going off to honeymoons with hubbies doing all those stuff is so hilarious!!!Sea walk.. awesome yaar!!!

  2. Says who, you have to married to have kids :p
    Enjoyed reading about your honeymoon and may you be that much in love couple even after 15 years of your marriage :)

  3. Para sailing and underwater walking, man that sounds adventurous. They both go on my bucket list now.

    Way to spend your honeymoon.

  4. @Purba aare no I did not say that...I am sure even if u have kids u don't want to take them for ur honeymoon rite :D :D..& thank you for that wonderful wish :)

  5. @Atrocious Scribblings yes we were both testing who was more courageous :D :D

  6. Hmph... green, red, blue, yellow and what not with envy... :-!
    We are yet to even think about a honeymoon, forget Mauritius... :DDDD
    You both look so much in love in that pic.. Touch wood..(njan kannu pedunnilla)

  7. @Jane Doe thx dear...and plan that honeymoon soon or else it will be called a vacation :D :D

  8. Suku, hands down, Alok and me are the most boring couple on earth. No one can beat us...And, if we had kids we would have surly taken them with us. Our financial minds would have calculated economies of scale. Per head expenses kam ho jaate...:p

    Lovely post, I wish I can have a look on more pictures...:) :) :)

    Be Good, Always:)

  9. I am definitely going to Mauritius one day :-)

  10. Best!!!!!!!
    Specially the entertaining conversation with the female at the travel desk.

  11. :D Trust you to add laughter to any darn painful bit too. Talking about the ears ;)

    Mera honeymoon, we holidayed in Kovalam and then registered our marriage. So, kind of honeymoon before marriage may be? Or, no honeymoon if you will :'(

  12. @Saru Singhal vow you do have a heart of lion..taking ur kids on your honeymoon :P :P :P

  13. @Chintan hahaha ha those ears are the highlights of our honeymoon actually.. and vow u have been to kovalam..me yet to go..but surely soon :) :)

  14. I really think you should write a book on "how to fall in love". I love these posts of yours. Kitna romantic hain :):) May you always remain happy Suku :)

  15. @Pooja Sridhar :) :) thank you dear .. writing a book hmmmmm...lets see :)

  16. Hi Sunita lovely pics, even better was how you put it all across, loved it as always.

    This is to inform you that you have been tagged. Please excuse the formatting and lack of image, once your read the blog you will find out the reasons, and maybe even be able to guide me too.

  17. Wow! Looks like someone had a great great time, huh huh! Nice pics! I loved those cute fish the most! Mauritius is awesome!

  18. You write pretty well... And good trip by the way !

  19. glad you managed to get past the travel agent to get to your destination.


  20. Aren't you forgetting something???
    An awesome experience of having dinner on the beach facing towards the never ending Indian Ocean with sun sinking in it....and the waves splashing infront of you...ohhh that was amazzzing

  21. @Ritz Oh yes the lovely honeymoon dinner .. <3 <3 <3

  22. :D :D :D :D Do really have 206 funny bone in you. I have laughed through the post..
    ICE!!! *Ahem Ahem* Ok.. That was a difficult one to believe.. :D

  23. @Sahana Rao i love that pic of urs ya..very nice effect...and yes i have pix to prove what we did with the ice :D :D


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