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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sachin is Human!!!

Usually I keep looking at my trainer and the dashboard on my treadmill impatiently to get off it, but this morning I was hooked on to it because of a news flash that was being shown on this music channel...'Sachin nominated to RS by the Government'...'Sonia Gandhi met Sachin at her residence'... My first reaction...What the hell?? A Sportsperson who was not considered for Bharat Ratna for his achievement in cricket is being nominated to RS for the same reason!! These Congress strategies are getting on to my nerves. 

Coming back home when I read a little more about all this I was really proud of Sachin to be the first active sportsperson to be nominated to RS and it will also give me another reason to remember Mrs. Patil who approved this nomination under Article 80, other than her expensive hobbies :D :D. Logged into Twitter and OMG!!! there was fury of emotions. Some liking it, some furiously opposing it and few others even more furiously opposing the opposition :). Well everybody has a opinion, isn't it?? One twitter account was even created this morning just to circulate messages to #unfollowSachin!! that account later in the day got suspended. But really Unfollow Sachin?? He cares two hoots about it people!! He must be sitting in his apartment watching all this BS and sipping masala chai with some biscuit. What I was not able to understand is, what is it that people were angry about? Sachin's nomination or Sonia Gandhi's meeting?? Would it be OK for these people if Sachin was nominated by some other party than the UPA? No, I mean we don't really have a clean, non-corrupt party do we?? And moreover hellooo aren't these the same people who were disappointed for him not getting a Bharat Ratna and Dr. Batra getting a Padma Shri??

If this is just the question of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi meeting Sachin and Sachin being nominated by the UPA government, then its okay people  you can relax.  Yes Sachin would be a Congress supported candidate but no where till this time have I read about Sachin announcing his association with any political party.  A nominated member can associate himself with a political party provided he gives a declaration of the same within six months.  But yes I will be equally disappointed if he chooses Congress...but for that matter any political party !!

So all the gadha-dhari Bheems out there...Shanti Shanti... we will have to wait and watch if your God can go the corrupt way !!!!


  1. I reckon its a good move to have him in the Rajya Sabha - someone with a clean track record even after 20+ years in the game and someone who's let his work do the talking would help impose a tiny amount of faith on the elected class.

    That being said, it would be nice to actually see him carry out the duties of an MP.

  2. Suku!!!! long time no post..

    haha, such mein a tamasha. Its as if, we all need an controversary to make our lives a wee bit interesting.

    But on a serious note, i would be happier if Sachin remains away from all these politics, and instead stick to the game which has made him god. Cricket would not be cricket without him.

    and I like the last line, where you have specifically mentioned 'your' god.

  3. I have to say I was disappointed too to hear about him joining RS.. the fact is he is not the least bit cut out for politics... he has never been known for his assertiveness. In fact, his one failing has been his captaincy in cricket itself.
    You're rt.. to me, it doesnt matter which party he joins... I just dont see why he was chosen at all, except for the publicity it brings...
    I would have preferred he stayed the clean personality we all know.. he can never 'uncorrupt' all the members of which ever party he joins, so in the end it is he who loses...

  4. The decision is entirely his ,so I clearly do not understand the debate.kuchh ho us se pehle hi sab chillana shuru kar dete hain :0

  5. HA very good topic to write about, thought provoking and yet humorous is very much your style :Dkeep writing

    :D and lets see what happens to Sachin ;)
    I have rested my Gadha down lol

  6. I think the question if we want to reward Sachin for his achievement in cricket, which is the correct vehicle- Bharat Ratna or RS seat?
    Second I have some reservation on the literary/art/sports persons being nominated/elected to RS having seen the 'performance' of Hemamalini, Vinod Khanna, Jayapradha, etc.
    Third if Sonia Gandhi could not support an apolitical candidate for President, how does she choose to support Sachin or Rekha for RS?
    Finally I agree with the point you have made-Sachin should not associate with ANY party.

  7. yeah ultimately what matters is what HE thinks and what he DOES about this - the nomination
    khali-peeli ka shor -sharaba and all the debates on headlines today & other channels!!

  8. First things first, where were ya all this while? I kept coming back here time and again to find the last post for almost a month. Didn't mail since I didn't want you to find my paranoia ;)

    I guess everyone is a bit taken back by this piece of news. Sachin is God for many and I really hope he wont extend support to any parties. Period.

  9. @Atrocious Scribblings yes it would be nice to see what he brings to the table as a MP

  10. @Jenny ya gal long time.. tied up with lot of unwanted work :D :D

    I respect his choice.. and frankly i have got nothing to do with whether he joins the Rajya sabha or the vidhan sabha..

  11. @sharmila hehehe wahi to dal uske ghar mein puk rahi hai aur tadka baaki ke logo ke ghar mein jal rahi hai :P :P

  12. @Ramya oh so u were also one of the bheems eh??

  13. @Hariharan Valady Sir, i just hope people hear your thoughts loud & clear.. it would put some sense into their heads

  14. @Sujatha Sathya sab headlines ka hi chakkar hai na finally...

  15. @Jane Doe hectic schedule gal.. couldn't find time.. we have to chat but long time haven't heard from you..

  16. I think people were upset mainly because they were under the impression that Sachin would choose to join the party which nominated him!


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